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Agricultural Equipment For Sale

Agricultural Machinery

If you could only own a single vehicle in the world, what would you go for? While most people would pick an amazing sports cars, many farmers will go for a piece of agricultural equipment such as Crawler Tractors, Tractors, Plows, Trailers and other agricultural accessories. Most of this latest agricultural machinery come fully armed with powerful diesel engines, massive chunky agricultural tires, and modern suspension among other great features. You could go anywhere or do anything with these machines used in agriculture. These are indeed genuinely amazing machines, but have you ever stopped to think what makes this modern agriculture equipment great? Here is a closer look of CamaMach’s farm implements and equipment.

Crawler Tractors

Crawler Tractors include the 50hp Crawler Tractor, the 90hp Crawler Tractor, and the 120hp Crawler Tractor. These modern agricultural equipment for sale prove as a perfect for medium-sized fields of less than 100hectares in a low altitude climate. Crawler Tractors come with a wide wheelbase, water-cooled engine and a hitching system which works with either rear-mounted two-point or a class II linkage three-point system for more traction during operations.

If you were looking for affordable farm machinery, an expensive 4-wheel drive machine would not be the best choice. Some crawler tractors have large manifold wheels, plus tires particularly for negotiating soft and challenging terrain.


Our tractors, being the modern agricultural equipment used in agriculture, usually carry a powerful diesel engine, which implies they should be incredibly fast machines, in theory. Unlike in sports cars, tractors’ engine designs are meant for an entirely different purpose; for drawing big and heavy loads.

These agricultural equipment for sale have a high transmission capacity to help you achieve high efficiency during our farm work. The gearbox is what makes everything possible by converting high-speed revolutions availed by the mighty diesel engine into reduced speed revolutions of the wheels. This way, the modern machines used in agriculture increase the force required to pull things while in motion. If you know gears, you will notice that the tremendous pulling power in a tractor comes at the expense of speed. Therefore, if you ever see machines used in farming going at top speed, they are probably they are not dragging a heavy load.

Most of these agricultural machines also have full hydraulic front steering, and a wide wheelbase perfect for uneven terrain.


These plows are useful to break up and turn the soil, bury any residues of previous season's crops, and help in the management of weeds. They come in different models, plowing width and depth. Also, each of these plows has different numbers of discs attached separately. This means you can detach any problematic concave disk and take it to the service center for repairs without carrying the entire farm machinery.


The primary function of these machines used in farming is to transport agricultural products from gravel, stones, and even aggregate. Camamach’s plows come with an automatic breakaway kit that is powered by a battery. This breakaway kit is essential because it helps to activate a switch that relays power to the brakes of the trailer in case the trailer breaks away from the vehicle that tows it. When the brakes are activated, the trailer will slow down gradually to prevent casualties and damages. These modern agricultural implements also come with hydraulic pumps with a power-up and down switch to facilitate smooth offloading of materials.

Other agricultural accessories

These include potatoes planters, hay rakes, potatoes harvesters, among other machinery. As with the above agricultural equipment used in farming, these accessories have enhanced safety measures, are durable and aim to make your farming work more comfortable and enjoyable experience. With multiple modern types of equipment used in agriculture, plus myriad suppliers for the same, it can be challenging to determine what's best for you. That is why you need a trusted name in agricultural equipment supplies. At CamaMach, we supply & offer various agricultural equipment for sale all over the world, including accompanying spares for the machines. To learn more about what we supply, follow this LINK.

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