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At Camamach we combine our experience in China to seek out the top manufacturers of key equipment. Through familiarity with companies technical capabilities, what spare parts they offer and their after-sales service among other elements, we select manufacturers that can provide equipment and spares at low prices without sacrificing on quality.
YTO Group Corporation is a Chinese farm and construction machinery subsidiary of the comprehensive conglomerate Sinomach. Best known for farming equipment, YTO produces agricultural tractors, engines and engine parts, combine harvesters and trucks among other power machinery. As the largest manufacturer of tractors in China, the company has a strong international presence and has experience supplying large volumes overseas.


Modern agricultural implements are nothing like the old tractors. To begin with, they are much more sophisticated in relation to traction engines, besides being able to do all kinds of farm work. This is because of the useful features that come with the latest agricultural machinery, such as the new 40hp, 50hp, 60hp, 90hp, 120hp, 150hp, 180hp, and 200hp Tractors. Here are other attractive features that these tractors come with:

The Hydraulic Hitch

All a horse could do was dragging implements behind it. This can be problematic since we often have to move these implements from one area of the farm to another. Sometimes, the implements have to be driven down public roads. For that reason, our tractors for sale have a unique lifting and pulling system at the back, known as a hitch. The hitch is often hydraulically powered to make lowering and raising of plows on the farm effortless.

However, there is so much more to the hitch than raising and lowering plows. Although the tractor hitch system can lower and raise implements from the ground, it does that while maintaining a capable pull force with the changing ground conditions to avail more resistance.

The hitch's design is such that it transfers part of or the entire weight of the implement to the tractor's back wheels. This goes a long way to ensure that our farm tractors available for sale have sufficient grip against the ground. Because of its mechanical design, the hitch makes these tractors safe and stable during operations. It avoids the whole tractor flipping backward if the implement being pulled snags in the ground. As such, a tractor's hitch system is ideal for any big farm tractors as well as small farm tractors for sale.

Most of all, the hitch system allows one farm tractor to work with multiple farm implements. Since all tractors use similar hitches, you will find that virtually any farm implement can work with any tractor make.

The Power Takeoff

CamaMach is committed to availing the finest of farm tractors for sale across the world. The power take-off system of our compact tractors for sale highlights some of the best technology that comes with the agricultural machinery we sell.

Originally, traction engines were meant for powering elevators and harvesters among other equipment. To do that, one had to park the tractor to disengage the tractor's driving wheels and transfer that power to a different machine. This made the initial traction engines cumbersome since they could not leverage on the tractor's ability to move it to various functions.

Thanks to escalating mechanical technology knowledge, nearly all modern tractors, including CamaMach’s supplies, can power machines or implements through the power take-off (PTO). This is a rotating shaft often at the back of modern tractors. This rotating shaft enables the transfer of power from the farm tractor’s engine to other farm implements without placing the tractor in parking mode.

Universal joints are ingenious, flexible connections that help with usage of the power take-off. This special spinning rod creates a hooking point between the implement and the tractor. Hay balers, for instance, come with built-in spinning wheels, rakes, as well as gears. When a hay baler is hooked at the farm tractor’s back, the power take-off enables the tractor's engine to power up the machine inside the baler. Besides, the power also drives a baler's wheels. This is the primary reason behind tractors driving relatively slowly when pulling powered machinery. A reasonable portion of the engine power is transferred to run the equipment being pulled.

The Drawbar

Heavy loads haulage remains one of the most challenging yet essential tasks for any farmer. Thankfully, our tractors for sale often help with that. Tractors are vital when looking at farm machinery that can pull other implements such as hay balers, plows, manure spreaders, and trailers, among others. In order to effectively, pull other farm machines, tractors use a sturdy rod known as a drawbar.

Drawbars make both a secure and flexible connection between whatever is being pulled and the tractor. To make the drawbar more effective, our farm tractors for sale are designed to allow pivoting and enable tractors to pull load around corners.

There are many other useful parts of a tractor, besides what we have highlighted. CamaMach has the most qualified technical team on standby to avail the best help. Just CLICK HERE and start engaging one of our customer service representatives.

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