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Top 10 Chinese Heavy Equipment Manufacturers

The heavy equipment manufacturing industry is booming in China, and to meet that increase in demand are many high-quality companies. However, choosing which company would best service your needs can be quite difficult as each offers unique benefits. This is where this blog can help you out. Below are the top 10 upcoming Chinese heavy equipment manufacturers, ranked based upon their quality, reputation, reliability, and more.

1.     XCMG

XCMG Logo – XCMG Equipment for Sale

XCMG has been a leader in the market ever since its founding in 1989. Under the leadership of Mr. Wang Min and his 40+ years of experience in the machinery industry, XCMG has spread its business all over the world with it now supplying more than 187 countries and regions. Although XCMG is of the highest quality with all construction machinery it supplies, it is most well-known for its crawler crane with is 4000-ton crawler crane often being called among the best in the world.

Quick Facts:

  • Ranked 122nd among the top 500 Chinese Enterprises.
  • Ranked top 5 in Construction Machinery Manufacturing.
  • Annual export volume exceeds US $1.6 billion.


Popular Machinery:


2.     SANY

SANY Logo – SANY Equipment for Sale

SANY is a global powerhouse with it being a household name all over the world. It has garnered numerous accomplishments to prove this, such as being the first Chinese industry to enter the Financial Times Global 500. To support its global operation, it employs over 90,000 people worldwide so you can be sure that wherever you are, SANY has the resources to service you. SANY’s specialty lies in concrete machinery with it being ranked number 1 in the world in this sector.

Quick Facts:

  • 3rd largest heavy equipment manufacturer in the world.
  • Employs over 90,000 people worldwide.
  • First Chinese heavy equipment manufacturer to make it on to the Forbes Global 2000 rankings


Popular Machinery:


3.     Zoomlion

Zoomlion Logo – Zoomlion Equipment for Sale

Zoomlion is one of the newer companies on this list with it being founded in 1992, but this does not mean it lacks for quality. Zoomlion has gone only one way since its creation: up. Both in terms of success and in terms of the hight of their cranes, the product they are proudest of and rightly so. Recently, Zoomlion developed a 2000-ton all-terrain crane with the largest hoisting capacity in the world. It also developed the world’s largest level-jib superstructure-slewing self-climbing tower crane and the first 3200-ton crawler crane in China. Zoomlion’s front-runner position in the race of technology as earned it numerous accolades such as being ranked the 133rd most influential brand in Asia and the 73rd most valuable Chinese brand. Its most significant achievement, however, is becoming the world’s 6th largest and China’s largest construction machinery enterprise.

Quick Facts:

  • Ranked the 133rd most influential brand in Asia.
  • Listed as the 73rd most valuable Chinese brand.
  • The world’s 6th largest and China’s largest construction machinery enterprise.


Popular Machinery:


4.     Sinotruk

Sinotruk Logo – Sinotruk Equipment for Sale

Sinotruk has been around for a long time with it being founded in 1935. This has made Sinotruk one of the most experienced heavy equipment manufacturers out there, gaining the company great respect and trust. However, as technology changes so does Sinotruk. In 2007 it was incorporated as a subsidiary of the China National Heavy Duty Truck Group to help it continue to grow and to revolutionize its products. Sinotruk’s signature product is the heavy-duty truck with three-fifths of all their vehicles sold in 2020 being these trucks. And there is a reason they focus their efforts on making them: they are one of the best at it. They ranked number one in China’s domestic heavy duty truck industry.

Quick Facts:

  • Ranked 102nd among the top 500 Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises and 222nd among the top Chinese Enterprises.
  • Listed as 9th among construction machinery manufacturers in Hong Kong.
  • Supplies over 110 countries around the world.


Popular Machinery:


5.     LiuGong

LiuGong Logo – LiuGong Equipment for Sale

LiuGong has never failed to demonstrate its ability to please its customers in the 63 years since their founding. They offer many kinds of machinery, all of which are at the highest of qualities. Due to their success, they have been able to move their business to cover the world with them now supplying more than 100 countries and regions. In LiuGong’s extremely diverse range of products, the machine that stands out the most is their wheel loader of which they are the largest manufacturer in the world.

Quick Facts:

  • Ranked in the top 100 Chinese Enterprises.
  • Among the top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers.
  • Annual export volume exceeds US $7.7 billion.


Popular Machinery:


6.     SDLG

SDLG Logo – SDLG Equipment for Sale

SDLG is, like the companies previously listed companies, an excellent heavy equipment manufacturer. What makes SDLG stand out, however, is their absolute dedication to technology and its improvement. They have successfully passed appraisal of 29 scientific and technological achievements, won nine awards for scientific and technological achievements, and currently own 38 patents. They have spread their technologies around the board, so all their products are just as advanced and effective as the others. The SDLG wheel loader has received acclaim with it being said to be the most effecting wheel loader in the world.

Quick Facts:

  • Ranked 167th among the top 500 Chinese Enterprises.
  • Top 5 in construction machinery manufacturing.
  • Supplies more than 132 countries and regions.


Popular Machinery:


7.     Shantui

Shantui Logo – Shantui Equipment for Sale

Shantui is great at many things but they are best known for one: the bulldozers. If you need a high-quality bulldozer, you can not get much better than Shantui. They are known as the bulldozer king in China for a reason. Shantui bulldozers have ranked first in global production and sales for 16 consecutive years, and they show no signs of stopping. Two out of five crawler-type dozers in 2010 were made by Shantui. What’s more, their dozers are always improving. In 2019, they created and commercialized the world’s first 5G remote-controlled high-power bulldozer.

Quick Facts:

  • Ranked 38th in global construction machinery manufacturing.
  • Annual sales volume exceeds US $7.06 billion.
  • Supplies over 160 countries and regions.


Popular Machinery:


8.     Changlin

Changlin Logo – Changlin Equipment for Sale

Changlin has been around for 35 years but it has been reimagining itself in recent years. They were acquired by Sinomach, China’s National Machinery Industry Corporation, which has given them the resources to take their business to the next level. They have improved the efficiency of their service and the effectiveness of their products and now they can compete with any heavy equipment manufacturer. Changlin started out with wheel loaders and road rollers and over the years they have mastered them, earning them particularly high renown for them.

Quick Facts:

  • Among the top 500 Chinese manufacturers.
  • Over 1800 employees.
  • Over US $11 billion in annual sales revenue.


Popular Machinery:


9.     Foton Lovol

Foton Lovol Logo – Foton Lovol Equipment for Sale

Foton Lovol is another relatively young company, being founded in 1996, but ever since its creation, it has grown at an extraordinary pace. In 2005, just nine years after it was founded, it ranked number one in the auto industry and number 11 in the most valuable brand category. They are particularly well-known for their backhoe-loaders due to their unequalled flexibility and reliability.

Quick Facts:

  • Ranked 64th among the top 500 Chinese Enterprises and 41st in construction machinery manufacturing.
  • Annual export volume exceeds US $210 million.
  • Supplies over 120 countries around the world.


Popular Machinery:


10.  CIMC

CIMC Logo – CIMC Equipment for Sale

CIMC puts great emphasis on quality, ensuring that every one of their products is as flawless as possible. In 2014, due to their diligence, they were awarded the Mayor Quality Award in Shenzhen City, the highest honor the Shenzhen municipal government can bestow. 50,000 employees working hard make this impressive operation possible. CIMC I best known for their containers. In 1996, they became the largest dry container manufacturer in the world.

Quick Facts:

  • Ranked 73rd among the top 500 Chinese Enterprises.
  • Annual export volume exceeds US $94.2 billion.
  • Supplies over 100 countries around the world.


Popular Machinery:


Choosing the Right Company for Your Construction Project

As you have seen in this list, while all the companies are exceptional, they specialize at different things. For example, if you were wanting a bulldozer, you may want to go with Shantui. Alternatively, if you were wanting a tower crane, Zoomlion might be your best pick. But it is more complicated than just specialties. Location and accessibility are also important and there are several logistical queries when determining the best heavy equipment manufacturer to go with.

This is where we at Camamach can help you out. We can advise you which company would be best for your specific project as well as manage all the time-consuming aspects of the buying process. We are available worldwide and can guarantee exceptional customer service. You can reach out to us for a FREE quotation today via email [email protected] or send a message on WhatsApp if you have any questions for a fast response +86-136-4120-4971.

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