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Crawler Crane

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Crawler Crane

Crawler cranes have been commonly used to help in agricultural and industrial applications that require heavy-equipment hauling. The main feature of crawler cranes is that they are designed so that the boom is fitted on an undercarriage fitted with a set of crawler tracks, which help to boost the mobility and stability of the crane. There are different models and designs of crawler cranes, and they can achieve a different weight-lifting capacity and are of different sizes. When you are looking for a crawler crane for sale, Camamach is the place to look. We offer both the large and mini-crawlers for sale at affordable costs. However, the crawler crane price machine is determined by the size, manufacturer specifications, and the unique features of the machine.

Crawler crane buying guide

When you want to buy a crawler crane, there are some factors you should consider first to ensure you get the best for your uses.


The purchase cost of the machine should be reasonable and well within your means. As mentioned, the price of crawler crane machines ranges, with the new crawler crane price being steeper than that of the slightly used crawler cranes. You should do a proper evaluation of your needs so that you can come up with a model that is affordable and suitable for your needs. Also, operation costs should be affordable. Choose a crawler crane that consumes as little fuel as possible without compromising on the effectiveness and productivity at work.


There are different types of crawler cranes, and they all have distinct features that make them useful for different kinds of operations. Ensure that you get a crawler crane that is suitable for your needs or one that can be easily adjusted to suit your varied needs. This way, you do not need to buy two or more models of crawler cranes; you can use one to accomplish all your crawler crane needs.


The cab should be designed with features like comfortable seats, adjustable controls, an HVAC system, and clear visibility. While this will help to ensure the safety of the operator, it will also help to increase their comfort. This way, the crane can be used even for more extended periods without resulting in fatigue and tiredness. The cab should also be made of durable and hardy material that can protect the operator from severe injuries when accidents happen

1. 55-ton Lifting Capacity Telescopic Boom Crawler Crane

The maximum rated carrying capacity of this crane is 55tons, and it has a boom length of 11.3-42m, and a boom luffing angle of -2-80ᵒ. It is engine-powered with a power input requirement of 154kW to achieve a rotation speed of 2200r/m. The crane weight is at 59.4tons, featuring a counterweight of 20tons and overall maximum transport dimensions of 14x3.36x3.25m and an average ground pressure of 0.09Mpa.

2. 55-ton Lifting Capacity Crawler Crane

This crane has a maximum carrying capacity of 55tons, featuring a maximum lifting moment of 203.5tm. It has a boom length of 13-53m and a boom luffing angle of 30-80ᵒ. It has a traveling speed range of up to 13km/h and a slewing speed of up to 1.9r/m. It is engine-powered with a power input capacity requirement of 154kW to achieve 2200r/m, and it has a maximum grade ability of 40%. The crane weight stands at 50tons featuring a counterweight of 16tons. The maximum weight transport of a single part is 32.3tons, and it exerts an average ground pressure of 0.065Mpa. The overall maximum transport dimensions are 12.2x3x3.3m, making it suitable for most small-scale heavy-lifting enterprises.

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