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At Camamach we combine our experience in China to seek out the top manufacturers of key equipment. Through familiarity with companies technical capabilities, what spare parts they offer and their after-sales service among other elements, we select manufacturers that can provide equipment and spares at low prices without sacrificing on quality.


A low bed trailer transporter is the perfect and most suitable equipment you need for heavy transport. It is a multifunctional and brilliant in maneuverability hence ideal for the construction industry. Also, trailer lowbeds can be used to transport heavy steel structures, transformers, concrete, windmills, and other heavy machines. They are also applicable in the transportation of heavy machinery equipment such as excavators. As an internationally recognized dealer of semi-truck flatbed trailers for sale, CamaMach offers a wide range of these trailers, and you can get them with convenient combinations to suit your needs. At CamaMach, we have what it takes to meet your low loader transport needs irrespective of your location.

Take a look at the general features of most of our lowbed trailers for sale:

  • Our low loader features up to 9 axles lines.
  • To boot flexibility and smooth operation, they have hydraulic self-steering system
  • To boost versatility and make them suitable for a variety of tractors, most of our truck trailer, lowbeds have hydraulic goosenecks that are already fixed for convenience purposes.
  • The best lowbed trailer truck features a payload of up to 150 tons.
  • As usual, the floor of a flatbed semi-trailer for sale impacts on its functionality. Our trailers have extendible floors that are single, double, or triple. It is up to you to select the dimensions and versions you need in line with your project of focus.

Below are some of the flatbed semi-trailers you can purchase from CamaMach:

a) 3 Axle flatbed semi-trailer

This is a flatbed semi-trailer that has a tare weight of 7500kgs. Its main beam is a total boost of functionality as it is made of high-density steel to boost durability. The side bumper and protection are standard, but you can have them customized in line with your requirements. It can transport 20-40ft container because it has a big dimensional size of 12600mm x 2500mm. In addition to this flatbed semi-trailer, we also stock the 3 Axle lowbed semi-trailer.

b) 2 Axle lowbed semi-trailer

With a tare weight of 8000kgs, this is one of the lowbed trailer transporters that boast of mechanical type American suspension. It is suitable for heavy-duty machinery transportation such as the excavator because of its wide size of 10000x3500mm.

c) 2 Axle flatbed semi-trailer

This flatbed semi-trailer for sale is what you need to ease your transportation needs. It is applicable for the transportation of 40ft container that can easily fit in its 12260x2500mm size. It is a strong flatbed trailer semi-truck that has a checkered plate floor with a thickness of 2-3mm. Apart from a standard toolbox, this is one of the semi flatbeds for sale that come with other additional accessories such as a crank, shaft head wrench, rear lights, and a spare tire carrier.

d) 4 Axle lowbed semi-trailer

An excellent super lowbed trailer like this one should have what it takes to transport heavy equipment like excavators. This 4 Axle semi-trailer from Camamach is no exception and can even transport up to 12tons of loads. Its chassis comes with a complete painting, and a layer of anticorrosive prime coat added for more protection.

If a semi-truck and flatbed trailer for sale is what you are looking for, CamaMach welcomes you to our wide selection of different models and brands. Request for a quote today, and together, we will be in a position to get you the most suitable lowbed trailer that will take care of your transportation needs. It is just another opportunity to give your business a shot in the right arm.

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