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  • Backhoe vs Excavator: What is the difference and which is right for you?

    Backhoe Loaders and Excavators have a similar general function -they are both diggers, but they have differences in design and versatility that make each of them them better suited to different jobs. Choosing the right construction equipment for the requirements is important for any project, so we’ve gone and written up this excavator vs backhoe comparison.



    Excavators as their name would suggest are purpose built for excavating. They have a large arm attached to a cab, both of which can rotate 360 degrees atop the undercarriage. Excavators come in wheeled and crawler variants.

    Diagram of excavator components

    Backhoe Loaders

    Backhoe loaders are multi-functional machines built on a tractor chassis with a front end loader, and a rear excavator-style arm called a backhoe. The backhoe is limited in its rotation to a range of about 200 degrees. The backhoe itself consists of a bucket on the end of a hydraulic arm known as a dipper stick and boom that extends from the back of the tractor chassis.


    Excavators are

    • Larger and more powerful (typically)
    • More suitable for large construction sites, mining, drilling and demolition jobs.
    • Less mobile

    Backhoe Loaders

    • Smaller and lighter
    • More suitable for smaller scale projects, loading jobs and farming
    • More mobility


    Wheel excavators exist, but most excavators are tracked, therefore more capable in rough terrain and mountainous environments such as mining sites. Backhoe loaders are wheeled and can drive on roads, making them a good choice for projects with more than one work site.



    Backhoe loaders are more versatile machines than excavators. The front end loader allows for loading jobs to be performed, and the backhoe bucket can be swapped out for a large variety of implements like breakers, drills and hammers. The front end loader can also be swapped out for plows or forklifts. Excavators can use other hydraulic implements in place of the bucket, but the number is much smaller.

    Newer mini excavators can now perform many of the functions that backhoe loaders can, however backhoe loaders continue to be used as versatile machines for farm and small-medium construction projects.




    • 360 degree rotation
    • Bigger, more powerful machines
    • Can  better handle rough terrain
    • Purpose built for excavation
    • Better for large projects and heavy duty workloads

    Backhoe loader

    • Can be driven on roads
    • Smaller, tractor chassis
    • Has front loader and backhoe excavator
    • Multipurpose machine
    • Better for agricultural projects and spread out construction sites.


    Backhoe vs Excavator - which one is better for your project?

    Its important to consider your project’s scope when choosing equipment. For larger scale projects with a heavy workload, an excavator is probably the way to go. If the project is smaller, a backhoe loader can carry out excavation functions whilst offering more versatility.

    Of course if you are still unsure which is more suitable, ask an expert. We at CamaMach have years of experience and are happy to help, send us an email and we can make recommendations based on your site plans and requirements.


    Looking for excavators? We have a selection from top brands like XCMG and SANY

    Or if you are after a backhoe loader our catalogue includes SDLG, XCMG, and Lovol among others.

  • Why OEM might be right for you




    The number of Brands in China’s heavy machinery and equipment manufacturing industry is high and growing. There are brands that specialize in specific things, such as HGXB Bulldozers, or some which make everything ( SANY ). So it may be surprising to hear that for more niche vehicles and certain generic products it can be better to choose an OEM manufacturer for your purchase.


    So what is it?/What are the benefits of buying OEM 

    At the end of the day, would you rather buy Nike shoes, or buy the same shoes from the factory that makes the shoes for 1/4 the price? That in essence is what buying OEM is.


    Purchasing brand names carries with it a certain amount of assurance about the quality. When purchasing a SANY truck crane, one can rest assured it is going to function correctly. However this comes at a price premium. The brands procure much of their equipment from OEMs and put their names on them, and their brand is an assurance of the quality.



    This is where OEM can come into play. By knowing what manufacturers produce the products for each brand, huge savings can be made without sacrificing on quality, as these smaller manufacturers are not spending the same amount on branding and marketing as their larger, more image focused partner companies.


    How can I buy OEM?

    So we have established that buying OEM has huge benefits for cost savings, but how can you as a foreign buyer discern which factories to contact?


    At CamaMach we are very knowledgeable about the products we procure, through years of experience we have determined which manufacturers in China make the best products and for what brands. This way we have been able to find incredible bargains on quality equipment.


    If you want a specific piece of equipment we can get it for you for considerable cost savings, with our assurance it is as good as the branded products.


    What about after sales?


    Spare parts, and after sales are a concern for any buyer of construction or mining equipment, but even more so for OEM. Fortunately finding OEM parts is even more possible. The reasons are simple, there are maybe one or two factories that make equipment for a brand, but 1000s of factories can make the spares for the equipment. Compared with assembling an excavator or bulldozer, fabricating air filters for said vehicles is relatively straightforward. At CamaMach we have many vetted suppliers of spare parts both OEM and original, so there's no shortage of after sales support for the products you buy from us.



    Buy spare parts now       Looking for OEM?

    For other inquiries send us a message and we will get back to you quickly!

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