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Telescopic Handler

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Telescopic Handler

A telescopic handler is also referred to as a boom lift or a reach forklift. This machine is mostly used in industrial construction and agriculture because of the design. It has the same features as the forklifts, but it is fitted with a boom instead, making it resemble a crane more than a forklift. It comes in different types and models, with the more recent models having a more versatile boom that extends further forwards and upwards. The telescopic handler can e said to be an improvement f to the forklift because it is mostly used as a forklift. However, due to its advanced features, the telescopic handler is used to transport materials and equipment that is quite easy to and from destinations that can be challenging to access with a forklift. For instance, a telescopic handler can be used to offload equipment from a trailer and transport it to the rooftop of a construction site, activities that cannot be achieved by using a forklift.

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Types of telescopic handlers

There are two major types of telescopic handlers, and we are involved in the distribution of both. While their operating principle is the same, they have different capacities and features that make them different in terms of productivity and efficiency.

7-ton Telescopic Handler

This is the smaller version of the two, having an overall bodyweight of 7250kg and a rated load-carrying capacity of 3000kg. It is engine-powered, with a power input capacity of 90kw. The effective load capacity at maximum forward reach is 1250kg, and it has a maximum lifting height of 6200mm. The center distance of load is 500mm, and it has a luffing angle of -3-65ᵒ and a fork angle of 90-18ᵒ. The maximum traveling speed of the machine is 40km/h, featuring a turning radius of ≤4020mm and a braking distance of ≤8m. The overall body dimensions of the industrial telescopic handler are 4620x2355x2415mm with a wheelbase of 2850mm.

14-ton Telescopic Handler

This is the larger version of the previous model, having dimensions of 6960x2500x2850mm and a gross weight of 13500kg. It is engine-powered, with a power input requirement of 82/74.9kW and a rated load-carrying capacity of 4500kg. The maximum lifting height is at 16700mm with an effective load at maximum forward reach being 490kg. The center distance of load is 600mm, featuring luffing and fork angles of -4-75ᵒ and 90/18ᵒ, respectively. The maximum traveling speed is 36km/h with a minimum turning radius of ≤5000mm. This turning radius requirement makes this type more suitable for large-scale operations do that space is not wasted unnecessarily. It has a generally wide wheelbase of 3900mm, a wheel tread of 2060mm, and a fork length of 1200mm.

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