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HBXG SD7NLGP Medium Bulldozer | 27-Ton Medium Bulldozer
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Dozer Tilt
Operation weight???kg) 26800
Ground pressure(KPa) 46.2
Overall dimensions (mm) 5473x4382x3482
EngineType Cummins NT855-C280S10 / Weichai.WD12G250E302
Rated power (KW) 185

27 Ton Bulldozer SD7NLGP | HXBG

The 27-ton bulldozer SD7NLGP/HDXG generates 230 HP at 169 kW, rotating at 2100 rpm. Its wider track shoe of around 910 mm is also one of the reasons behind its greater performance. Additionally, the HBXG bulldozer is having a blade capacity of around 6 m3. Among other key features, the bulldozer comes enriched with a lifted sprocket, with the ability to powershift transmission. It also comes with a hydraulic, mechanical torque converter. Its tilting blade design makes it among the most efficient in its segment. Hydraulic control enriches the performance of the HBXG dozer to a greater level.

Design and features:

SD7LGP- HBXG bulldozer comes with an advanced modular design. This design makes it more enhanced from repair and maintenance perspectives. The machine shows varying oil capacity in accordance with varying pressure. It is much more environment-friendly in terms of its characteristics. At the same time, the energy-saving characteristics make it more efficient.

The operation condition of the HBXG dozer is set ensuring greater safety. In addition, there is electric monitoring for better functionality, along with the ROPS cabin facility. The best part about the bulldozer is its ability to perform with lower ground pressure. This is the reason that it is highly employed in mud lands. It can be equally useful for waste handling as well.

The 27-ton bulldozer SD7NLGP/HDXG comes with a power separating hydraulic-mechanic type unit for the torque converter. It comes with a power shift transmission with three speeds forward and the same backward speed. The best part about its mechanism is its ability to swiftly change direction. One of the prime reasons behind its greater control is its advanced steering clutch; the bulldozer comes with a separate clutch. The instant effect of the brake is due to the fact that its braking clutch is functioned by spring and comes with distanced hydraulic. The bulldozer is enriched with a double-stage planetary reduction gear system for final drive lubrication.

Why you should buy the HBXG SD7NLGP 27-ton Medium Bulldozer?

The HBXG SD7NLGP 27-ton Medium Bulldozer is one of the most cost-effective 27-ton Medium Bulldozers available on the market for mining and construction projects. Because the 27-ton Medium Bulldozer has a wider track shoe, this machine is very commonly used in mining and construction sites. In addition, the 27-ton Medium Bulldozer has a wider blade capacity, which makes this 27-ton Medium Bulldozer stand out from the other SD7NLGPs! Lastly, because of HBXG’s intensive research, the 27-ton Medium Bulldozer comes with a lifted sprocket, making the HBXG SD7NLGP 27-ton Medium Bulldozer one of the best earthmoving equipment you can buy!

  1. SD7NLGP Medium Bulldozer review by Daryl Turner on 3/29/2022

    We already checked all of the functions of the machine. It's all good.

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