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Truck Crane

XCMG is a leading Chinese producer of construction vehicles. A world top 5 manufacturer of construction machinery, XCMG’s product range includes excavators, cranes, loaders, wheel loaders, rigs, compactors, pavers, trucks, tippers, cranes, backhoe loaders along with other categories of heavy duty equipment. Since their founding in 1989, XCMG has built a sales network that supplies more than 170 countries and regions making for excellent after sales support.
SANY is China's best known construction machinery manufacturer. Their supplier network is huge, covering the globe with R&D centers and manufacturing bases in the US, Germany, India and Brazil. They provide heavy duty construction machinery to 150 countries including concrete machinery, trailer concrete pumps, truck mounted concrete pumps, cranes, excavators, backhoe loaders, road building vehicles, hydraulic components, wind turbines, machinery for ports, piling, mining and petroleum drilling activities, among other heavy duty equipment. SANY is a global top brand, competing with other well known brands such as Komatsu and Caterpillar. SANY makes premium products and the price reflects this, yet our clients consistently ask for SANY heavy equipment as they know SANY as a producer of reliable, high quality products.

About Truck Crane

A truck crane is also commonly referred to as a mobile crane or a boom truck. This kind of crane is controlled via cable, and it is usually mounted on a truck or any other carrier, which makes it very easy and convenient to move from one location to another. In addition to ease of transport, the crane truck lifts are also designed in a way that makes them suitable for carrying different types of loads. They are also easy to use because little-to-no assembly is required before they can be used for the operations required.

Mode of action

The mode of operation is the reason why the truck cranes are referred to as boom trucks. They operate a boom from one end, which usually constitutes a hook that is suspended using sheaves and wire ropes. Different prime movers are categorized depending on the model and design of the boom truck you are using, and the function of these prime movers is to operate the sheaves and wire ropes. We have several truck cranes for sale that are impressive because they can be converted so that they are used for a different purpose, rather than the one they were manufactured for. For instance, when you add a demolition ball, you can use it as a demolition crane, and when you add a clamshell bucket, you can use it as an earthmover. The effectiveness of the crane will, however, be affected by the modification of these details.

Types of Truck Cranes Available For Sale

There are very many types of cranes that we supply, and they all have different capabilities due to their varied designs. When you are looking for a boom truck for sale, Camamach is the place to look. We have all these models available, and the crane truck price is also very affordable. Here are but a few models of truck crane lifts that are distributed by Camamach.

1. 12-ton 32m truck crane

This is the smallest capacity truck crane for sale in Camamach’s inventory, with overall dimensions of 10.2mx2.5mx3.2m. The maximum front axle load capacity it can achieve is 6tons, and the maximum rear axle load it can achieve is 10tons, making it quite productive even with its compact size. It is engine-powered, and the maximum speed of travel is at68-75km/h depending on the specific model you are using, the terrain, and the weight of the load it is carrying.

2. 20-ton lifting capacity truck crane

This is a crane truck transport model that is slightly bigger and more productive compared to the 12-ton truck crane. As expected, it has a higher lifting capacity of 20tons, and it is also larger, having overall dimensions of 12.59mx2.5mx3.64m. It also utilizes engine power to run and requires a rated engine power of 213kW/2100r/min, which is relatively easy and economical to achieve. Thus, this model is very efficient in terms of the energy input required to achieve work, which translates to higher productivity.

3. 130-ton 39.5m truck crane

This is what can be referred to as a heavy-duty crane truck, and it is the largest model produced by Camamach. It has five axles and a wheelbase of 2610/2307mm, which increases the level of balance of the crane. The speed of travel ranges from 2.1km/h-70km/h, and it varies depending on the weight of the load being carried. It is more efficient in performance, featuring an approach angle of 23ᵒ and a departure angle of 14ᵒ.

Camamach deals with the distribution of both small truck cranes for sale and new boom trucks for sale. With the inclusion of the three truck cranes above, we have eleven crane trucks for sale from XCMG and SANY each coming with its own specifications. The crane truck price varies depending on the model and design you choose from our extensive collection of truck cranes. The crane trucks for sale are superior, durable, and more efficient because they are manufactured with a lot of expertise, and they are designed with all the necessary fittings to ensure they are at peak performance. Feel free to contact us in case you need more information about boom trucks

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