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Asphalt Mixing Plant

XCMG is a leading Chinese producer of construction vehicles. A world top 5 manufacturer of construction machinery, XCMG’s product range includes excavators, cranes, loaders, wheel loaders, rigs, compactors, pavers, trucks, tippers, cranes, backhoe loaders along with other categories of heavy duty equipment. Since their founding in 1989, XCMG has built a sales network that supplies more than 170 countries and regions making for excellent after sales support.
At Camamach we combine our experience in China to seek out the top manufacturers of key equipment. Through familiarity with companies technical capabilities, what spare parts they offer and their after-sales service among other elements, we select manufacturers that can provide equipment and spares at low prices without sacrificing on quality.

Standard Asphalt Mixing Plant 120 tph/OEM

Asphalt mixing plant is well known for its wide application options. Being optimised thoroughly is one of the reasons behind such wide applications. First of all, the asphalt mixing device comes being equipped with explicit multi-function connector. This multi-function connector is the reason that the device manages to install asphalt recycling device. The same is also the reason behind the installation of cold-in-plant recycling equipment and others become possible. In short, installations essential for the processing of coloured asphalt and additive agents becomes possible through multi-function connector. Best part is that through a little upgrade, the device can be enabled for the blending of bituminous blends, as well as concrete.

Being absolutely cost-effective

One of the prime reasons behind the greater usage of asphalt mixing plant is its cost-effective characteristic. It is here to note that the asphalt mixing plant makes things convenient for super specific measurement. When measurements of high precision is managed to be delivered, the production expenses are obvious to be made lowered. In general, the asphalt drum mix plant is thoroughly connected with the most avant-garde combustion. These advanced combustors ensure the minimal possible fuel consumption for the entire process. Above all, the asphalt mixing plant comes with a wide variety of parts those require absolutely no maintenance. Naturally, maintenance expenses get significantly nominal. It is an open secret that maintenance costs used to account the major part of production process.

A thoroughly reliable performer:

As far as performance reliability is concerned, asphalt hot mix plant is one of the most reliable devices. Being enriched with high-end technicalities is the reason behind the greater reliability. From configuration perspectives also the machine is pretty enhanced. All these features enable the machine to deliver a steady and trustworthy performance.

Modularized structure makes things convenient:

It can be pretty evident upon keenly observing that asphalt batch mix plant for its modularized structure can be advantageous in many ways. To be specific, the modularized structure is one of the prime reasons that enable the mixing plant to be moved swiftly. Often at construction sites it is required to move the mixing plants from one site to the other. Construction projects depending upon one asphalt mixing plant find the ability of being shifted from one site to the other absolutely useful. Moreover, being moved in quickest span of time makes things effective in many ways. A device of such modularized structure is obvious to be convenient from installation and commissioning purposes as well. All in all, the modularized structure makes the asphalt mixing plant productive in many ways.

User-friendly and incredible production capacity:

Asphalt batching plant is indeed one of the most user-friendly devices. At the same time, it is one of the most assured devices as well from security perspectives. It’s the flawless designing that enables the device being such reliable from safety perspectives. Standard of engineering of the machine is impeccable. Not just in terms of performance and safety, the high-end design makes the device look absolutely captivating as well. All such features combined make the machine super smooth and productive. It’s indeed incredible to see such higher level safety assurance with impressive production capacity 120 t/h. In fact, its standard installed capacity is 330 kw, with maximum unit capacity of 75 kw. The storage bin capacity of the machine is equally impressive as well at 50 tons (being bottom mounted).

Finally, the hot mix plant for road construction is a thoroughly feature-enriched device with incredible capacity that makes it absolutely useful and productive. Being user-friendly and convenient is also among the prominent reasons behind their greater usage at the construction sites.

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