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Cement & Concrete Machinery

Cement & Concrete Machinery

For any construction project, big or small, concrete is the most crucial requirement in which you have to invest. While at that, you are going to need some of these essential cement and concrete machinery, including a batching plant, cement mixer, cement bulker, trailer concrete pump, and truck-mounted concrete pump. This is because fresh and ready concrete is often required in building and construction sites. Therefore, you will need wide-ranging concrete equipment for any construction work worth its salt.

The Batching Plant

The batching plant, sometimes known as concrete mixing plant, close to your infrastructure project, will go a long way towards saving on transport costs, as well as minimize time wastage. The cement equipment usually stores huge volumes of sand, cement, water, rocks, and gravel, among others. You can choose to invest in a central concrete mixing plant or ready mixing batching plant for concrete.

Cement Bulker

If you have an off-site batching plant, then you will probably need to invest in a cement bulker as well. Bulkers are the most convenient form of transporting cement and other materials to a large concrete mixing plant. These concrete machines for sale come in various capacities including 15-ton, 20-ton, 25-ton, and 30-ton trucks. Bulkers transport the cement to silos at the batching plant for storage. Since the daily usage of cement in a typical concrete mixing plant is usually in tons, you wouldn’t want to store it in jumbo bags or just bags.

Cement Mixer

The cement mixer machine is a mobile track carrying a huge drum where ingredients such as rock, cement, sand, adhesive chemicals, and gravel are transferred and changed into a great mixture using water. The cement machine then transports the concrete mix to the site of work through constant slow pace drum rotations. This helps to maintain the combination in liquid form. However, the speed increases five minutes to using the concrete mix.

Trailer Concrete Pump

As the cement mixer gets to the site, the mixture in the drum has to be offloaded and transported to the exact location of usage. This is where you need a trailer concrete pump. Since liquid concrete is a fluid, it can be transferred to the right spot by pumping. This concrete machine goes a long way to save time and human labor for your construction project.

Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump

Along the same line, the truck-mounted concrete pump is another type of concrete equipment for sale. As their name suggests, they often come mounted on a truck. However, others can be placed on a trailer. These pumps use flexible or steel concrete hoses, which are fixed to the pump’s outlet. The hose then leads to where you need to use the concrete. The length of the concrete carrying hoses can vary from 10’ to 50’, according to the diameter of individual hoses. Because line pumps usually have low pumping capacity, they are ideal for placing concrete on small applications like sidewalks, ground slabs, and swimming pools.

When choosing your cement and concrete equipment, the rule of thumb is to go for a trusted supplier. With so many manufacturers out there, you cannot afford to trust any brand from a supplier. At CamaMach, thousands of clients worldwide who need superior OEM cement equipment supplies trust us. The cement and concrete machines for sale we have are all keenly sourced by checking the technical capacities of the OEM, their spare parts, as well as after-sales services.

With our cement machinery, you do not have to hassle for spare parts. Our manufacturers avail both equipment and spare parts at competitive rates, without sacrificing on the quality of the product.

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