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Dump Truck / Tipper For Sale

Sinotruk Group is a leading Chinese state owned manufacturer of heavy duty trucks. Founded in 1935, Sinotruk has a long history within the commercial vehicle manufacturing industry. Since then they have grown dramatically, being listed on the Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchange and operating overseas in South American and African countries. Their product catalog consists mainly of heavy-duty trucks, dump trucks, truck heads, tractors and spare parts, sold under the Sinotruk Howo brand. Their trucks form the chassis for many Chinese made specialist vehicles and mobile cranes. Sinotruk Howo trucks have different engine configurations to meet different environmental standards.
Shaanxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd, also known as SHACMAN, is a heavy truck producer in China. With manufacturing partner Rawal Industrial Equipment (Pvt) Ltd of Pakistan, they specialize in manufacturing medium-sized and heavy duty trucks, bus chassis, heavy duty truck axles, and dump trucks. SHACMAN truck engines incorporate German technologies acquired through joint ventures and have emissions standards configurations to meet many countries' regulatory requirements. Their products are complemented with professional after-sale service and straightforward spare parts acquisition. You can see our selection of SHACMAN trucks for sale below.
At Camamach we combine our experience in China to seek out the top manufacturers of key equipment. Through familiarity with companies technical capabilities, what spare parts they offer and their after-sales service among other elements, we select manufacturers that can provide equipment and spares at low prices without sacrificing on quality.

Dump Truck

If you have been researching dump trucks for sale, then you must have realized that they come in a multiplicity of configurations. In essence, a dump truck refers to a truck fitted with an open box bed that can be used to haul a whole lot of things including demolition waste, loose construction material such as gravel and sand, as well as an agricultural input.

While they differ a lot, heavy dump trucks for sale generally use a hydraulic arm to lift the open box bed from the front (or side) when emptying the load.

Dump trucks come in different shapes depending on what exactly they are designed for. Let’s explore some of the popular models that you are going to come across in your search for the best dump trucks for sale near me.

Standard Dump Truck

We opt to start with this because it’s the most common and what most people are familiar with. These vehicles are fitted with a mobile bed mounted to the vehicle’s chassis. Most of the best dump trucks for sale are fitted with one front steering axle and one rear axle (although it’s not uncommon to see some trucks using 2).

The biggest advantage that heavy dump trucks for sale offer are their versatility and easy manipulation. Unlike road construction dump trucks that are limited to off-road terrains, a standard dump truck can traverse anywhere including through cities to get things done.

You’ll also come across some standard mining dump trucks for sale that has been engineered and configured purposely for the demanding tasks in the mines and quarries.

Transfer Dump Truck

These heavy dump trucks for sale feature a trailer pulling trucks or 2 behind it. The key characteristic of these trucks is that the separate trucks have a movable box bed- a configuration that helps in maximizing load capacity without compromising load capacity.
What are your options?

If you are looking for a standard brand new dump truck for sale or you want to invest in a mining dump truck, Camamach has several 6x4 and 8x4 models from reputable brands that you might want to check out.

But wait, what is the difference between a 6x4 and an 8x4 dump truck?

6x4 Mining Dump Truck

In a 6x4 configuration drivetrain, the 2 rear axles receive power and are, therefore, drive axles. Most dump truck fleet managers prefer 6x4 configured dump trucks for sale because they offer a good balance of power, control, and operation, all while maximizing fuel economy.

Sinotruk’s HOWO Mining King dump truck is an incredible recommendation here. This is a Left Hand Drive truck powered by a WD615.47 371 HP 6-cylinder engine. It has HF12 1x12000 kgs front axle and 2 AC26 2x26000 kgs rear axles.

8x4 Mining Dump Truck

Where there’s a need to deliver more power to the tires for greater traction, an 8x4 dump truck brand new is hard to beat. These trucks are preferred since there are more powered wheels. This increases traction thereby creating a much better overall driving experience.

If this sounds like what you are looking for in brand new dump trucks for sale, we at Camamach have several reliable models crafted for the most demanding on-road and off-road tasks.

These are modern-day long-haul road trucks that feature high-power 6-cylinder engines producing upwards of 370 HP. Their frontage axle has a capacity of 2x9000 kgs and higher and their rear axle delivers 2x16000 kgs.

What we have at Camamach are dump trucks with a customized cabin design to cater to all the safety and comfort needs of the driver. These dump trucks have redefined cabin features including floating suspension, traverse stabilizer, ventilation, and shock absorbers.

Follow this LINK to explore more of the products that we have in this category, and for help on how to get the right dump truck for your cargo haul needs.

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