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Mobile Crushing

At Camamach we combine our experience in China to seek out the top manufacturers of key equipment. Through familiarity with companies technical capabilities, what spare parts they offer and their after-sales service among other elements, we select manufacturers that can provide equipment and spares at low prices without sacrificing on quality.

Mobile Crushing

The modern stone crusher plant is another name for mobile crushers, and they are mostly used to reduce the size of the rock ores into aggregates. There are different types of mobile crusher machines, and they can be used in the capacity of secondary, tertiary, or quaternary crushers in reducing and crushing rock ores. However, their application is not only limited to the reduction of ore size into aggregates that are easy to work with, but also in the mining and recycling applications. Due to their relatively small size, they are often mounted on trucks making them very easy to move around and use in varied projects. A mobile crushing plant for sale can be easily obtained from Camamach. At Camamach, we are involved in the distribution of all industrial equipment and machinery you may require. The mobile cone crusher price tends to vary depending on the particular model you are interested in and its availability.

Buying a mobile rock crusher

There are some key aspects you should consider when you are looking for mobile crushing equipment.


The mobile Stone crusher plant you buy should have durable parts and a suitable design that increases the efficiency of the machine at work. The design should also be flexible to allow you to customize it to suit your specific needs without having to spend a lot of time and money.


The power source, the hydraulics, and power transmission systems should be properly coordinated to ensure that little energy is consumed to achieve maximum productivity. Also, the mobile stone crusher equipment should have features like noise and dust cancellation, to further help in environmental conservation.

Ease of use

Most of the mobile stone crusher machines are automated so that all that is required to initiate operations is a press of a button. The more automated the machine is, the better it is for use because it requires very little skill to operate the machine, therefore saving on labor costs.

Types of mobile crushing equipment

There are three major types of small mobile crusher machines that we sell, and they are listed below.

Mobile jaw crusher

This mobile jaw crusher equipment is mainly used in crushing stone, marble, granite, and rock, materials that are relatively hard to break. This machine is potent and can, therefore, be used for a wide range of activities comfortably. There are three models of the mobile jaw crusher, and they vary in their specifications. For instance, the maximum feeding size ranges from 500-800mm, and the discharge size produced ranges from 50-225mm depending on the model used. Also, the maximum capacity the machine can produce ranges from 85-650t/h, which makes this machine very efficient in production.

Mobile cone crusher

This is a mobile stone crusher plant that is mainly used for crushing concrete, ballast, and asphalt materials to be used for building and construction activities. The first model of the mobile cone crusher machine is the wheeled model. The dimensions of this cone crusher equipment are 16mx3.9mx6.5m, making it one of the larger models of the mobile rock crusher equipment. It has a relatively high processing capacity of 40-400t/h, depending on the material being crushed. The second model, the crawler mobile cone crusher, has two significant specifications. These two specifications vary in their dimensions, with one having dimensions of 16.8mx3.5mx3.7m, and the other having aspects of 19mx3.6mx4.8m.The power input requirement also varies, with one of the models requiring 207.12kW and the other requiring 297.12kW.

Mobile impact crusher

This is one of the best mobile crushing equipment because it can be used for a wide range of crushing applications in the field. It comes in wheeled and crawler models that vary in capabilities. The former has a maximum feeding size of between 350-700mm, and the latter has a maximum feeding size of between 400-600mm.

If you are looking for the best mobile rock crusher for sale, Camamach is the place to look because we offer high-quality machinery to ensure a longer useful life. Kindly contact us for all your mobile crushing machinery needs.

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