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Mining & Mineral Processing

Gold Mining Equipment and Mineral Processing

All building and construction activities require gold mining and mineral processing equipment. While mining machinery is necessary to extract the ores to be used for construction, mineral processing equipment is used to refine these ores into models that can be used for construction. These two go hand in hand because of their complementary nature. When you want to buy industrial mining equipment, You must do a comprehensive check of exactly what it is you want. Camamach is the best gold mining equipment supplier you will find today, and they offer the best mining and mineral processing equipment. Their mining equipment varies in design, size, and even features, and this makes it easier for you to buy all mining equipment at the same time.

What to look for in mining equipment?

As previously mentioned, machines used in mining vary in their uses, sizes, and even capabilities. Therefore, when you are looking to buy mining equipment for gold and other minerals, you should consider the useful life of the equipment. New mining equipment often has a higher useful life compared to second-hand equipment because it has not been exposed to the effects of wear and tear and depreciation. However, the cost of new equipment used in mining gold and other metals is always higher than that of used equipment, and it is, therefore, essential to weigh your options carefully. Other important factors to consider include the efficiency of the equipment in work, convenience in terms of maintenance and power consumption, and also the rate of productivity.

Types of mining and mineral processing equipment

There are very many types of mining and mineral processing equipment today, and they all have different modes of action. Luckily, Camamach is involved in the distribution of the best equipment, and this makes it easier for you to get all the equipment you need for mining under one roof. The most common types of mining equipment for gold and other minerals are listed below.

Beneficiation equipment

Beneficiation equipment is mainly equipment that is used in the processing of the mined resources. Processing often involved crushing and sorting, and this is where the beneficiation equipment comes in. There are different types of beneficiation equipment available, and they include the ball mill, MBS type rod mill, the magnetic separator, the floatation machine, and the shaking table. All these are used to either crush the mineral rocks or purify them, all measures to make the material suitable for utilization in construction.

The briquette machine

A briquette machine is used to compress a combustible material that is later ignited to provide heat energy. Many mining and mineral processing activities require the use of heat energy, and sources of heat energy like coal, diesel, and kerosene are very expensive. As such, this machine is critical, and it is becoming more and more popular as the cost of these non-renewable sources of energy continues to rise.

Crushing equipment

The general use of this category of equipment is to reduce the aggregate size of the mined materials. The size is a crucial factor in determining the quality of construction work to expect, with different construction materials requiring different aggregate sizes. This crushing equipment also varies in the capabilities, with some being able to crush more materials than others and with varying rates of efficiency.

Washing equipment

Equipment in this category includes; the sand washer and the spiral classifier. While the role of the sand washer is to wash the sand after crushing and grinding, the role of the spiral classifier is to separate the sand aggregates with respect to their size.

Other mining and mineral processing equipment that we have available include grinding equipment, normally used for grinding, screening equipment; mainly used in mechanical separating of materials from one another, and mobile crushing equipment. All of these machines used in mining are affordable, and durable with high-quality spares always available in the market.

There are many other machines used in mining in this category that can be bought from Camamach. Both large mining equipment and small mining equipment and their parts can also be purchased from Camamach distribution outlets all over the world.

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