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How to Buy the Best Tanker Truck? 5 Must-Know Tips!

What is a Tanker Truck?

Water Tanker Truck is used to transport liquids and gases.


Tanker trucks, or simply tankers, are the most common truck type. They are used to transport liquids and gases such as petrol, diesel, CNG, and water. The tankers are kept cylindrical in shape for many reasons that include: no weak spots, stability, minimal sloshing, and easy extraction.

Tanker Truck made by Sinotruk is for sale at Camamach


Tanker Truck Features

Features of our tanker trucks at Camamach include:

Special Cabins

Tanker trucks are often taken for long hauls. That is why our trucks have ergonomically designed cabins for drivers and include sleepers, among other standard features like heating and ventilating systems.

Heavy-Duty Engines

Our tanker trucks have heavy-duty and fuel-efficient Sinotruk engines perfectly suitable for long hauls of heavy loads.


Our trucks’ chassis are equipped with semi-elliptic leaf springs and hydraulic telescopic double-action shock absorbers for stability. The frame itself is U-shaped and is cold riveted to prevent rusting.


The fuel tank is divided into compartments, and each compartment has a separate pipe system. It can load different mediums and has the operation box attached below that has a flowmeter with a fuel track nozzle.

Tanker Truck Uses

Here are the most common uses of tanker trucks:

Fuel Transportation

The most typical use of tanker trucks is to carry fuel like petrol or diesel.

Water Carriers

Tanker Trucks are used to carry large amounts of water and also contain pumping features. They are extremely useful in water shortages.

Liquid Food Carriers

Liquid foods such as milk, wine, sugars, and juices are common tankers’ passengers.

Industrial Chemical Carriers

Chemical factories use the tankers to safely transport liquid chemicals – both safe and hazardous.

Tanker Truck Types

Camamach has the top branded tanker truck for sale. The available types include:


Tankers made by Sinotruk is for sale at Camamach


Where to Buy a Tanker Truck?

Are you in the market for some top-quality tanker trucks? If yes, then you have made the right stop. Camamach is a well-known distributor of heavy machinery that only stocks the finest products. Head over to the Tankers page now!

Which Countries Manufacture Tanker Trucks in Bulk?

Tankers are one of the most common types of trucks on the road. They are required regularly and thus have justified high demand – particularly in developing countries.

The top manufacturing countries of tanker trucks include China, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Tanker Trucks?

Several companies are manufacturing tankers in China. Finding suitable manufacture can be troublesome. At Camamach, only the best and trusted Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) are accepted. The tanker truck at Camamach is:

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What’s more in the store?

Camamach has more than just tankers in the stock. The list of our specialized vehicles is long. Some of the vehicles are:

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