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  • What is a Backhoe Loader and How to Buy a Backhoe Loader?

    What Are Backhoe Loaders?

    A backhoe loader, also known as an excavator loader, is a type of versatile construction equipment used in transporting materials, demolitions, paving of roads, excavating, and digging roles.

    What Are General Features of the Available Backhoe Loaders?

    A typical backhoe loader consists of three parts: the tractor, the loader, and the backhoe.

    The Tractor

    The tractor is the central part of the loader and is largely important in determining the backhoe loader's stability, power, and efficiency. Capabilities of the tractor portion include turbocharged diesel engines to enhance power and effectiveness, large and rugged tires to ensure maneuverability in all terrain, and add-ons like an enclosed or open canopy for better access or wider application of the equipment.

    The Loader

    The loader is usually attached at the front and can carry loose materials in large quantities and can also assist in smoothing down terrain.

    The Backhoe

    The backhoe consists of three parts called the tick, boom, and the bucket which are all held together by three joints. The boom functions by digging obstacles by bending upwards, thus allowing adequate space for the bucket to hold materials. The lifted material can then be dropped as a pile in a separate location.

    What Types of Backhoe Loaders Are Available?

    What are the Features of Backhoe Loaders?

    CamaMach offers backhoe loaders with competitive prices and of superior quality and features. The best backhoe loader at CamaMach has the following features:

    • plug connectors that waterproof to ensure maximum protection and reliability of all electrics
    • an EATON steering hydraulic system that makes it easy for the operator to steer
    • an improved radiation performance that has been facilitated by the presence of an optimized AC system.

    In addition, all track loader backhoes have a servo-assisted braking system. This is a new incorporated technology that provides low-effort braking thereby making the backhoe loader easier to operate.

    At CamaMach, we have endeavored to ensure that the best models are in stock. The following essential factors are but some of the factors that we consider to meet customer demands:

    • ease of operation
    • durability
    • operator comfort

    The excavator backhoe loaders we have come with:

    • better engine technology
    • onboard diagnostics
    • better automation.

    These incorporated improvements will reduce the cost of operation and construction will take a shorter time. Just like any other heavy equipment we sell, the best backhoe loader needs to be:

    • durable
    • fuel-efficient
    • possess a good resale value.

    What Are the Types of Backhoe Loaders?

    Thanks to modern technology, CamaMach has a remarkable track record in stocking new backhoe loaders for sale that are flexible and easy to maintain. The backhoe loaders available include:

    How to Buy Backhoe Loaders?

    Key Things to Consider

    • Environment: What types of terrain will the equipment traverse? Characteristics of the intended environment can determine which backhoe loader is best suited for the job. For example, for high precipitation environments, an enclosed canopy might be better for the tractor.

    • Budget: While a lower budget might make your choices fewer, consider whether quality and features are compromised by settling for lower priced equipment.

    • Size of Boom: A backhoe’s function is determined primarily by the boom and the bucket. The boom by itself determines the backhoe’s reach. Make sure that the backhoes purchased meet the criteria for the job (and any future jobs!)

    • Reputability: While all backhoe loaders at Camamach are of the latest technology and thus aptly equipped, make sure that the equipment is manufactured by a reputable company and highly rated brand. Do not assume that all features from one backhoe loader exist on another.

    • Maintenance: Does the selected backhoe loader require frequent or low maintenance? Where and how is maintenance expected to be completed? Are replacement parts readily available for the selected model?

    Here at CamaMach we have Backhoe Loaders for sale. We export worldwide, so you can contact us for a FREE quotation today via email [email protected] or send a message on WhatsApp for a fast response +86-131-2037-9271.

  • Camamach Presents Efficient Low Cost Electric Vans | Shipping Worldwide

    Are there quality low cost electric commercial vans? Yes!

    The environment has become important to many countries and EV is the answer to reduce costs and become environmentally friendly.

    That is why we have seen recent success in the EV van that can carry 14 to 16 people

    With dimensions of 5995*1995*2650mm the van has ample space for people and goods

    Some of the van key features are:

    1. The van has a max. speed of 100 (km/h) which is more than enough for most countries’ public service vehicles.

    2. The van has a battery capacity 68KWH

    3. The battery type is the modern lithium manganate battery

    4. This gives it a maximum cruising range of 220 km per charge

    5. The drive mode is 4X2 and available in RHD or LHD (we can customize for your country!)

    6. The van has a power steering system and reverse radar!

    7. The interior has leather seats and all brand new.

    We can customize the interior for you to include more or less seats. Just let us know!


    Email :- [email protected]

    Website :- https://camachem.com/

    Whatsapp :- +86-131-2037-9271


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  • Looking for a quality low cost backhoe loader ?

    Are you looking for a quality low cost backhoe loader?

    The WY878 is just that. With 8 ton operating weight, it is strong and can perform in many workplaces.

    It has 1 cubic meter bucket that is good for smaller jobs

    It has a loading capacity of 2500 kg – small and strong!

    It engine is turbocharging four-stroke with a power of 75KW/100HP to give boost you need at your work.

    It has a pilot joystick to allow driver better control


    We export backhoe loader and other construction equipment worldwide.

    For more information, visit us at: www.camamach.com For FREE quotation, email us at: [email protected]

  • Five things you should consider before buying a cement bulker

    Cement Bulker Truck is designed to carry loads on roads. These bulker trucks are quite large and are similar to railroad tank vehicles. You will find various variants available in the market mainly because of the variety of cement that can be transported via these cement bulker trucks. These trucks are usually huge and are designed for multiple or single loads.

    Cement bulker trailers load cement just like other tankers load petroleum. Bulkers can have different capacity tonnage, for example, 15-ton, 20-ton, 25-ton, 30-ton. The cement from these bulkers is then stored in silos. The primary purpose of using bulkers is that they transport cement in high volumes. in the large volume usually means that the cement cannot be transported in cement bags. Bulkers are airtight; hence it prevents the cement from getting exposed to the environment.


    Cement bulker specifications:

    1. Size and Volume

    There are different bulkers for sale in the market, and you can choose the size of the truck or the amount of the cement powder you wish to load. If you are going for large trucks, then they will typically have a capacity ranging from 5,500 gallons can go up to 11,600 gallons. Consider the amount of cement you would like to transport to choose the right cement bulker.

    2. Material Type

    Large cement bulker trailers are used generally to transport cement to filling stations. These cement trucks are made of different materials, usually supreme quality stainless steel, iron, mild steel, and more. These are meticulously designed, keeping in mind the market demands and industry laid parameters. These trucks will have a sturdy construction, as well as superior finish. Some of the cement bulker trucks can also be custom made as per clients’ recommendations.


    3. Painting

    Before painting the trainer, it goes through a sandblast. Generally, ZincRich epoxy gray will be used for the first protection, and then 1-2 high-quality paints will be applied on the trailer to keep it protected from humidity and atmosphere. Customers are free to choose the color of the trailer or choose from what is available.

    4. Value for money

    Like any other truck you consider to buy, even for a cement bulker truck, think about the budget. While cement bulker trucks may require an outlay of cash, it's mostly going to be a one-time investment. There are different ranges available for the cement truck. Think about the material the truck is made of and the model and buy one after having a word with the seller. 


    5. Manufacturer background

    When you buy a cement bulker from a renowned company, you are guaranteed a quality cement bulker truck that is well-built and is equipped with branded tires, suspension, brakes, and chassis. There will be some standard accessories that will come along, for example, mounting space, control panel, one plate toolbox, one ladder, one non-slip floor, one security valve set, one air pressure gauge, and more.


    No matter what type of cement bulker you buy, make sure that you are buying it from the top company to receive the best quality cement bulker truck that will last longer and is made of high-standard material. 
    At Camamach, we have cement bulkers for sale.

    Please do contact us today for a FREE information session and quotation. Dial +86-131-2037-9271.

  • Key Things To Consider Before Buying A Zoomlion Tower Crane

    There is no doubt that zoomlion tower cranes play a crucial role in manufacturing and construction sites. They are widely used to move and lift heavy equipment and objects that cannot be lifted through another machine. Besides, such cranes are quite proficient in reaching different heights. It can be said that in a construction site, they are inevitable. Are you about to select a Zoomlion tower crane for your construction site? To ensure that you are choosing a suitable crane, below are the important things you need to consider. 

    Zoomlion Tower crane capacity and features

    Some experts have stated that the selection of a crane for a building greatly depends on different factors. A typical factor that one should consider is the type of construction technologies used in the crane. There can be a slip, precast, and conventional formwork. This will demonstrate the crane’s capacity along with care types. Make sure the crane has precise, as well as electrical motion control. 

    For example, the Zoomlion TC5013 tower crane comes equipped with different operation modes. It can be used in multiple forms. Besides, it has a PLC electrical control system to offer maximum safety and reliability.  

    Understand the basic crane requirements

    Talking about basic requirements, the list covers the height of lift, duty class, capacity, and span. Besides, don’t forget to consider the working environment conditions, for example, the temperature. The tower crane needs to cover some horizontal distances to pick up the things. There are some major factors, such as support structure, counterweight, and boom’s stability will play a critical role. 

    If you are looking for a crane that can offer 1600 t.m lifting moment, 5.77 t of hosting capacity, and 10t of lifting capacity, then you can go for Zoomlion TC5013 tower crane. The crane comes with frequency-controlled speed regulation. 

    Known tower crane brands versus OEM

    The selection of the tower crane suppliers should be made so that you can ensure a safe and reliable tower crane along with sufficient services throughout the country. You should look at the track record of the manufacturer and make sure that it can offer adequate after-sales services. This way, you can keep your tower crane running smoothly.  

    Assess the requirement for additional crane features

    What type of additional features do you want? Some cranes come equipped with ASR, ESR variable hosting speeds, radio frequency remote control, target positioning, and more. All such features can greatly enhance the productivity and performance of the tower crane. For instance, the Zoomlion TC5013 tower crane comes with stepless speed regulation, which is an advanced solution. It enables the crane to operate with slewing as well as trolleying mechanism. The users will enjoy a reliable operation. 

    Cost and pricing

    Cost is the most crucial thing that you should consider in this. If you are working on a temporary construction project, it will be better for you to bring a Zoomlion tower crane on lease. However, if you are looking for a long-term investment, then you buy a crane. 

    Buy Zoomlion Tower Cranes

    Camamach supplies various construction equipment such as the tower crane. We are leading suppliers to various leading construction and mining companies worldwide.  Our focus is on getting you the proper equipment and supplies that help you undertake your work while having some cost savings.

  • How to Select a Bulldozer

    What is a Bulldozer?

    • When it comes to any type of major construction, a bulldozer is one of the most important equipment there is. It is basically a tractor machine with a type of scooping mechanism attached on the front end.

    • There are different types of bulldozers with different functions depending on their designs. But the general purpose of this construction equipment is to relocate debris, soil, cement, gravel, concrete, and anything else which it can push or carry.

    • They look very similar to tanks and use the same mechanism for movement which is tracks. These tracks help it move in almost any kind of terrain. 


    ShantuiSD16 Bulldozers


    • Shantui Construction Machinery Co. is a company founded in 1980. They primarily develop and manufacture machinery used in earth moving, compacting equipment, construction of pavements, machines used for compacting, hoisting machines, building equipment, and other construction equipment needed in today’s building industry.

    • Shantui’s SD16 is their bestselling bulldozer series and is used by clients all over the world. Each variant of this Shantui bulldozer series is built and designed depending on the different environments they are going to be used in.

    • Also each of the different variants have weight capacities and other important specifications need for the job


    SD16C Bulldozers


    • Known as the “King of Coal” because it is specifically designed for hauling and moving coal.

    • This variant is equipped with either Weichai or Shangchai engines which provides it with 160HP at 1850 rpm and has the ability to lift a maximum weight of 16.8 tons.

    • Has an operator’s cabin which is enclosed so its operator is protected from any debris or dust. 

    • Equipped with sufficient lights and has a 3900 x 1200 U-shaped ripper blade that is great for large quantities of coal.


    SD16F Bulldozers


    • Known as the “Kind of the Woods” because it is specially designed for the woodland and forest terrains. This variant is great for forest operations like hauling lumber.

    • It is equipped with a caged canopy which extends up to the front its Weichai or Shangchai engine that gives protection to its operator from the danger of falling trees and other debris.

    • Able to navigate through rough forest terrain with ease.

    • Has a maximum lifting capacity of 17.5 tons and a 160HP engine with 3-speed transmission.

    • Equipped with a 3388 x 1149 straight-type ripper blade.


    SD16TF Bulldozers



    • Another variant similar to SD16F mini bulldozer which is also known as the “King of the Woods”

    • Has a maximum lifting weight capacity of 17.5 tons made possible by its hydraulic powered lifters.

    • A faster version of the SD16F and has 5-speed travel speed with a maximum speed of 11.13 km/h.

    • Equipped with a cage-type canopy for the protection of its operator from any falling debris. 


    SD16L Bulldozers


    • The SD16L bulldozer variant is bigger compared to the previous various. Has the ability to lift and handle a maximum weight of 18.4 tons behind the power from its Shangchai or Weighai engine.

    • Equipped with a Shangchai or Weichai engine which provide 160HP. 

    • This variant is ideal for construction in wet and muddy environments with the use of its hydraulic technology.
    • Has a 3-speed capability which can reach a maximum speed of 9.63 km/h.

    • Has an enclosed canopy which is able to protect its operator from 


    SD16R Bulldozers



    • Known as the “King of the Landfill” because it is ideal for use in landfills for compacting, and moving rubbish. It is also used to tow dumpsters as well as other heavy objects found in landfills.

    • Able to handle a maximum weight of up to 17.7 tons using its Shangchai or Weichai engine which provides 160HP.

    • Has a 3-speed capability which can reach a maximum speed of 9.63 km/h.




    • Similar to the SD16L bulldozer variant and has identical specifications.

    • A faster version of the SD16L which has a 5-speed capability and can reach a maximum speed of 11.13 km/h.

    • Equipped with a closed canopy which protects its operator from any external debris. 



    • Known as the “King of the Highlands” because it is ideal for use in constructions in very high altitudes and cold environments.

    • Equipped with a 160HP Shangchai or Weichai engine which is designed for high altitudes.

    • Equipped with an enclosed canopy which has a protective UV-glass and has oxygen cylinders in case of lack of oxygen.

    • Able to handle a maximum weight of up to 17.5 tons and a 3-speed capability which can reach a maximum speed of 9.63 km/h. 

    At camamach we do supply all the above and have all types of bulldozers for sale. We listen to a client’s requirements and tailor our solutions for you.

    Contact us today for a free consultation.



  • How to Buy an Excavator

    What is an excavator?

    Excavators are vital for projects across various industries, whether grading, laying pipes, demolitions, mass excavations, clearing or general contracting. With many diggers for sale in the market today, it may be difficult to determine which excavator meets your needs. This article takes you through factors that you should consider when shopping for excavation equipment for your next project. It also gives quick tips for landing a good deal.


    Determine the lifting capacity

    The ideal excavator should have enough power to handle the tasks that you will be carrying out. When determining your power needs, check the kind of jobs that you may be performing over a long period and not just the job at hand. You may need a giant excavator for heavy earth-moving and mass demolition tasks. Look for a new mini excavator for sale if expecting to handle small tasks. Mini excavators have a capacity of up to 8 tonnes, standard excavators have capacities of up to 200 tonnes, while large ones may have capacities of over 500 tonnes

    Determine how you will transport the excavator

    You will be required to transport the excavator from one location to another to handle some projects. Therefore, you need to consider how the piece of equipment will be moving from one location to another. If you already have a trailer, ensure that the excavation equipment for sale you pick would fit your trailer. Otherwise, purchase a trailer according to the size of the earth-mover. In some places, you may need a permit to transport a giant excavator.


    What are your required specifications?

    Consider features like bucket capacity, engine power, storage capacity and engine power when making your consideration. Many excavators can support different types of buckets. Look at the maximum capacity that you can purchase. Engine make and power determines how long you can use the excavator continuously before doing repairs.

    What is your budget?

    Your budget is going to determine what kind of excavator for sale you can pick. However, it is recommended that you set a budget after determining the kind of excavators you need for your projects. You may consider looking for a new excavator for sale or buying a used one. The benefit of buying a used excavator is that you can buy a high capacity one at a lower price than you would if buying new. On the other hand, new excavators are less likely to give you problems for a longer period compared to used ones.

    20-ton-medium excavator-SY210C-Sany

    Shop around for excavators while comparing large and new mini excavator prices. Different brands come at different prices. It is good to compare features and capacities with the excavator price so that you end up with the best excavation equipment at your set budget. For used excavators, have them checked for quality and performance before making a purchase. You will find cheap excavators for sale.

    Are excavator spare parts available?

    You will eventually need spare parts especially if the excavator is doing hard work. If you are also in a remote region you should consider how easily you can access excavator spare parts.

    Other considerations

    You may check other excavator types and features. For example, you may consider an electric excavator rather than a gasoline one. You can also purchase a knuckle boom excavator that has an additional arm joint that gives it more flexibility when digging. There are also long reach excavators with arms that can reach up to 95 feet. Longer arms work well in dredging jobs and large building demolitions.

    Excavator buying checklist

    • Excavator capacity, power and specifications
    • Size and transport needs
    • Source of power; gasoline or electric
    • Buy new or used excavators
    • Excavator prices
    • Availability of excavator spare parts

    We have quality and affordable excavators for sale

    Here at Camamach, we assist you buy the right type of excavator. Contact us today for a FREE consultation and pricing


  • Backhoe vs Excavator: What is the difference and which is right for you?

    Backhoe Loaders and Excavators have a similar general function -they are both diggers, but they have differences in design and versatility that make each of them them better suited to different jobs. Choosing the right construction equipment for the requirements is important for any project, so we’ve gone and written up this excavator vs backhoe comparison.



    Excavators as their name would suggest are purpose built for excavating. They have a large arm attached to a cab, both of which can rotate 360 degrees atop the undercarriage. Excavators come in wheeled and crawler variants.

    Diagram of excavator components

    Backhoe Loaders

    Backhoe loaders are multi-functional machines built on a tractor chassis with a front end loader, and a rear excavator-style arm called a backhoe. The backhoe is limited in its rotation to a range of about 200 degrees. The backhoe itself consists of a bucket on the end of a hydraulic arm known as a dipper stick and boom that extends from the back of the tractor chassis.


    Excavators are

    • Larger and more powerful (typically)
    • More suitable for large construction sites, mining, drilling and demolition jobs.
    • Less mobile

    Backhoe Loaders

    • Smaller and lighter
    • More suitable for smaller scale projects, loading jobs and farming
    • More mobility


    Wheel excavators exist, but most excavators are tracked, therefore more capable in rough terrain and mountainous environments such as mining sites. Backhoe loaders are wheeled and can drive on roads, making them a good choice for projects with more than one work site.



    Backhoe loaders are more versatile machines than excavators. The front end loader allows for loading jobs to be performed, and the backhoe bucket can be swapped out for a large variety of implements like breakers, drills and hammers. The front end loader can also be swapped out for plows or forklifts. Excavators can use other hydraulic implements in place of the bucket, but the number is much smaller.

    Newer mini excavators can now perform many of the functions that backhoe loaders can, however backhoe loaders continue to be used as versatile machines for farm and small-medium construction projects.




    • 360 degree rotation
    • Bigger, more powerful machines
    • Can  better handle rough terrain
    • Purpose built for excavation
    • Better for large projects and heavy duty workloads

    Backhoe loader

    • Can be driven on roads
    • Smaller, tractor chassis
    • Has front loader and backhoe excavator
    • Multipurpose machine
    • Better for agricultural projects and spread out construction sites.


    Backhoe vs Excavator - which one is better for your project?

    Its important to consider your project’s scope when choosing equipment. For larger scale projects with a heavy workload, an excavator is probably the way to go. If the project is smaller, a backhoe loader can carry out excavation functions whilst offering more versatility.

    Of course if you are still unsure which is more suitable, ask an expert. We at CamaMach have years of experience and are happy to help, send us an email and we can make recommendations based on your site plans and requirements.


    Looking for excavators? We have a selection from top brands like XCMG and SANY

    Or if you are after a backhoe loader our catalogue includes SDLG, XCMG, and Lovol among others.

  • What does a Sinotruk serial number actually mean?

    At CamaMach when sourcing spare parts for your machines we always ask for the serial number,  but what does a Sinotruk model serial number actually mean?

    ZZ4257N324A1, what does a SINOTRUK model serial number mean?

    ZZ (中重 - zhongzhong) is the short form of Sinotruk's Chinese name 中国重汽 (zhongguo zhongqi)

    ● VEHICLE CATEGORY - This code represents the class of vehicle
    1- cargo truck
    2- off road truck
    3- dump truck
    4- tractor
    5- special truck
    6- bus
    7- passenger car
    9- semi trailer

    ● MAIN CODE.
    The main code is the total weight of the vehicle.

    1- Gold Prince
    2- Styre
    3- Hojun
    4- Yellow River
    5- Hoyun
    6- Styre King
    7- HOWO

    ● ENGINE POWER CODE represents the engine power category.

    Here's a useful table:

    A-              P≤68 (hp)
    B-     68<P≤80
    C-     80<P≤95
    D-     95<P≤115
    E-    115<P≤135
    F-    135<P≤160
    G-   160<P≤190
    H-   190<P≤219
    K-    219<P≤265
    M-   265<P≤319
    N-    319<P≤384
    V-    384<P≤460
    W-   460<P≤552
    X-     552<P≤80662
    Y-                P>662

    ● WHEEL BASE CODE - shows the wheelbase in decimeters.
    For example, 32 means there is 3200mm between front axle to the first rear axle.

    1- 4x2
    2- 4x4
    3- 6x2
    4- 6x4
    5- 6x6
    6- 8x4
    7- 8x8
    8- 10x10

    1 series - HOWO 7
    3 series - HOWO A7
    7 series - HOWO7 & A7
    8 series - HOWO 8, HINO engine

    A- EURO-II
    D- EURO-IV
    E- EURO-V
    F- EURO-VI

    ● CABIN CODE says what type of cabin the vehicle has.
    1- long cabin
    2- short cabin
    3- four door open cabin

    Now lets take an example code of ZZ4257N344A1. from this number we can tell the product is a Sinotruk HOWO Tractor Head, with a horsepower between 319 and 384 (370) and a 6x4 drive configuration.

    Interested in Sinotruk products?

  • Why OEM might be right for you




    The number of Brands in China’s heavy machinery and equipment manufacturing industry is high and growing. There are brands that specialize in specific things, such as HGXB Bulldozers, or some which make everything ( SANY ). So it may be surprising to hear that for more niche vehicles and certain generic products it can be better to choose an OEM manufacturer for your purchase.


    So what is it?/What are the benefits of buying OEM 

    At the end of the day, would you rather buy Nike shoes, or buy the same shoes from the factory that makes the shoes for 1/4 the price? That in essence is what buying OEM is.


    Purchasing brand names carries with it a certain amount of assurance about the quality. When purchasing a SANY truck crane, one can rest assured it is going to function correctly. However this comes at a price premium. The brands procure much of their equipment from OEMs and put their names on them, and their brand is an assurance of the quality.



    This is where OEM can come into play. By knowing what manufacturers produce the products for each brand, huge savings can be made without sacrificing on quality, as these smaller manufacturers are not spending the same amount on branding and marketing as their larger, more image focused partner companies.


    How can I buy OEM?

    So we have established that buying OEM has huge benefits for cost savings, but how can you as a foreign buyer discern which factories to contact?


    At CamaMach we are very knowledgeable about the products we procure, through years of experience we have determined which manufacturers in China make the best products and for what brands. This way we have been able to find incredible bargains on quality equipment.


    If you want a specific piece of equipment we can get it for you for considerable cost savings, with our assurance it is as good as the branded products.


    What about after sales?


    Spare parts, and after sales are a concern for any buyer of construction or mining equipment, but even more so for OEM. Fortunately finding OEM parts is even more possible. The reasons are simple, there are maybe one or two factories that make equipment for a brand, but 1000s of factories can make the spares for the equipment. Compared with assembling an excavator or bulldozer, fabricating air filters for said vehicles is relatively straightforward. At CamaMach we have many vetted suppliers of spare parts both OEM and original, so there's no shortage of after sales support for the products you buy from us.



    Buy spare parts now       Looking for OEM?

    For other inquiries send us a message and we will get back to you quickly!

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