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Specialized Vehicles

Specialized Vehicles

These are vehicles that have been equipped with modern technological innovations to give them an added advantage to perform particular duties. Sophisticated technology has been used to create specialized vehicles that can be used to perform different roles. Camamach is one of the recognized suppliers of modern specialist vehicles for sale because of our wide varieties in stock. Below are some of the specialty vehicles you will find:

1. Ambulance

The significant role of this unique vehicle cannot be overlooked. At Camamach, we know the need to have a modern ambulance is paramount in providing emergency care for the sick and the injured. This is the reason why we have different models and types of these specialist vehicles for sale to take care of your needs. From four-wheel-drive vehicles to vans, you can choose the ideal special vehicle depending on your area of operation. Our Ambulance vans have adhered to all the required safety standards with more attention going to the patient compartment.

2. Refrigerated trucks

This is another category of special vehicles you will find at Camamach. The trucks range from small, medium to large refrigerated ones. The trucks have been designed with modern technology to keep perishable goods fresh while in mobility. It is increasingly becoming a common method of shipping freight using these specialty vehicles that a designed system of controlling temperatures while moving. Throughout the transportation process, the truck has a reliable built-in refrigeration structure that will ensure all transported products remain fresh no matter the distance of transportation. A large refrigerated truck you will find at CamaMach can keep temperatures as low as -18 degrees Celsius while transporting normal frozen cargo.

3. Fire trucks

Our fire trucks have been designed with the latest technology to tackle any fire fighting operation. They are specialty vehicles that have been upgraded to fulfill any demands of a firefighting operation. Apart from modern computer technology, these specialized vehicles come with visual/audible warnings, two-way radios, and advanced communication equipment to enhance efficiency when going for an operation. Here are some of the models of these specialist vehicles for sale you will find at CamaMach:

a) 15-ton water foam firefighting truck

These are one of the specialized vehicles that feature a luxury lying cab, wide-angle front, and rear mirrors that support clear visibility, strong frog lights, and an air conditioning system that ensures that operators are always at comfort. It comes with a 15 cubic meter tank volume that is large enough to cover a large area of the fire.

b) 8cbm fire truck

This is another special vehicle that can travel at a maximum speed of 95km/hr. At CamaMach, we stock specialty vehicles that meet the Euro 3 emission standards, and this particular type is no exception. Its air-conditioned cab is a unique feature that makes it comfortable for the operator.

c) 15cbm fire truck

Although smaller than the 24cbm fire truck, this special vehicle also has a modern design fire truck that features a wheelbase of 4600+1350mm and can operate at a maximum speed of 90km/hr. Its modern capacity tank of 15000L is well connected to the chassis frame.

4. Tanker

A tanker can also be classified as a specialist vehicle for sale. Basically, they are specialized vehicles that have been designed to transport gas and liquefied loads such as water or oil. Because there are different liquids that can be transported, CamaMach has a wide variety of these specialty vehicles ranging from small to large. You can opt for insulated tankers or those that are pressurized and can handle multiple loads. Their size or volume usually classify these trucks.

Other specialized vehicles you will find here at CamaMach include hazardous material transport trucks, mobile workshop trucks, electric vehicles, and sweeper trucks. All these special vehicles are of high quality, durable with readily available spare parts. Kindly reach us for any questions concerning these specialist vehicles for sale.

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