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Screening Equipment

At Camamach we combine our experience in China to seek out the top manufacturers of key equipment. Through familiarity with companies technical capabilities, what spare parts they offer and their after-sales service among other elements, we select manufacturers that can provide equipment and spares at low prices without sacrificing on quality.

Screening Equipment

A screening machine is also commonly referred to as a screen, and it is used to sort the granules of the ore material into different grades, depending on the size of the particles. While vibrating screens are mostly used in mineral processing, they can also be utilized in agriculture, plastics and recycling processes, and also in the pharmaceutical industry. Vibrating screen machines are broadly categorized into two classes; wet and dry screening. In both, materials are separated as they flow through the raw material screening equipment. The materials are divided into different grades according to the size of the granules, which are then processed into finished products or intermediary products. Further categorization can also be done based on the screen, either static or moving, and based on the orientation of the screens, either inclined or horizontal.

Where to buy a rock screen machine

When you are looking to purchase industrial screening equipment, you should consider the cost of the equipment, the intended use, and the size of the machine. A good quality screen machine for sale can be bought from us here at Camamach, the leading distributor of Vibro screen machines. The vibrating screen prices range depending on the size of the machine, the efficiency, and the special features. Most of the screening equipment for sale by Camamach can be used together with stone crushing equipment. In such cases, this machine is often referred to as a vibrating screen for a stone crusher.

Types of mineral screening equipment

There are two significant categories of screening equipment sold by Camamach and commonly used in most mining and construction enterprises, and they are listed below.

a) Circular vibrating screen

This is a piece of screening equipment that is mainly used with sand and gravel materials. Their operating principle is based on circular movement to eject the materials, and the speed and amplitude of the movements can be adjusted easily to regulate the rate of ejection of the aggregates. There are five significant models under this category that have the same operating principle but different capabilities and features to ensure performance at work. The dimensions of these models vary, and it ranges from 3700x1200mm to 6000x1800m with sieve layers between 1-3 depending on the model. The size of the mesh also varies, and it ranges from 4-50 to5-150mm, resulting in a processing capacity that ranges from 10-600t/h. However, all these models have one thing in common; the vibrating frequency, which stands at 16Hz, which is responsible for the almost uniform performance of the models.

b) Vibrating feeder

There are a total of eight different models under this category, with the maximum feeding size ranging from 300-800mm. This enhances the usefulness of the machines at work because they can be used with many different types of materials. The processing capacity also varies among the different models, and it ranges from 80-1000t/h. This processing capacity is aided by the fact that the feeding troughs vary in size, and their measurement ranges from 650x2300mm to 6000x1800mm. All these features are essential because they improve the performance of the mineral screening equipment.

Generally, screening equipment are referred to as small vibrating screen equipment because they can be used alongside stone crushing equipment. However, as illustrated above, the size of the screening equipment varies depending on the model being used. Compost screening machines are widely used in agricultural operations to screen out the compost materials that are qualified for use and those that are not. The working principle does not change even with a change in the field of application of the technology. The physical principles that influence the operation of the machine are density, gravity, vibration, and electrostatic force, and these are what make the screening machines operate under the same principle.

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