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At Camamach we combine our experience in China to seek out the top manufacturers of key equipment. Through familiarity with companies technical capabilities, what spare parts they offer and their after-sales service among other elements, we select manufacturers that can provide equipment and spares at low prices without sacrificing on quality.

About Tracked Crawler Carrier

For many years, people have been dependent on the standard steel track carriers and wheeled carriers to transport heavy materials and equipment around. However, this is changing because these machines are not efficient. In most cases, when they are used in the farm, they cause a lot of disturbance to the soil, so that there is the need for repairs to be done later, which results in cost over-runs. Due to the demand for more efficient and self-sustaining equipment for transport, the crawler carrier machines were manufactured. These machines are more efficient because their body is designed to adapt to the terrain they are used for better than any other machines.

They have unique rubber tracks with a flotation design that allows the machine to move while exerting a minimum weight to the ground as possible. This way, they leave very minimal tracks and footprints on the ground. This design also helps to improve their stability so that they cannot slip even in terrible terrain.

Types of tracked crawler carriers

There are four major types of crawler carriers, and Camamach distributes them.

1. 1-ton tracked carrier dumping style

The overall size of this machine is 1.7x0.96x1.1m, with the dimensions of the chassis being 1.2x9.6x0.45m, and the dimensions of the container are 1.3x0.96x0.36m. To achieve 2200r/m, the machine requires a power input of 8.25Kw. It stands at the height of 250mm from the ground, and it has a running speed of 6km/h. This makes it very suitable for transport because it is considerably fast compared to other crawler machines. The weight of the machine is 0.6t, and it features a maximum payload of 1t.

2. 1-ton tracked carrier lifting style

The overall dimensions of this crawler carrier are 1.7x0.96x1.1m, making it a suitable size for most operations. Due to the compact size, they are very ideal for small scale operations or when you need to maximize the small space available. Like the former model, it requires an energy input of 8.25kW to achieve a rotation rate of 2200r/m. It has a wading depth of 300mm and a swampland depth of 200mm, coupled with a climbing angle of 30ᵒ making it the best small carrier you can buy.

3. 3-ton tracked carrier

This is a slightly larger crawler carrier crawler with dimensions of 3.4x1.6x1.2m. The size of the chassis and container are 1.95x1.6x0.45 and 2x1.6x0.4m, respectively. The power input requirement is also more, standing at 30HP to achieve a rotation speed of 2200r/m, and it stands at the height of 250mm from the ground. The overall weight of the crawler is 1.39t with a maximum payload capacity of 3t, and it has a running speed of 8km/h making it more efficient compared to the previous model. It also has a deeper wading depth of 400mm and a swampland depth of 400mm.

4. 4-ton tracked carrier

This is the largest tracked carrier model for sale distributed by Camamach, and it has overall body dimensions of 3.8x1.6x1.2m, chassis dimensions of 2x1x0.58m, and container dimensions of 2.4x1.6x0.42m. It is engine-powered and it features a power input requirement of 37kW. It has a travel speed of 12km/h making it the fastest model available, and it weighs 1.7t with a maximum payload capacity of 4t. It also has a greater climbing angle of 35ᵒ, a wading depth of 500mm and a swampland depth of 400mm.

Tracked carriers for sale can be purchased from Camamach, the leading distributor of machinery and equipment in the word. Rubber tracked crawler carrier prices vary depending on the model, the manufacturer specifications, and the features that make the carrier suitable for different functions. Before you select the carrier to buy, ensure that it is convenient in terms of the purchase and operating cost, effectiveness in performing the activities you want, and also the crawler carrier’s durability.

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