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Chip Sealer

At Camamach we combine our experience in China to seek out the top manufacturers of key equipment. Through familiarity with companies technical capabilities, what spare parts they offer and their after-sales service among other elements, we select manufacturers that can provide equipment and spares at low prices without sacrificing on quality.

Chip Sealer

A chip sealer can also be referred to as an asphalt sealer. The primary function of the asphalt sealer machine is to make asphalt seal coat, which is made up of a very thin layer of asphalt materials. These materials include; asphalt cement, asphalt emulsions, and cutbacks, and other modifiers like polymers, rubber, and latex can also be included in the asphalt liquid mixture. Once the asphalt mixture has been poured over a pavement, synthetic and mineral fillers, sand, and aggregate can be then incorporated. The function of the chip sealer machine, therefore, is to mix the aggregate, sand, fillers, and rubber crumbs into the mixture before it is placed on the road.

Buying chip seal equipment

Just like when buying any other piece of machinery and equipment, you should consider several factors before deciding on the equipment to buy. This helps you to save time and money, and also helps you to get equipment that will be more productive and suitable for your uses. Some of the critical factors to consider when buying a driveway sealing machine are listed below.


This machine is mainly used in road construction activities and also the construction of pathways and pavements. In some cases, the machines are used very rarely because road construction jobs can sometimes be widely spaced apart. It is, therefore, essential to ensure that you thoroughly inspect the machines before you buy them. Ensure that they are made using durable material that will remain effective and useful even after a long period of storage.


Different types of asphalt sealer machines have different capabilities and features, and this determines the efficiency and effectiveness of the machines at work. The best asphalt sealer is the one that is equipped with numerous features that enable it to perform different functions effectively. This way, you can use the machine and customize it to your liking so that it best suits your needs.


Chip sealer equipment for sale will vary when it comes to the cost due to the differences in models and specifications. In most cases, machines with more capabilities tend to cost more than those with fewer capabilities. However, you should have full knowledge of the range of activities your chip sealer needs to perform so that you do not buy an expensive machine for which you only have a few uses.

The 8x4 synchronous chip sealer

This is the most common type of chip sealer in the market today, and it is distributed by Camamach. It is prevalent for road construction projects because it is designed with unique features that enhance its suitability for the job. The overall dimensions of the machine are 12x2.49x3.63m, making it a medium-large sealing machine. It has a tank capacity of 8m3 and a bin aggregate capacity of 12m3. This means that more aggregate can be held at the bin awaiting action in the tank. This feature is especially important because it enhances the efficiency of the machine at work by saving the time and energy that would have been required to fetch the aggregate when needed in the tank. It is a diesel-run machine, and it has a maximum speed of 90hm/h, which is significantly fast, especially since the net weight of the machine is 31tons. The working speed ranges from 3.0-6.5km/h, with a maximum spray width of 4m and an asphalt spray volume rate of 0.5-3.0l/m2. These factors are beneficial in increasing the productivity of the machine and also increase the efficiency of the machine at work.

If you are looking for the best asphalt sealer machine, you need to look no further because the 8x4 synchronous chip sealer machines are available and widely distributed by Camamach. We ensure that all the products we distribute are from authorized and legitimate manufacturers so that our clients only get the best.

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