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Bitumen Sprayer

XCMG is a leading Chinese producer of construction vehicles. A world top 5 manufacturer of construction machinery, XCMG’s product range includes excavators, cranes, loaders, wheel loaders, rigs, compactors, pavers, trucks, tippers, cranes, backhoe loaders along with other categories of heavy duty equipment. Since their founding in 1989, XCMG has built a sales network that supplies more than 170 countries and regions making for excellent after sales support.
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Bitumen Sprayer

The hydraulic bitumen sprayer comes having hydraulic pump, along with asphalt pump, and both in optimal characteristic. Its asphalt tank is known for suitable heat insulation characteristic. In fact, the temperature of it drops by less than a couple of degrees, in every hour. The quality of spraying is maintained as the asphalt goes through the several layer filtration units amidst spraying nozzle. Its three fold spraying capacity makes it the most efficient. Moreover, here the volume of spraying can be tweaked in accordance with the moving speed of the sprayer.

Productive and user-friendly at the same time:

The bitumen sprayer machine is well known for its convenience of operation. In fact, the entire asphalt spraying process can be handled being there within the driving cab. It is one of the technologically most developed devices as well. Here each of the nozzles is handled distinctly through computers. In fact, the breadth of the spray can also be controlled smoothly as per convenience.

From functionality perspectives, the bitumen spraying equipment is pretty advanced. Being strategically designed, the machine manages to deliver up-to-the-mark performance, always. It comes with a couple of units of operating systems. Each of the operating system remains distinctly within the driving cab, and within the back-end operating unit. This is basically to ensure trustworthiness and consistency with spraying functionalities.

Enriched with high-end computer control system:

There are many reasons behind the growing popularity of bitumen sprayer machine. It is also considered the most distinguishing. To be specific, being enriched with computer control system is one of the prominent reasons making it the most explicit. At the same time, the modular design is also one of the key aspects making it useful. It’s the modular design that makes the bitumen sprayer convenient in terms of being transferred from one site to the other. It ensures greater user-friendliness and better productivity.

Minimal failure, easy maintenance:

Bitumen sprayer truck is well-known for its nominal failure rate. Naturally, the device is most enduring in its segment. Even if any kind of flaw appears in rare occasions, it doesn’t really take much effort to fix things. The maintenance effort required is pretty miniscule. Moreover, these maintenance tasks can be handled pretty easily with very minimal expense. It’s the combined result of being enriched with computer control system and having modular design is said to be the reason behind such low maintenance demands. In fact, the same reason also ensures the minimal failure rate.

Being thoroughly multi-functional:

The rubber asphalt sprayer truck comes with the self-absorption unit. This makes the asphalt to move from the outer device to the asphalt tank. In addition, there remains a manual nozzle to fill the sections at the desired angle along with asphalt. It’s the smart and strategically made design that enables the device in delivering greater performance with supreme accuracy.

One of the prominent aspects making the asphalt sprayer most effective is its multi-functional characteristic. It comes with the most advanced heat transfer system. The high-end heat transfer oil system holds the ability of heating asphalt pump, nozzle, as well the tank at the same time. Moreover, it is also capable of heating the devices distinctly or individually. Interesting aspect here is to mention that the entire system can also function perfectly through automatic control unit. It means in accordance with the desired operation, the mode of action can also be chosen as per the same. This makes the machine way advanced and productive in comparison.

Basically, there are a couple of varieties of velocity measurement machine available for the rubber asphalt distributor. Also, there are distinct infrared impulse sensors available with speed radar.

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