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Crawler Tractors

YTO Group Corporation is a Chinese farm and construction machinery subsidiary of the comprehensive conglomerate Sinomach. Best known for farming equipment, YTO produces agricultural tractors, engines and engine parts, combine harvesters and trucks among other power machinery. As the largest manufacturer of tractors in China, the company has a strong international presence and has experience supplying large volumes overseas.

Crawler Tractors

Have you heard of special-purpose tractors? How do you use one on your farm? Special purpose tractors usually involve highly specialized adaptations of the tractor, which are required for different types of work in particular conditions. Crawler tractors are a perfect example of these special categories of tractors you could use on the farm. Since modern farms are continuously trying to increase their efficiency plus effectiveness, CamaMach is availing some of the best small crawler tractors for sale in the market. These include the 50hp Crawler Tractor, the 90hp Crawler Tractor, the 120hp Crawler Tractor, and the 90hp Half-track Tractor.

Crawler-type tractors usually have tracks in the place of wheels. If you are wondering how a crawler tractor for sale can find purpose on your farm, you will be surprised to learn that crawlers are perfect for muddy agricultural applications, as well as soft ground. Today, crawlers are becoming popular in the agricultural industry because they have lower ground pressure, as well as high traction efficiency. Frequently, these tractors are modified to control different functions and get data from various sensors using electronic means.

The idea of a powered machine that can carry, lay down, and then pick up its tracks thereafter is not new. Small agricultural crawler tractors, also known as tracked vehicle, is usually used as engineering vehicle when you include additional attachments. In that case, you must have seen bulldozer blades or rippers at work. Those are typical track-type or crawler tractors. Similar to general-purpose machines, our small crawler tractors carry a 3-point link for mounting farm implements.

Initially, most early crawlers only had the drawbar for attaching trailed implements. Tracked vehicles have the principal advantage of being in contact with an extensive surface area compared to wheeled vehicles. Therefore, agricultural crawler tractors for sale usually exert much lower pressure on the ground in comparison to a wheeled tractor of the same weight. As such, you can comfortably use them on low friction, soft, as well as uneven ground like snow, mud, and ice.

General Characteristics of Crawler Tractors

To better understand the functions of general-purpose and mini crawler tractors for sale, here are brief highlights on their control, engine, and tires.


Because modern tractors incorporate the best technology, driving one might look easy. The engine does most of the work. However, it is essential to note that proper control of a tractor calls for a great deal of skill. To ensure that heavy loads are consistently under control, tractor drivers benefit from powered steering and braking systems in these agricultural crawler tractors for sale.

Besides tractors being bulky, they often work on the soggy-unstable ground and steep slopes. This creates a risk of tipping over due to delicate terrain. For that reason, modern tractors come with fortified, built-in cabs carrying anti-roll bars. While you could hardly describe tractors as luxurious, it is not uncommon to find some tractors fitted with heated cabs, air conditioning, plus GPS satellite navigation. These features help farmers in creating strategies on how to work their farms with military precision. You can also have some of these features as add-ons.

Diesel Engines

Nearly all tractors you have encountered use large diesel engines to avail high pulling force at extremely slow speeds. This is the primary reason you will find diesel engines in buses and tractors. These crawler tractors for sale have diesel engines that are efficient in that they utilize little fuel compared to other machinery while at the same time offering maximum efficiency.

The Tires

No doubt the giant tires and wheels are the most noticeable features of a tractor. To make tractors more adaptable to their functions, they come with large pneumatic tires. These air-filled tires go a long way to create a large surface area, over which the tractor’s weight is spread. Deep treads are typical of a tractor’s tires to provide excellent grip. However, crawler tractors for sale run on tracks instead of wheels. These not only give them an advantage in uneven terrain due to the larger surface area that they occupy, but they are also durable and not susceptible to mechanical issues such as punctures.

Since the large surface area reduces pressure on the ground, these large tires, therefore, help the tractor not to sink into mud and soil, as would happen with a conventional tractor.

Even as you endeavor to invest in the best agricultural machinery for sale, soil conversation should top your checklist of factors to consider when choosing the right equipment. Bearing in mind a typical tractor's weight, the tires should cause extensive soil damage. However, the more tires spread the load's weight; the less likely are the tires going to cause havoc on the soil over which it is driven.

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