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Shantui Bulldozers

Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is a top world 50 construction machinery manufacturer and is considered a key enterprise by the Chinese government. Known as the "bulldozer king" within China due to its large domestic market share, Shantui has gone on to expand its product range to include road graders, rollers, concrete machinery, aerial platforms and cranes amongst other construction accessories. With 150 dealers around the world and 10 overseas branch offices Shantui has experience exporting globally. There are now larger size Shantui dozers offering a more affordable alternative to komatsu and caterpillar.
HBXG is a Chinese state-owned manufacturer of construction machinery. Considered something of a pioneer on track bulldozers, HBXG places an emphasis on advanced and new technology within their designs, and owns several state patents as evidence of their commitment to innovation. Their products include bulldozers, wheel loaders, rollers, excavators and pipe layers. HBXG dozers are excellent machines, incorporating modern tech comparable to other top brands such as Komatsu and Caterpillar.


A Shantui Bulldozer is one of the machines that eases work in construction, road building, wrecking, and even farming. A large bulldozer has what it takes to move large rocks and make the overall price of construction to be easy and cost-effective. CamaMach is one of the suppliers of new bulldozers that use broad steel blades to boost effectiveness. In most Shantui bulldozer machines, hydraulic rams are used to either lift or force down the blades. When the blade is turned in different positions, the bulldozer equipment can be used for transportation, spreading, or leveling of the surface.

What constitutes good Bulldozer equipment?

CamaMach has made huge strides in the heavy equipment industry. Most of the Bulldozers we supply feature two main components, and that is the ripper and the blade. Technically, the ripper is the extended device that is located at the rear side of the Bulldozer. You can find a bulldozer for sale at CamaMach that has a ripper with one shank, but there are also others that have multiple shanks. Those that come with a single shark are good for deep ripping. This is a clear indication that a large bulldozer machine will be more effective if it constitutes a single shark. Hard earth or soil can be easily crushed to pave the way for construction. Another vital component is the blade, the heavy metal that is usually at the front of a bulldozer. It can shove objects, debris, and soil.

Types of Bulldozers

There are different types of Shantui Bulldozer for sale you will find at CamaMach. Factors such as weight, horsepower, and size are the ones that differentiate these machines. As such, it is essential to know which type of dozer machine you need before you embark on the purchase mission. Establish if your task needs more mobility or flexibility. Also, know if your job needs superior strength that will involve the movement of heavy material. This way, you will be able to choose cheap dozers for sale that suit your needs. Luckily, CamaMach has all the types of dozers you need in stock.

a) Crawlers

Crawler bulldozers are good at pushing heavy materials from one place to the other. Even though they have a strong resemblance to tractors, they do not have tires. As a large bulldozer, a crawler crushes and breaks up hard surfaces as well as heavy materials including sand. Crawlers have abrasive plates, and this is the reason why they are suitable for irregular land areas. A crawler is more versatile and can be used to move loads because of the large plate at the front.

At CamaMach, you will find the 13-ton standard bulldozer SD13/Shantui, 16-ton standard bulldozer SD16/Shantui, and the 22-ton standard bulldozer SD22/Shantui. Others in stock include the 32-ton large bulldozer SD32/Shantui, the 42-ton Large Bulldozer SD42/Shantui, and the 90-ton Extra-large Bulldozer SD90/Shantui, which is one of the largest Bulldozer for sale in stock.

We deal with a wide variety of cheap dozers for sale. You can find dependable dozers of different models and brands all having the ability and capacity to complete mall and wide-scale tasks.

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