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Heavy Duty Trucks For Sale

Heavy Duty Trucks & Trailers

Starting a trailer truck company can be an extremely lucrative business today considering that this industry is currently eclipsing at over $800 billion in revenue. However, as profitable as it seems on the surface, those who are already in the business will tell you that it is very competitive. Successful startups require a lot of planning, and getting the best heavy duty trucks for sale that work for you. By this, we mean not only getting the best truck deals, but going with reliable truck and trailer that will meet your needs in effectively, all while being efficient- that’s where Camamach’s trucks and trailers come in!

What we do here is hunt for the best new trucks for sale from most of the well-established original equipment manufacturer so you can concentrate on identifying the best trailer truck for your business needs.

Whether you are interested in big trucks for sale by SANY, SHACMAN, or SINOTRUK, we’ve got you covered.

Importantly, our collection of heavy duty trucks for sale covers almost every niche that one would think of. Here are a few suggestions that you might want to explore;

Cargo truck

Cargo trucking is big business all around the globe. It’s not hard to start making good money wherever you are especially if you clearly understand all the ins and outs of this business. The good news is that provided you have a reliable trailer truck, you can run your business as a one-man-show (owner/operator) to a fleet.

Whatever your scope, Sinotruk’s 6x4 and 8x4 cargo trucks are incredible models to kick start your company. These are new heavy-duty trucks for sale fitted with engines from Sinotruk’s WD.615 series, and with Euro 2 emission standards.

Dump truck

Also known as a dumper or tipper, a dump truck is a powerful truck fitted with a large engine and fitted with an open box bed. This bed is usually hinged at the rear and fitted with hydraulic rams at the front to allow lifting when dumping the load.

If you are looking for trucks for sale near me, Camamach has an exhaustible collection of model that you can use for a whole lot of uses including moving and transporting construction and gardening materials.

These heavy duty trucks for sale come in different sizes including the most popular 6x4 and 8x4 models, and we have offerings from different brands.

Garbage truck

We all know it- trash is a highly profitable business, and there’s a lot of money to be made by those who understand the secret. If you are planning to explore the opportunities in this interesting industry, our garbage truck catalogue has these trucks in abundance and in all varieties; hook arm and compression style.

Wrecker Truck

Towing is yet another versatile niche that you can never go wrong with. A wrecker service business is called upon to transport disabled, impounded, and even indisposed motor vehicles. When buying a wrecker truck, you want to pay close attention to its style (flatbed, hook and chain, or wheel lift tow truck), as well as its capabilities.

Truck head

As your truck and trailer expands, you could consider adding a truck head or several of them to increase your market coverage. We have a list of truck heads that rule the industry in terms of power, durability, and efficiency. Some of our best recommendations here include the 6x4 truck head by Sinotruk, and the A7 6x4 from the same manufacturer. The Shacman F2000 6x4 is going to interest you a lot, especially if you are looking for a truck trailer head with 2 bunks, 12-speed transmission, and an enormous fuel tank suited for the long hauls.

Camamach is a one-stop commercial truck and trailer dealer offering a long catalog of pretty much everything that you’ll need to get your business going. Follow this LINK to learn more about our products in this category.

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