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Earth Moving Equipment

Earthmoving machinery

Earthmoving equipment is essential for today’s construction sector. Without a doubt, they make construction jobs to be not only easy but also cheaper. Small earth moving machines can be used in civil projects, large-scale commercial projects, and homebuilding. As long as you can select the right model that suits your needs, these machines can reduce the time taken to complete your project. Construction equipment for earthmoving covers an extensive range of machines that are generally good for digging, excavation, and grading of rock and earth. Any earthwork, be it in demolition or construction is simplified. CamaMach comes in handy to make your selection of big earthmoving machines easy. Our earthmoving equipment for sale is designed to perform multiple functions, and this is the reason why they are simply indispensable on construction sites.

Here are some of the earth moving equipment we have at CamaMach:

1. Excavators

An excavator is a piece of earthmoving machinery that is driven by a track or wheel. These machines consist of a long bucket arm that is connected to a pivoting cab. It can rotate at 360 degrees, making it easier for the operator to reach all areas. The good news is that the excavator can be fitted with other specialized attachments to perform specific jobs.

All in all, here at CamaMach we have a wide variety of excavators that are effective in demolition, river dredging, mining as well as rough grading. Needless to say, our excavators are big earth moving machines that can excavate trenches, foundations, and holes. They can also be sued for pipe installation, heavy lifting, and material handling.

2. Backhoe loaders

A discussion of heavy earthmoving machinery cannot be complete without mentioning backhoe loaders. These loaders are comparable to a farm tractor but have a bucket connected at the back and a shovel attached at the front. Necessarily, they are small dirt moving machines meant for small construction tasks. Unlike other heavy earth moving equipment, backhoe loaders can operate in a limited space. Apart from moving dirt, different roles of a backhoe loader include digging trenches, backfill excavation, and hole-digging. Expediently, they are wheel-driven making them suitable for urban areas. The bucket at the back has the ability to dig big trenches of different widths.

3. Bulldozers

Among the modern earthmoving machinery for sale, a bulldozer is arguably the biggest and most reliable. In the construction industry, it is used to move dirt in large tracks of land because of its power. A typical bulldozer has a wide blade located at the front. Hydraulic pistons are used to shift it in different angles or depths. Because of the weight of a bulldozer, it can be used to crush large boulders, move piles of earth and do various grading operations.

4. Skid-Steer loaders

A skid-steer loader is among the small earth moving machines you will find at CamaMach. It is a versatile machine that is used for working in confined spaces. Ideally, it is a piece of earthmoving equipment that is good for activities that have already been finalized. The loader has unique wheels that make it adaptive to snow and mud conditions. To make it more versatile, this earthmoving machinery for sale can be fitted with other different attachments to execute roles such as log grappling, snow blowing, drilling, and digging.

5. Wheel Loaders

A wheel loader is an earth moving equipment that is mainly used in construction sites to move construction materials such as debris, dirt, gravel, rock or any raw materials into trucks or other machinery on the job site. These earth-moving machinery for sale are mainly used as shovels; hence, they make jobs safer and faster, saving a lot of time. At CamaMach we stock many wheel loaders that can either be used on a small scale or even on large construction sites. Our stock includes eight-wheel loader models ranging from the smaller 2-ton Wheel loader - LW 200 | XCMG to the massive 12-ton Wheel Loader – LW1200K | XCMG.

At CamaMach, our earthmoving equipment for sale can make any complex task very effortless. We focus on providing big earth moving machines that can make your construction project safe, and quick and avoid all the unnecessary expenses. All the above earthmoving machinery comes in different models and designs. Select the best today from our wide varieties and achieve your construction project targets in time.

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