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Sweeper Truck

At Camamach we combine our experience in China to seek out the top manufacturers of key equipment. Through familiarity with companies technical capabilities, what spare parts they offer and their after-sales service among other elements, we select manufacturers that can provide equipment and spares at low prices without sacrificing on quality.

Sweeper Truck

Street sweeping has been a common occurrence in most towns in the world today to maintain the hygiene of the streets. In most areas, manual street sweeping is the norm. However, some towns and cities have advanced their street cleaning exercise, so that they no longer depend on manual sweeping. Street sweeper trucks have been designed to reduce the dependence of street cleaning on manual laborers. There are different types of road sweeper trucks, and they all have distinct features that make them suitable for different street sweeping needs. There are larger models of street cleaner trucks that are self-propelling, and there are smaller models, the truck-mounted sweepers. They are both very common and suitable for different sweeping activities, with the larger ones being more common in large cities with more area to clean. The truck-mounted street sweepers are more common in smaller towns.

Street sweeper buying guide

When you want to buy a street sweeper truck, there are some standard features you have to look out for.

Operational costs

The cost of operation of the street cleaner truck can be quantified and measured by the rate of fuel consumption of the truck. Different models of sweeper trucks require different rates of fuel to achieve the same output in terms of productivity. When you are buying a street sweeper truck, you should look for the one that requires the least amount of fuel to run effectively. You can also measure the operation cost by the labor required to run the truck. The small truck-mounted road sweepers require a truck to run and some smaller models require to be pushed manually. Depending on your cleaning needs, you should buy one that requires the least labor to run so that you reduce the cost of operation.


The truck-mounted sweeping machine you buy should be suitable for cleaning a wide range of areas. For instance, there are sweeping machines that can clean construction sites and scenes of accidents in addition to cleaning roads. A good cleaning truck should also have significant water holding tank capacity to increase the efficiency of the truck in the different cleaning activities it will be involved in. The truck you choose should also have the least negative effect on the environment in terms of pollution. Fuel waste emissions and noise are the most common forms of pollution you should aim to reduce when using the street cleaner.

4x2 street sweeper trucks

This is the most common type of truck used in street cleaning, and it is globally distributed by Camamach. It features a diesel engine and has the overall dimensions of 6.7x2.3x2.5m and a wheel-base of 3.8m. It has a total net weight of 7.49t, which is divided into two, a payload weight of 2.2t, and a curb weight of 5.0t. It has a high-performance speed of 95km/h, which is very fast and efficient. It has a sweeping width of 3.2m, with a sweeping capacity of 9600-80000m3/h, which is translated to an efficiency of 90%. The maximum sweeping speed it can achieve is 3/20km/h, and it features a refuse container volume of 4.5m3 and a water tank volume of 2.5m3, which is sufficient for most street cleaning needs.

A street sweeper truck for sale can be readily found at Camamach, which is the world’s leading distributor of machines, machine parts, and other pieces of equipment. Our new sweeper trucks for sale can be purchased at an affordable cost, however, you should note that sweeper truck price varies depending on the size of the sweeper, the particular model in question and the features of the sweeper. Sweepers with more advanced features tend to cost more than the ones with simpler features and simpler designs.

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