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1.15-ton Chip Spreader | OEM
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1.15-ton Chip Spreader

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Item Specifications Unit
Model SS3100
Name Chip Spread
Dimension 2500x2000x1900 mm
Spreading Width 3100 mm
Macadam Dia. <=25 mm
Spreading Volume 3~22 m3/km2
Spreading Speed 3-4.8 km/h
Weight 1150 Kg

1.15-Ton Chip Spreader | OEM

The 1.15-Ton All Terrain Crane is a heavy machine that has been made for the delivery of the high-end performances. The 1.15-ton Chip Spreader represents the latest model of the chip spreader. In this segment of the chip spreader, the 1.15 Ton Chip Spreader is the most developed machine. The 1.15-ton Chip Spreader can provide the best segmental performance. The 1.15 Ton Chip Spreader is much powerful than other chip spreaders, and it is having one of the most advanced mechanisms in the sector of the Chip Spreader.

Performance, Reliability, and Design

The actual reward for the superior performance, quality, and strength should be given to the ten gates of the chip spreader that have been designed in such a way, that it can provide a higher quality of the performance. The 1.15 Ton Chip Spreader machine also has been known for its anti-skidding device that helps the roller further in the well spreading and distributing of chips. Asphalt Chip Spreader also has a dimension of 2500 x 200 x 1900 in mm. The market is gaining importance to get the increase in the asphalt chip spreader for sale for its characteristics. The chipping spreader for road construction also provides 3-22 m3/km2 of spreading volume.

The Asphalt Chip Spreader for Sale has a spreading speed of 3-4.8 km/h, which makes the spreading speed for the construction speed even faster.

The 1.15 Ton Chip Spreader Price is also convenient if compared with other products of the segment. At the same time, the chip spreader sale is increasing day by day, keeping in mind the advantages of the product. One of the key factors is the speed of the chip spreading that is controlled for the uniformity spreading of the chip at a uniform degree is enhancing the market for the chip seal spreader for sale.

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