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Rough Terrain Crane

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Rough Terrain Crane

Rough terrain cranes are designed with hardy bodies and also additional features that make them suitable for rough and rugged terrain. These are the best for mining and agriculture enterprises because they can withstand the harsh terrain. The cost of these cranes is considerably higher than that of the standard cranes due to these additional features. It is for this reason that many people consider them to be a luxury. However, this assumption cannot be further from the truth because they help to improve the efficiency of the crane and increase productivity even in very harsh terrain common in mining and agriculture enterprises.

Rough terrain crane buying guide

A crane is a necessary piece of equipment in all commercial enterprises because it helps to save on labor costs, remove human error, and increase productivity and efficiency. Before you buy a rough terrain crane, you should consider the cost of purchase and operation of the crane, the size of your operation, and the condition of the crane. A new crane will guarantee a longer useful life, but it will cost more than a slightly used crane. The cost of purchase of a crane may also be cheap, but the operating costs may overrun and lead to reduced profits. It is factors like these that need to be carefully thought of before you decide on the specific type of crane you want to buy.

Types of rough-terrain cranes

There are several types of rough terrain cranes, and they vary in their features, specifications, and even size, and it is from these variants that the cranes are distinguished. These features make them suitable for different applications making it easy for you to find one that is most suited for your needs.

1. 35-ton Lift Capacity Rough–Terrain Crane

This is easily the smallest rough terrain crane with overall body dimensions of 11952x2980x3450mm, featuring a wheelbase of 3700mm and a wheel track of 2440mm. The gross weight of the machine is 30360kg; it is engine-powered, with a power input requirement of 142kW, and has an engine maximum torque of 931N.m. The maximum travel speed of the crane is 38km/h, and the minimum travel speed is 3km/h. It has a maximum rated lifting capacity of 35tons, the minimum rated range is 3m and the main hoisting and auxiliary mechanism operate at a speed of 130m/m. The luffing time when full travel boom lifting and lowering is the 60s and 80s.

2. 50-ton Lift Capacity Rough–Terrain Crane

The overall body dimensions of this crane are 12032x2980x3530mm, making it a medium-size rough terrain crane. It has a considerably wide wheelbase of 3741mm to enhance the balance of the crane in harsh terrain and reduce the risk of toppling over. It is engine-powered with an engine rated power of 149kW and a maximum torque of 740N.m. The maximum and minimum driving speeds of the crane are 37km/h and 2km/h, respectively, and it has a minimum turning radius of 11.4m.

3. 60-ton Lift Capacity Rough–Terrain Crane

This is the largest hydraulic rough terrain crane with the dimensions of 13135x3180x3750mm, a wheelbase of 4000mm, and a wheel track of 2400mm. The gross weight of the crane when driving is 49065kg. It also features an axle load of 25032kg for the front axle and 24033kg for the rear axle. It is engine-powered with an engine rated power of 194kw and a maximum torque of 987N.m. It has a maximum driving speed of 35km/h and a minimum driving speed of 2km/h. The minimum turning radius required by the crane is 12.2m due to its large body size. This feature makes it most suitable for large-scale lifting operations than small-scale operations. This is mainly because small-scale operations have limited space, and a lot of space will, therefore, be wasted when a large machine is used.

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