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Sinotruk Group is a leading Chinese state owned manufacturer of heavy duty trucks. Founded in 1935, Sinotruk has a long history within the commercial vehicle manufacturing industry. Since then they have grown dramatically, being listed on the Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchange and operating overseas in South American and African countries. Their product catalog consists mainly of heavy-duty trucks, dump trucks, truck heads, tractors and spare parts, sold under the Sinotruk Howo brand. Their trucks form the chassis for many Chinese made specialist vehicles and mobile cranes. Sinotruk Howo trucks have different engine configurations to meet different environmental standards.


Tanker trucks are also commonly referred to as tankers, tank trucks, or road tankers. By simple definition, a tanker truck is a truck with a tank used to transport liquids and gases from one location to another. The primary source of variation in the different types of tanker trucks is mainly due to the variations like liquids and gases carried in the tanks. There are small tanker trucks and large tanker trucks you can choose from when you want to buy a tanker. Tankers can be purchased for small-scale and large-scale deliveries, and it is, therefore, essential to select a tanker that is most suited for your needs.

Buying a road tanker

When you want to purchase tanker trucks, you should visit us at Camamach. We are the leading distributors of tankers and all other machinery and equipment in the world. We pride ourselves in offering the best quality machines and equipment at affordable costs to our clients. Having been in the industry for a long time, we have the experience, and we only deal with products from the best manufacturers. Truck tanker prices vary depending on the features of the tanker, the manufacturer specifications, and also the size of the road tanker. The most important thing to consider before you buy a tanker is your need. The need will determine the adequate size and particular features you require your tanker to have.

The tank truck types we stock

Camamach distributes the two most common tankers available in the market today.

1. 6x4 water tank truck

This truck mostly comes with a left-hand drive feature, but it also has an option for the right-hand drive feature. This is a very helpful feature because it provides convenience and makes it suitable for everybody and in all countries. It is a generally new truck since it was manufactured in 2016, which makes it more advanced than most other models that were made earlier. With more advancement, it can perform more functions with more ease and efficiency. The cabin is designed with one sleeper and two seats, an HVAC system, an adjustable steering wheel, and an exterior sun visor. All these features make it comfortable even for long-distance traveling. It is run by a diesel engine with a displacement of9.726L and a fuel tank capacity of 400L. The overall dimensions of the truck are 9.5x2.55x3.26m, and a tank body capacity of 20m3 with a sprinkling system at the rear and the front.

2. 6x4 oil tank truck

This model is also engine-driven, and it has a feature for both left-hand and right-hand drive systems. The engine is diesel-run with a 4-stroke direct injection model, and it has an emission standard of Euro-2. It also features a turbo-charging system, inter-cooling system, and a 6-cylinder in-line cooling system. All these are features that make the engine superior to most other models. With an excellent model engine which has a displacement of 9.726L, this tanker is very efficient and productive. The chassis has a frame made up of a U-shaped ladder and a reinforced sub-frame all cold riveted cross membranes. The front suspension has ten semi-elliptic leaf springs, a stabilizer, and double-action shock absorbers that are hydraulically powered. It is designed with a three-brake system that consists of a circuit, auxiliary, and parking brake. It has a high fuel tank capacity of 300L and overall body dimensions of 9.7x2.55x3.5m.

New tanker trucks for sale are distributed worldwide by Camamach at affordable prices. All information about the tankers distributed is also available so that you know the features and capabilities of all the trucks offered. This way, you can buy a tanker truck from an informed position to ensure the maximum efficiency of the tanker in the performance of your specific needs.

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