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Tower Cranes

Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology designs and manufactures high-tech equipment for the engineering and agricultural industry. It is known as a top international heavy construction machinery brand, it offers a range of nearly 800 products. Their products include truck mounted concrete pumps, tractors, tower cranes, mobile cranes, excavators and forklifts, with a specialization in lifting machinery. Zoomlion tower cranes have very high lifting capacities, up to 240 tons is available in our online catalog.
At Camamach we combine our experience in China to seek out the top manufacturers of key equipment. Through familiarity with companies technical capabilities, what spare parts they offer and their after-sales service among other elements, we select manufacturers that can provide equipment and spares at low prices without sacrificing on quality.

Tower Crane

A tower crane is an essential piece of equipment used in lifting and lowering materials. In addition to that, a tower crane can also be used to move heavy objects and materials in the horizontal direction, making them very suitable for commercial movement of heavy objects. The general design of a luffing tower crane is equipped with three general components; the chains or wire ropes, the hoist ropes, and the sheaves. Tower cranes have been in use since the civilization of man, and they have continued to advance with technological advances. Today, there are many models and designs of tower crane machines, and Camamach distributes all these models.

Features of a good tower crane

A building construction crane should be durable to increase the useful life and also minimize the operation and maintenance costs. Durability can be enhanced by having a body that is made of hardy material that resists wear and tear, and that does not damage easily in the presence of degrading agents like too much moisture. Durability can also be enhanced by having a good and suitable design. A good design will ensure that the building tower crane is ideal for most operations without exerting too much pressure on the machine.

Tower crane models

As mentioned above, many models of tower cranes for sale can be found at Camamach because they are the leading manufacturers of building and construction equipment. There are four major models of tower crane machines for sale in the market today, and they are as listed below.

1. 3-ton tower crane

It is the smallest tower crane with a carrying capacity of 3 tons and a working radius of 3-29m. It can lift and lower materials to and from a height of 25m independently and up to 100m when attached. It is powered by an electric motor that requires a power input of 3kW per lifting interval. This power requirement is readily achievable, making it a convenient luffing crane to use in small commercial lifting needs.

2. 6-ton tower crane

This is relatively large compared to the 3ton tower crane, with a carrying capacity of 6tons. The working radius of this tower crane ranges from 2.5-50m, and it features a swing speed of 0.6R/min. It has a maximum rising speed of 13m/s, which makes it very efficient. This is because it can complete more tasks at a given time because it is faster. It also results in more output for each unit of input due to the fast speed of operation.

3. 10-ton tower crane

There are two primary designs of the 10ton tower crane; the 2-fall and the 4-fall, which have a maximum load-carrying capacity of 5tons and 10tons, respectively. The working radii of these two designs ranged from 3-60m, which is relatively large, making them more suitable for large scale lifting and lowering operations. The hoisting speed of the 2-fall design is 104/52.05m/min, while the hoisting speed of the 4-fall design is 50.05/25.02m/min. This factor gives them different working efficiencies, therefore, making them suitable for various applications.

4. 16-ton tower crane

This also has two primary designs, the 2-fall, and the 4-fall, whose listing weight capacity is 8tons and 16tons, respectively. However, they have similarities in the power requirement, which is 55kW per hoist operation, and a slewing speed of 0-0.7R/min. Due to their many similarities, they are always used interchangeably, depending on the design that is more available in a particular region.

Other durable luffing cranes that we supply include the 5-ton 35 175m OEM or Zoomlion tower Crane, the 10-ton 60-200m tower Crane, the 42-ton 75-258m tower Crane, the 63-ton 90-210m tower Crane, the 120-ton 103-250m tower Crane and the 240-ton 90-208m tower Crane.

When you are looking for a construction crane for sale, look no further. Camamach is the leading producer of industrial building and construction equipment, and the tower crane cost is affordable. The construction tower crane cost varies depending on the model in question and the efficiency of the model at work.

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