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Beneficiation Equipment

At Camamach we combine our experience in China to seek out the top manufacturers of key equipment. Through familiarity with companies technical capabilities, what spare parts they offer and their after-sales service among other elements, we select manufacturers that can provide equipment and spares at low prices without sacrificing on quality.

Beneficiation Equipment

In mining, beneficiation is used to refer to the process of improving the value of the extracted ore. Some of the activities involved in the improvement of the ore include the removal of the unwanted mineral granules and the removal of other waste materials from the ore. All these activities are aimed at improving the quality and, therefore, the value of the building and construction material because they result in better structures.

Types of beneficiation equipment sold

There are five significant types of beneficiation equipment used for mining activities that we sell. These machines are mostly complimentary, but it does not mean that you should have all of them for beneficiation activities. This is because they vary in the range of capabilities they have, and they are therefore, most suitable for different varieties of products.

1. Ball mill

The shell rotation speed of this ball mill ranges from 38-13.8R/min and a capacity of 0.65-615tones depending on the particular model in use. The ball mill machine requires a power input of 18.5-1500kw to give an output discharge size of 0.074mm. The factors make this industrial ball mill very convenient for use. The ball mill machine price is very affordable, and a small ball mill for sale can be bought from Camamach.

2. MBS type rod mill

The shell diameter of this rod mill machine ranges from 0.9-3.2m and a length of 1.8-4.5m depending on the model in use. The shell rotation speed also varies, and it ranges from 36-18R/min, but the discharge size is the same for all the models, and it stands at 0.833mm. All these factors ensure that this rod mill is both convenient and efficient for use in the beneficiation of construction materials.

3. Magnetic separator

The primary use of the magnetic separation equipment is to isolate the metallic particles from the extracted ore. These metal particles are isolated and removed from the ore by the use of magnets embedded in the shell of the equipment. The shell size ranges from 0.6-1.5m, with the number of rotations per minute standing at 35-14. It has a processing capacity of 10-280tons and a power requirement of 1.5-11kW depending on the size of the equipment. The magnetic separator price also varies depending on the model and efficiency of work.

4. Shaking table

The primary function of the mining shaker table is to grade the different types of aggregate to be used for construction. The primary aggregates that are graded using the shaking table are sand, sludge, and grit. The operating principle of the shaking table utilizes the shaking function to separate the aggregates depending on their size so that different grades are obtained. The shape of the side-bed surface for grit is a rectangle, for fine sand is a zigzag, and for sludge, concentration is a triangle to enhance the function of the shaking table in the separation. A small shaker table is readily available and at a cheap cost, and it is very helpful and effective for small scale mineral beneficiation activities.

5. Flotation machine

A flotation machine is a piece of equipment used in mineral beneficiation. The use of a flotation machine usually comes after grinding and it mainly involves the addition of conditioners resulting in the production of individual concentrates of the mineral. There are two significant designs of flotation machines sold by Camamach, and they range in their capabilities. For instance, the rotation speed varies from 483-191R/min, and the power input required ranges from 1.1-1.5kW. Both designs are efficient in their rates of production, with the net weight output ranging from 0.5-9.9tons.

All beneficiation equipment used in mining can be easily purchased from Camamach, the leading distributors of commercial machinery and equipment. Kindly use every equipment for their recommended aggregate materials to avoid damage and poor performance with time.

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