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YTO Group Corporation is a Chinese farm and construction machinery subsidiary of the comprehensive conglomerate Sinomach. Best known for farming equipment, YTO produces agricultural tractors, engines and engine parts, combine harvesters and trucks among other power machinery. As the largest manufacturer of tractors in China, the company has a strong international presence and has experience supplying large volumes overseas.


It is common knowledge that various types of farm machinery and modern farming tools are always being developed across the world. CamaMach is committed to bringing you the best supplies in agricultural equipment, such as our small utility trailers. Collaborating with highly competent machinery, we are always trying to avail machines that improve on outmoded models, as well as new, more efficient ones.

Today, the world is awash with different specialized equipment exhibitions on farming. It is no secret that modern agriculture depends on vast-ranging farm equipment for maximum crop production. The more farmers diversify farming and technical equipment, the higher the yields. Primarily, farm equipment plays the following vital roles:

  • Processing of agricultural land such as in tilling
  • Plant fertilizer spreaders
  • Sowing
  • Harvesting
  • Transportation


You can hardly separate any farm with transportation needs. Farmers often rely on a farm trailer to transport harvests, as well as many other items on the farm. Because of that, trailers are often connected to the tractor. Linking equipment trailers to tractors usually avail the most workable solution when you have to move crops, fertilizers, and animal feeds, among others.

What is an agricultural trailer?

It is prevalent to find most vehicles towing a trailer. The technology seems to be gaining tract in other industries, far beyond agricultural use. The containers you see being towed by pickup trucks and other vehicles are designed for use on our roads. They usually serve different functions to the agricultural trailer.

The primary function of a farm trailer is to transport anything on the farm. Camamach’s trailers come with an automatic breakaway kit that is powered by a battery. This breakaway kit is essential because it helps to activate a switch that relays power to the brakes of the trailer in case the trailer breaks away from the vehicle that tows it. When the brakes are activated, the trailer will slow down gradually to prevent casualties and damages. These agricultural trailers also come with hydraulic pumps with a power-up and down switch to facilitate smooth offloading of materials. Here are the three types of trailers that we stock:

The Trailer

The primary use of this trailer farm equipment is that it can be used to carry any goods and agricultural products on the farm. These include farm produce, manure, small machinery, sand, gravel, steel tanks, and water tanks, among others. It has a convenient design, and it is very stable, enabling it to transport heavy loads within the farm. It is also user-friendly and durable.

Dump Trailer

These are equipment trailers for sale fitted with hydraulics. They are useful in transporting agricultural products from gravel, stones and even aggregate. The hydraulics make it easy to offload the load hence the name Dump Trailer. These farm trailers have a large loading capacity and come with air brakes for easy control.

Water trailer

Water trailers are useful in daily farm activities, namely irrigation, fertigation, and herbicide application. Our water trailer comes at 5,000ccc loading capacity, is fitted with air brakes with a horsepower ranging at 50-60. The tank is durable and rust-resistant even in harsh conditions.
With the types of agricultural trailers at hand, it is vital to ensure you have the right farm tractor for the trailer. It is also essential to have your trailers tested for roadworthiness if they are going to serve commercial purposes.

You should also consider licensing or registering your agricultural trailer with the relevant local authorities if you intend to use it commercially. In most cases, the registration process might also involve the Revenue department, although the regulations differ from one country to another. In case you have questions on farm trailers, or any other farm equipment, do not hesitate to contact CamaMach HERE.

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