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At Camamach we combine our experience in China to seek out the top manufacturers of key equipment. Through familiarity with companies technical capabilities, what spare parts they offer and their after-sales service among other elements, we select manufacturers that can provide equipment and spares at low prices without sacrificing on quality.


An ambulance car is a crucial vehicle that can substantially save human life. It is equipped with all the necessary facilities to provide the necessary emergency care to people who are injured or sick. Primarily, an ambulance van can as well be used to transport patients from one hospital to another. CamaMach is a leading supplier of modern ambulance vehicles for sale that have all the necessary inclusions that are needed to respond to medical emergencies. These include flashing warning lights, audible sirens, and a patient cabin that has all the lifesaving equipment.

Before you purchase ambulance vehicles at CamaMach, here are several factors you need to consider:

Ambulance safety

As you look for a new ambulance for sale at CamaMach, know at the back of your mind that it is a big challenge to provide quality patient care in a vehicle that is moving. If the vehicle is not up to the safety standards required, there can be significant injuries that result from sudden stops or swerves. How the ambulance is constructed and its design are but some of the factors that affect its safety. Modern safety designs and construction standards ought to be met to ensure the paramedics and the patients in the ambulance van are safe. As you go to buy a new ambulance, the standards and design should be the guiding factor.

Design specifications

Ambulance purchase price is highly dictated by the design of the vehicle. The design should be able to keep the crew and the patient safe and comfortable. It should not only be reliable but also user-friendly and extremely functional. To start with, the seat location should permit easy access, especially to the patient compartment. The paramedics need to easily access the vehicle controls and medical equipment. Inadequate design specifications can easily lead to an injury. Secondly, Ambulance vans for sale should have all the heavy equipment secured in a cabinet. These include oxygen cylinders, medical kits, monitors, and other mechanical devices. Heavy equipments that have more than 3 pounds of weight should be mounted on a strong bracket. In case there is a quick deceleration or sudden change of lane, heavy equipment such as cardiac monitors can fly around and pose danger to the occupants.

Chassis and the ambulance suspension

Chassis and suspension are among the factors that determine the cost to buy an ambulance because they affect the safety. If the chassis is undersized and the ambulance is overloaded, the likelihood of an accident occurring becomes high. Because of the sensitive role of ambulance vans for sale, they ought to have the right operating weight that incorporates the chassis, body, engine, accessories, and the passengers. If this total weight is exceeded, there will be brake wear that can lead to accidents when you want to stop the vehicle. Therefore, ambulance purchase is a sensitive exercise that needs a lot of caution when it comes to the chassis. For instance, a small ambulance for sale that does not carry firefighting gear will be useful on a small chassis that carries less than 10,000lbs.


A brand new ambulance for sale should have the right structural components. For starters, the roof and walls should be well fitted with quality glues, spot welds, and tapes. Depending on the builder of the ambulance vans for sale, full welded seams can also be used for the same purpose. The interior cabinets should have aluminum or wooded finishing. Finished walls of purchased ambulance vehicles should be stronger and sturdy.

A typical car ambulance for sale at CamaMach has these safety features. Before you buy an ambulance, educate yourself about these factors so that you will be able to make an informed decision. If you need more information, please contact us and we would be willing to explain the construction techniques of different models that we have available for sale.

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