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  • What is a Wrecker Truck, and how to Buy a Wrecker Truck?

    What is a Wrecker Truck?

    A Heavy Wrecker Truck that can be used to haul other vehicles or carry them on board.

    Wrecker trucks are just towing trucks that either haul other vehicles or carry them on board. These are the rescue vehicles that come to your aid when a vehicle breaks down, is damaged, or even wrongly parked.

    The only difference between a wrecker and a tow truck is the assignment of duties. Where wrecker trucks are employed for both towing and maintenance work, tow trucks only carry vehicles on a smaller scale.

    A Heavy Wrecker Truck that is produced in China.

    Wrecker Truck Features

    The key features of  wrecker truck include:


    Boom is the spinal structure that allows towing accessibility from difficult positions. All other parts are connected to the boom and it could either be fixed or rotatable.


    The wheel-lift – or under-lift – is the metal part of the wrecker truck that is connected to the boom and located at the rear end. It goes beneath the vehicle that needs towing – either the rear or the front is lifted to make the vehicle move.

    Tow Bar

    The tow bar, also called tow string, is attached to the wrecker frame or axle and connects the wrecker truck with a vehicle through heavy rubberized mats. The vehicle is then connected to the unconnected axle.

    The tow bar is usually used with wrecked vehicles as it can scratch the body.


    Outriggers, located at the rear end of wrecker trucks, provide stability and help cover a larger area.

    Forks and Receivers

    These are towing accessories that play a crucial part in towing. The types and sizes depend on the wrecker and work requirements.

    Light Bar

    Lightbars, often included in heavy wrecker trucks, offer visibility at dark places to ensure a safe and quick working process.

    Wrecker Truck Use

    Heavy Duty Towing

    Wrecker trucks are the ones you’ll send to tow or recover heavy trailer trucks or tractor-trailers. Their boom can also act as a heavy-duty cran.

    Clearing Freeways

    Both heavy and light wrecker trucks are regularly used to clear freeways of accidents or unlawfully parked heavy vehicles.

    Wrecker Truck Types

    Camamach stores premium Wrecker Trucks for you at competitive rates. The products are:

    A  Light Wrecker Truck produced by OEM is on sale at Camamach

    Where to Buy Wrecker Truck?

    Visit Camamach at Wrecker Truck if you are looking for this product in bulk without compromising the quality.

    Which Countries Manufacture Wrecker Truck in Bulk?

    Wrecker trucks have diverse applications and great demand in the trucking industry. They are especially popular in developing countries.

    The top manufacturers of wrecker tow trucks are China and the United States.

    Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Wrecker Truck?

    There are many Chinese brands for wrecker trucks.  Camamach has handpicked the best Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for you after several performance tests over the years. The product at Camamach is:

    ·         OEM Wrecker Truck

    Contact us now for complete Wrecker Truck specifications, pricing, and videos.

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    1. Cargo Trucks  
    2. Dump Truck / Tipper
    3. Garbage Truck
  • What is a Tractor, and how to Buy a Tractor?

    What is a Tractor?

    a model of tractor with large rear wheels

    Tractors are the forever inhabitants of farms serving as the workforce that drives the agriculture industry. The agricultural machine is defined as a vehicle with larger rear wheels used to haul farm trailers and plows.

    Today, you have the privilege of farming with highly sophisticated and powerful tractors that serve various purposes such as plowing, cultivating, harvesting, hauling, transport, etc.

    The back of a tractor with large two back wheels that used to haul farm trailers and plows.

    Tractor Features

    Feature of our tractors include:

    Hydraulic Hitch

    Tractors have a powerful hydraulics-controlled hitch system in the back that does the pulling and lifting. The hitch performs its job keeping the most weight load on rear wheels and with enough pull force with the ground to achieve optimal resistance.


    All tractors have heavy-duty diesel engines that offer fuel efficiency and optimal work time.


    The tractors have synchronized gear transmissions that offer variable speed control and increased productivity.

    Power Take-off

    Tractors have a state-of-the-art power take-off system, especially in compact tractors for sale. It is a rotating shaft – located at the rear of tractors – that transfers the engine power to other farm machinery.


    Our tractors have strong drawbars – the rod that connects tractors with other equipment – with pivoting for corner pulling. 


    Tractors also have durable tyres with high traction to work on uneven or challenging terrains,

    Tractor Use

    The two primary uses of the farm tractors for sale are:

    Pushing and Pulling

    Tractors push and pull other machines used in agriculture, such as trailers.


    Tractors plow the terrains for plantation with plows attached to the rear.

    Tractor Types

    Camamach has plenty of options when it comes to farm tractors. You can easily select the one that suits your requirements and budget. The available farm equip:

    A 200hp tractor made by OEMs is for sale at Camamach

    Where to Buy Tractor?

    Camamach offers you the most elite class farm tractors for sale at affordable rates, especially if you need to make bulk purchases.  

    Which Countries Manufacture Tractors in Bulk?

    A tractor is the most crucial farm machinery in the agricultural sector. Its demand has been exponentially high, especially in the developing countries where the agricultural sector is the most significant contributor to growth domestic product (GDP)

    The biggest producersare China, India, and the United States.

    Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Tractors?

    China has plenty of brands making tractors. At Camamach, we have sorted out the best Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) you’ll find at competitive prices. The tractors for sale

     at Camamach is:

    Contact us now for complete product specifications, prices, and videos.

    What’s more in the store?

    Camamach has stocked other agricultural machinery for you as well. The top products include:

    1. Crawler Tractor
    2. Plows
    3. Trailers
  • What is a Mobile Workshop, and how to Buy a Mobile Workshop?

    What is a Mobile Workshop?

    A model of Mobile Workshop at Camamach.

    A mobile workshop is a requirements-based customized vehicle that offers multipurpose applications. A mobile workshop truck carries a container on its chassis with space for a technician and different need-based equipment such as a generator or air compressor.

    At Camamach, you’ll have a mobile workshop with various customizations as described below.

    Mobile Workshop Features

    A Mobile Workshop carries technical equipments so that the technicans can work while the vehicle is moving.

    A mobile workshop can have as many features as the available space will allow. The vehicle itself is a regular diesel engine truck with a chassis. The truck head has an ergonomically designed environment for the driver as these vehicles have long driving hours.

    The customized mobile workshop at Camamach have the following features and specifications:


    The structure of the mobile workshop at Camamach is:

    Mobile Workshop Structure on the blueprints.


    Complete Vehicle Specification

    Gross Weight16000
    Loading Capacity7870
    Drive Type4X4
    Tyres6+1;  11R22.5 tubeless
    Max. Speed90
    Cabin2490mm (Width), with one bed and air condition
    rear Axle Loading16000 kg
    Overall Dimensions7990 x 2520 x 3800 mm
    Wheel Base4600 mm
    Fuel Tank Capacity400L
    EngineWD615.62, 266hp, Euro II,
    Braking system• Service brake: dual circuit compressed air brake
    • Parking brake(emergency brake):spring energy, compressed
    • air operating on rear wheels
    • Auxiliary brake: engine exhaust valve brake
    • ABS


    Equipment Specification

    Power SetModel: 40GF74-4; Rated Power 40KW; Voltage 400/230V;
    (Generator)Frequency 50 Hz; Rated Current 72.2A; 3-Phase 4-Line;
     Diesel Engine R4100ZD; Generator TZH-40
    Welding SetModel: ZX5-250B; Voltage 380V; Initial Current 29.6A;
     Range 25 ~ 250 A; Input 19.2 KVA
    Air CompressorModel: AW3608; Voltage 380V; Power 3KW; 130kg
     Pressure 0.7MPa; Capacity 0.36M3/min
    Drilling MachineModel: ZQJ4119AD; Bore Range 3 ~ 16mm; Power 700W
    ViceSize: 150mm
    Grinding MachineModel: MQ3225; Size 250mm; Power 700W
    Gas Welding & Cutting SetOxygen Cylinder 40L;
    Acetylene Cylinder 20L
    Working BenchSteel Panel, 1500*550*780mm
    Lifting DeviceRoof Mounted, Retractable Cantilever, 2-Ton Chain Block

    Internal View of Mobile Workshop

    Inside of a  Mobile Workshop.

    Customized Inside based on different uses

    General Tools

    These include hand tools, as shown below

    Hand Tools that usually stored in a mobile workshop


    The mobile workshop can be customized according to your requirement, such as in the example below:

    Customized structures and equipements inside a Mobile Workshop.

    Mobile Workshop Use

    Mobile workshops are specially customized vehicles. Their customization and use depends on user requirements. Some common uses are:

    • Mobile Repair Truck
    • Mobile Food truck
    • Mechanical or Electrical Repair Truck
    • Mobile Medical Lab

    Mobile Workshop Types

    Camamach has the best all-in-one mobile workshop for you at a reasonable price. The available workshop is:

    Mobile workshop truck

    Where to Buy Mobile Workshop?

    Camamach is offering a feature-rich mobile workshop van for sale at a reasonable rate. So head over to Camamach for details and ordering.

    Which Countries Manufacture Mobile Workshops in Bulk?

    Mobile workshops have diverse usage worldwide, and their demand is high, notably in developing countries.

    The top makers of mobile workshops are China, Italy, and the United States.

    Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Mobile Workshops?

    China is home to several producers of mobile workshops. Camamach has taken the effort to filter out the top of the table  Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to give you quality in the budget. The brand at Camamach is:

    Contact us now for complete product specifications, prices, and videos.

    What’s more in the store?

     At Camamach, you’ll find a special vehicle inventory. Some other vehicles include:

  • What is a Chipping Spreader, and how to Buy a Chipping Spreader?

    What is a Chipping Spreader?

    A 12-Ton Chip Spreader made by OEM is  for Sale on Camamach.

    Chipping spreader is a self-propelled machine that lays coated chippings on roads for maintenance treatment. The chipping treatment extends the lifecycle of a road by protecting it against brittleness and other effects of harsh temperatures and heavy traffic.

    The machine provides continuous distribution of chipping behind a paver or a chip sealer.

    A model of Chip Spreader for road construction.

    Chipping Spreader Features

    Standard features of the road machinery are:


    The chipping spreaders have ten gates controlled through independent cylinders with switches. The gates are also equipped with a micro-adjusting mechanism for uniform distribution at specified speeds.


    The hoppers include individual gates with hydrostatic spread roll and agitator. The chipping material is deployed through the gates at desired spread widths. The hopper is either a fixed or variable one. Moreover, the individual gates also allow flexibility for the variable hopper.

    Hydrostatic Drive

    Hydrostatic drive is the ideal system for variable output speed under varying loads. They are preferred over other methods because they provide output standards of variable power with variable torque, constant torque with variable power, and constant power with variable torque.

    Anti-skidding Rollers

    Chipping spreaders have anti-skidding rollers that ensure uniform distribution of the chipping material.

    Conveyor Belts

    The chipping material is transferred from the receiving hopper to the spread hopper via conveyor belts.


    The self-propelled chip spreader has computer controls that open the gates and adjust the spreading speed. The longitudinal joint is observed by the operator standing beside the machine.

    Chipping Spreader Use

    A chip spreader’s primary use is to distribute chipping material over asphalt layers uniformly for road maintenance. Common uses include:

    Road Restoration

    Chip spreaders help extend a road’s lifecycle by filling in the gaps and giving it more traction and binding to withstand heavy traffic load and harsh weather conditions.

    As Cheap Alternative

    Chipping spreaders help do a job that would otherwise cost a fortune with asphalt or concrete overlay.

    Chipping Spreader Types

    Camamach is well known to only stock the best road machinery. The available stock includes:

    Chipping Spreader for road maintenance at Camamach

    Where to Buy Chipping Spreader?

    If you are in the market for best-priced and high-quality chipping spreaders, then Camamach is the place to be. Head over to Chipping Spreader for more details.

    Which Countries Manufacture Chipping Spreader in Bulk?

    A chipping spreader is an essential piece of machinery in the road construction business. The demand has been rising in developing countries with infrastructural plans,

    The top manufacturers of chip spreaders are China, France, and the United States.

    Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Chipping Spreader?

    China doesn’t have a shortage of brands that manufacture chipping spreaders. That is why, Camamach, with years of experience, has selected the top Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). The product at Camamach is:

    ·         OEM Chipping Spreader


    What’s more in the store?

    Camamach has other road construction equipment for sale as well:

    1. Asphalt Concrete Paver
    2. Bitumen Sprayer
    3. Motor Grader
  • What is a Chip Sealer, and how to Buy a Chip Sealer?

    What is a Chip Sealer?

    A 8 X 4 Synchronous Chip Sealermade made by OEMs.

    Chip sealer, also known as asphalt sealer, is a road pavement treatment machine that deploys layers of asphalt and fine aggregate over roads to protect the road from brittleness and losing its stretch and blend. The deployed mixture contains aggregate, sand, rubber crumbs, and fillers.

    A chip sealer extends the life of a road that otherwise would last 20 years without maintenance. It’s also a very economical option in the road construction industry as overlaying concrete or asphalt mix over roads is significantly more expensive.

    A chip sealer applied into pavement treatment and construction.

    Chip Sealer Features

    The main features of the chip sealers available at Camamach are:

    Intelligent Control System

    Chip sealers are equipped with state-of-the-art high-tech control systems located in the cabin. The system controls the deployment quantity and rate of the treatment materials.


    Chip sealers are equipped with self-propelled rotatory brooms that sweep clean the pavement surface. You could also find a chip sealer equipped with a self-propelled pick-up broom to clean the pavement and carry the excess aggregate in a hopper.

    Material Distributor

    The material distributers are calibrated with standard procedures – or as deemed by the engineer. The bituminous material distributes at a specified temperature and rate – such as 0.55 gallons per square yard – over a specified width that’s within the chipping requirement.

    The distributers are also equipped with tachometers, volume measurement devices, thermometers, calibrated tanks, circulation spray bars, and material sampling valves.

    Aggregate Spreader

    The aggregate spreader is a self-propelled component that uniformly spreads the aggregate at specified rates and widths. The spreader is also calibrated with standard procedure.

    Chip Sealer Use

    Extending Road Lifetime

    The primary purpose of chip sealers in to maintain roads with asphalt and aggregate (chips) layer treatment. The treatment keeps the roads from going brittle due to heavy traffic and harsh temperatures.  It also fills small cracks and increases the friction, which offers necessary skid resistance.

    Low-Rate Restoration

    Chip sealers are used as a cheap alternative to asphalt or concrete overlays. They are ideal for low-grade rural asphalt road restoration.

    Chip Sealer Types

    Camamach has the best chip sealer you’ll find on the market at an affordable rate. The products include:

    A Chip Sealer made by OEMs is for sale at Camamach.

    Where to Buy Chip Sealer?

    For bulk purchases of the best asphalt sealer at reasonable rates, visit Camamach at Chip Sealer.

    Which Countries Manufacture Chip Sealer in Bulk?

    Chip sealers are highly economical when compared with asphalt overlays. That is why they are high in demand, notably in developing countries.

    The top manufacturers of this road machinery are China and the United States.

    Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Chip Sealer?

    There are several Chinese manufacturers of chip sealers.  After extensive market experience and building a stellar reputation, Camamach brings you the best Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). The product at Camamach is:

    Contact us now for complete Chip Sealer specifications, pricing, and videos.

    What’s more in the store?

    At Camamach, there is a lot of other road construction equipment for sale, such as:

    1. Asphalt Concrete Paver
    2. Chipping Spreader
    3. Bitumen Sprayer
  • What is an Asphalt Mixing Plant, and how to Buy an Asphalt Mixing Plant?

    What is an Asphalt Mixing Plant?

    Asphalt Mixing Plant that is used for road construction, expressways and parking lots.

    Asphalt mixing plant, also known as asphalt batch mixing plant, is an asphalt manufacturing machine that blends aggregates with sand, stone dust and appropriate amounts of bitumen. The asphalt mix is then used to lay down pavements of roads, expressways, and parking lots.

    The plant produces batch by batch mixture with irregular intervals due to precise measurements of the ingredients. The process involves weighing, drying, heating, and separation of aggregates as they are transferred to a mixer with bitumen and additional ingredients through conveyer belts. The final product is then either directly loaded into deployment trucks or silos.

    An Asphalt Mixing Plant made in China.

    Asphalt Mixing Plant Features

    The main features of the asphalt mixing plants available at Camamach are:

    Drum Dryer

    Drying drum is the horizontal cylinder in an asphalt mixing plant that uses burner heat to dry the cold aggregate and other ingredients. The process involves tumbling damp materials on one side of the rotating drum.  The aggregate temperature control also determines the asphalt mix temperature. Hence, it’s an essential component of the mixing plant.

    Coal Burner

    The coal burner contains a coal pulverizing machine, host combustion machine, a rotation system, carter and ignition system. The coal is crushed and then transported to the burning chamber.

    Aggregate Supply System

    The aggregate supply system works with a feeding belt that transports the aggregate and a light alarm system which notifies the workers in case there is something off the configuration – below limit carrying capacity or material lack.

    Dust Collector

    The dust collector is used with a dryer where it collects the dust released by dryer’s exhaust. The dust is either wasted or reused with the aggregate.

    Screening Unit

    The screening unit is located on top of the plant bins where the dried aggregate is deployed. It needs to be large enough to accommodate the aggregate. Oversized aggregates are rejected by the screening unit.

    Hot Bins

    The heated and screened aggregate is stored in hot bins with overflow pipes that keep the aggregate from falling into other pipes. The hot aggregate is then taken out in specified proportions at specified rates to maintain a steady flow.

    Aggregate weigh Hopper

    The aggregate from hot bins is then transferred to a weigh hopper which weighs the appropriate amounts of aggregate for blending. This stage also has some dry mixing of materials.

    Pugmill Mixer

    The weighted aggregate is then mixed with asphalt as it is moved from the bucket. The mixing time is set for uniform coating of asphalt onto the aggregate. The asphalt mixer is then discharged through bottom into hauling trucks or storage silos.

    Storage Silo

    The asphalt mix in large amount that doesn’t need to be transported right away is stored in Silo – the cylindrical structures in vertical.

    Asphalt Mixing Plant Uses

    The primary purpose of an asphalt mixing plant is to manufacture asphalt mix for mega construction projects. They are used to make:

    • Highways
    • City Roads
    • Parking Lots
    • Expressways

    Asphalt Mixing Plant Types

    Camamach takes pride in stocking state of the art asphalt mixing plants with different features and prices to best suit your needs. The available mixing plants are:

    A Standard Asphalt Mixing Plant made by OEM is for sale at Camamach

    Where to Buy Asphalt Mixing Plant?

    For high quality and reliable asphalt mixing plants, head over to Asphalt Mixing Plant at Camamach.

    Which Countries Manufacture Asphalt Mixing Plant in Bulk?

    Asphalt mixing plants are essential in the road construction industry. Their consumption sees an exponential increase with infrastructural developments, especially in the developing countries.  

    The largest manufactures are China, Switzerland, Germany, and the United States.

    Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Asphalt Mixing Plant?

    China is home to many asphalt mixing plant manufacturer. Camamach, through years of market experience has saved you the trouble of finding the best and reliable Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). The brand at Camamach is:

    Contact us now for detailed specifications, pricing, and videos on Asphalt Mixing Plants.

    What's more in the store?

    At Camamach there is a lot of other road construction equipment such as:

    1. Asphalt Concrete Paver
    2. Bitumen Sprayer
    3. Chip Sealer
  • What is a Truck Head, and how to Buy a Truck Head?

    What is a Truck Head?

    Truck Head for Sale

    A truck head is a powerful vehicle that pulls heavy loads in containers, trailers, and tankers. The chassis, the heavy-duty engine, fuel tank, and all other components are enclosed in a relatively small box.

    Truck heads are equipped with driver comfort and safety features such as adjustable and heated seats, innovative locking systems, airbags, and other modern features like video monitors, music systems, and sleepers.

    Truck Head

    Truck Head Features

    Truck heads are in the big leagues of logistic transportation. The key features of the truck head for sale at Camamach are:

    Heavy-Duty Engine

    The available truck heads run on powerful diesel engines – they pull tons of weight after all. The engine's design and size also determine the truck head's pulling power and performance. A heavier truck head can haul heavier weights.

    Electrical System

    The truck heads are equipped with high-tech electrical systems that support long working durations and additional features on a truck head.

    We can offer additional security for the truck head’s headlights

    Sleepers/ Cabs

    The truck head driver covers countrywide distances in the cabin. Their ambiance is ergonomically designed to ensure optimal driving – thousands of dollars of cargo is dependent on them. That is why the truck heads have a built-in air-conditioned sleeper behind the driver's seat.

    Truck Head Uses

    Cargo Transportation

    Truck heads serve one primary purpose: to haul heavy cargo loads from one destination to another. They do so on containers or trailers with the help of powerful engines.

    Carrying Heavy Equipment

    They also carry construction equipment such as cement mixers or concrete pumps. 

    Truck Head Types

    Camamach has the best-branded truck heads available for you. The available models are:

    Truck Heads

    Where to Buy Truck Head?

    Camamach strives to offer the highest quality at the most affordable rates. If you require many truck heads, head over to heavy-duty trucks for sale.

    Which Countries Manufacture Truck Heads in Bulk?

    Truck heads, in a way, are running your country. They are the champions of land freight. It's only natural for their demand to rise. It has especially risen in developing countries.

    The biggest manufacturers of truck heads are China, Japan, Sweden, and the United States.

    Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of truck heads?

    There are a lot of Chinese truck heads in the market. Camamach has done you favor picking out the top of the chain – that pass all testing parameters – OEMs. The brands available at Camamach are:

    Contact us now for detailed specifications, pricing, and videos on truck heads.

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    2. Trailer / Lowbed
    3. Dump Truck / Tripper for Sale
  • What is a Trailer/Lowbed, and how to Buy a Trailer/Lowbed?

    What is a Trailer/Lowbed?

    Trailer/Lowbed for Sale

    A low bed trailer is a transporter built for heavy, tall, and wide equipment. They provide the utmost stability and safety as hefty equipment also tends to be the most expensive.

    Low bed trailers are very versatile in their use and even comply with height restrictions despite the large equipment. They also have flatbed and low bed semi-trailer types to accommodate your different needs.

    Lowbed Trailer

    Trailer/Lowbed Features

    Lowbed trailers have several features offering different stability and safe levels. The key features of lowbed trailers at Camamach are:

    Detachable Gooseneck

    Lowbed trailers have detachable goosenecks, which allow easy loading of heavy and large equipment. The bed is detached from the truck, the equipment is loaded, and then it is reattached to the truck and lifted through hydraulics.

    Power Source

    Heavy-duty diesel engines haul Lowbed trailers.

    Landing Gear

    The landing gear supports the lowbed trailer after detachment from the truck. The load capacity of the landing gear must be considered before making a purchase.


    A Ramp moves the heavy equipment on the lowbed trailer. Having a longer ramp will make it easier to move the heavy load. You’ll either find a mechanical ramp or a hydraulic one. The hydraulic ones are more efficient but expensive.

    Trailer/Lowbed Uses

    Lowbed trailer is a versatile machine. Some common uses are:

    Heavy Vehicles

    Lowbed trailers are the heavy vehicles used to carry other heavy vehicles. They are regularly used to carry cars and trucks from factories to showrooms.

    Mining Machinery

    Lowbed trailers are amongst the few machines capable of hauling heavy mining machinery.

    Windmill Machinery

    Lowbed trailers are the only machines capable of carrying long and heavy wind turbines and blades.

    Similarly, anything falling under the category of heavy and long transports by lowbed trailers on land.


    Trailer/Lowbed Types

    Camamach only stocks the best of lowbed trailers and has many options for you. The stocked machines are:

    Flatbed Trailer

    Where to Buy Trailer/Lowbed?

    Camamach has every type of lowbed trailer in stock at reasonable prices. If you require some heavy shifters, click on this link for more details.

    Which Countries Manufacture Trailer/Lowbed in Bulk?

    Lowbed trailers are essential to moving all other heavy machinery. They fall under mandatory demands and have seen an increase in sales worldwide, especially the developing countries.

    Top countries to import lowbed trailers from include China, the United States, South Korea, and Canada.

    Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Trailer/Lowbed?

    China has many lowbed trailer producers, out of which Camamach selected the best OEMs for you after evaluating them on every metric. The brand at Camamach is the OEM Trailer/Lowbed.

    Contact us now for comprehensive descriptions, pricing, and videos of the products.

    What’s more in the store?

    Camamach has got a lot more trucks for sale in the Heavy Duty Trucks category, such as:

    1. Wrecker Truck
    2. Dump Truck / Tripper for Sale
    3. Garbage Truck
  • What is a Cargo Truck, and how to Buy a Cargo Truck?

    What is a cargo truck?

    Cargo Truck for Sale

    Cargo trucks are transport vehicles for cargo that doesn’t require much space or horsepower to haul. It consists of a hauling truck with a cargo bed on its chassis. These trucks are the driving force behind many industrial sectors – literally.

    It is easy to initiate a trucking company business with a few cargo trucks, and they are a much better investment than cargo vans.

    Cargo Truck

    Cargo Truck Features

    Cargo Trucks operate in the minor leagues of road freight. The primary features of the stocked cargo trucks for sale at Camamach are:

    The Truck

    The cargo is hauled by a diesel engine truck with a cargo bed lying on its chassis. These trucks have much more mobility than truck heads carrying containers or trailers. What’s more, the room for more cargo makes it more ideal than smaller cargo vans which can neither haul great lengths nor load much cargo.

    Cargo Bed

    Cargo trucks have a long open cargo bed that can be stacked to a certain height making more loading space. These beds also come in handy when transporting cement or dirt on construction sites.


    Like truck heads, cargo trucks can also be equipped with air-conditioned sleepers for longer hauls.

    Cargo Truck Uses

    Cargo Transportation

    The primary purpose is to carry goods from one place to another. It does so with much better speed and mobility.

    Construction Sites

    Cargo trucks are also ideal on a construction site. They can carry bricks, cement, people, dirt, and heavy machinery.

    Animal Transport

    Moving livestock is also an observed use if the cargo bed walls are kept high. The open roof often keeps animals from panicking.

    Cargo Trucks Types

    Camamach takes pride in selling quality cargo trucks under your budget. The listed trucks are:

    Modified Cargo Truck

    Where to Buy Cargo Truck?

    Camamach has the best rates to offer in the market with no compromise on the quality. If you are looking for cargo trucks in bulk, go to this link for details on features and pricing.

    Which Countries Manufacture Cargo Trucks in Bulk?

    Cargo Trucks play a decent part in running the economy – making trade easier. That is why the developing world has been experiencing an increase in demand for these trucks.

    Top countries to import cargo trucks from include  China, Japan, the United States, and Canada.

    Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Cargo Trucks?

    There are several Chinese brands making cargo trucks.  Camamach has handpicked the best OEMs from the market based on extensive experience. The brands at Camamach are:

    Contact us now for detailed specifications, pricing, and videos on cargo trucks.

    What’s more in the store?

    Camamach has got a lot more trucks for sale in the Heavy Duty Trucks category, such as:

    1. Wrecker Truck
    2. Trailer / Lowbed
    3. Dump Truck / Tripper for Sale
  • What is a Cement Bulker, and how to Buy a Cement Bulker?

    What is a Cement Bulker?

    Cement Bulker for Sale

    Cement bulker is a cement transport truck capable of carrying large cement quantities from a manufacturer to a concrete batching plant. It eliminates cement storage bag usage for the silos of the plant by offering a much larger and convenient storage space.

    Cement Bulkers

    Cement Bulker Features

    A cement bulker isn’t just a storage vessel. It is engineered to carry heavy loads and give you faster loading and unloading of cement. Some key features of the bulkers available at Camamach are:

    The V shape Bulker

    If you look at the Bulker, you’ll notice that they aren’t like the even cylindrical petrol tankers. A concrete bulker has a V shape design – the lower center being the pointy end. The shape gives a slope to cement for exit through the bottom. The entire process is also assisted through controlled air pressure.

    Optimal Diesel Engine

    The cement bulker is equipped with an efficient diesel engine that also gives the air suspension system power.

    Spring Suspension

    Cement bulkers have state-of-the-art leaf spring suspension that provides stability for the heavy Bulker. The tires remain aligned throughout the machine’s journey through controlled height.

    Landing Gear

    Cement bulkers are also equipped with powerful landing gears that ensure stable loading and unloading of cement.

    Cement Bulker Uses

    Transporting Cement

    Cement bulkers’ primary purpose is to transport tons of cement to a concrete batching plant where concrete is prepared and sent off to construction sites on Cement Mixer Trucks.

    Large Storage Units

    Cement bulkers also act as temporary storage units for tons of cement before deployment to the silos. Using cement bags would increase the work effort and time.

    Cement Bulker Types

    Camamach has the highest quality cement bulkers in stock for you. The listed products include

    Cement Bulkers

    Where to Buy Cement Bulkers?

    Camamach puts the effort to stock competitively priced yet premium quality bulkers for sale. If you need bulk quantities of cement bulkers, visit  Cement Bulker for the details and pricing.

    Which Countries Manufacture Cement Bulkers in Bulk?

    Cement bulkers play a crucial role in cement’s journey to usable concrete. Their consumption has been on the rise – especially in the developing countries – as the world races for infrastructural development.

    The top manufacturing players in the game are China, France, and Switzerland.

    Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Cement Bulkers?

    China has many manufacturers of cement bulkers. Camamach has picked out the top OEMs for you after years’ worth of export experience. The brand available is:

    Contact us for detailed specifications, pricing, and videos of our products.

    What’s more in the store?

    Camamach has more concrete equipment for sale on  Cement and Concrete Machinery. Some of the products are:

    1. Cement Mixer Trucks
    2. Trailer Concrete Pump
    3. Concrete Batching Plant for Sale

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