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All Terrain Crane

SANY is China's best known construction machinery manufacturer. Their supplier network is huge, covering the globe with R&D centers and manufacturing bases in the US, Germany, India and Brazil. They provide heavy duty construction machinery to 150 countries including concrete machinery, trailer concrete pumps, truck mounted concrete pumps, cranes, excavators, backhoe loaders, road building vehicles, hydraulic components, wind turbines, machinery for ports, piling, mining and petroleum drilling activities, among other heavy duty equipment. SANY is a global top brand, competing with other well known brands such as Komatsu and Caterpillar. SANY makes premium products and the price reflects this, yet our clients consistently ask for SANY heavy equipment as they know SANY as a producer of reliable, high quality products.

All-Terrain Crane

All-terrain cranes are pieces of equipment and machinery that are used for all-terrain, as the name suggests. They are also used under all kinds of weather conditions, and this makes them more superior to other cranes in use. This is because they offer excellent performance in challenging terrain, weather conditions, and are generally faster in challenging conditions. When you are looking for all-terrain cranes for sale, you need to look no further because Camamach has got you. We deal with the distribution of machinery and machinery equipment worldwide, and we ensure that you only have the best.

Why you need all-terrain cranes

Compared to all other cranes used in the crane industry, all-terrain cranes are considered by many to be a luxury, and they are always associated with Honda and Range Rover brands, which are more expensive compared to other brands. This may lead you to wonder why you need to have an all-terrain crane in your operations instead of the normal mobile crane. Here are the factors that make the all-terrain cranes superior to other mobile crane brands.


This brand is superior because it features an all-wheel-drive steering suspension system. With this feature, you are in more control of the crane as opposed to when you are using the typical conventional mobile crane brands.


The all-terrain crane can quickly move through all ground surfaces with ease and less energy. For instance, it can move through sand and gravel pavements, smooth concrete and asphalt surfaces, and even earth roads in all weather conditions. This kind of cranes are, therefore, very dependable and more efficient compared to the normal cranes.


They have a stronger lifting capacity, compared to the normal mobile cranes. These cranes can achieve a delivery height of up to 500feet, and their carrying capacity ranges from 40-100tons depending on the model and size of the crane. With these features, you are guaranteed to have more production when using all-terrain cranes.

Suitable design

The design of the all-weather cranes is compact and easily adjustable, which makes them more suitable and convenient for use. Due to their adjustable nature, they are more preferred because they can be used for a wide range of applications and even in different enterprises altogether. Their cabs are also designed to make them comfortable for use even for long periods.

100-ton Lifting Capacity All-Terrain crane – SAC1000 I SANY

This is the most common brand of all-terrain cranes we distribute worldwide. It has a maximum lifting capacity of 100tons, with overall body dimensions of 14x28x4m, and it is fitted with five axles, making it a very large all-terrain crane. It has an overall weight of 50tons, featuring a front axle load capacity of 20tons and a rear axle weight capacity of 30tons. It is engine-powered, with a maximum power input requirement of 350kW to achieve 1800r/m. It has a maximum traveling speed of 90km/h, making it faster than most other typical cranes, and it has a maximum turning radius of 8.5m. The approach and departure angle is 21ᵒ, featuring a maximum grade ability of 60%, and a tall swing radius of superstructure of 4450mm.

All-terrain cranes are superior in the design, body, and capabilities compared to other crane models. These features make them more efficient and more productive when they are used to transport or carry materials from one location to the other. Camamach is the leading distributor of all-terrain cranes in the world today. We ensure that all the cranes we sell are from reliable manufacturers, and they are durable in nature. This way, our clients get a more useful life from the machines they buy from us.

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