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Backhoe Loaders For Sale

XCMG is a leading Chinese producer of construction vehicles. A world top 5 manufacturer of construction machinery, XCMG’s product range includes excavators, cranes, loaders, wheel loaders, rigs, compactors, pavers, trucks, tippers, cranes, backhoe loaders along with other categories of heavy duty equipment. Since their founding in 1989, XCMG has built a sales network that supplies more than 170 countries and regions making for excellent after sales support.
Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., (SDLG) is a Chinese construction equipment manufacturer and strategic partner of the Volvo brand. SDLG has experience exporting to many countries including Brazil and many African nations. They specialise in construction machinery, engines and gas turbines for industry. Top products include excavators, wheel loaders, backhoe loaders and trucks in a range of sizes and costs. Shandong Lingong products are known for their affordability without compromising on reliability. We at Camamach find that SDLG wheel loaders are particularly popular.
Lovol Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a large scale manufacturer of heavy industry agricultural and construction equipment, and are classified as a National Key High-Tech Enterprise by the Chinese Government. Their operations involve producing agricultural machinery such as tractors, tractor implements, combine harvesters, backhoe loaders, loaders and spare parts for the asian and african markets. With years of experience, and an emphasis on innovation, Loval make agricultural equipment that lasts.
Changlin is a heavy construction machinery manufacturer based in Qingdao. In a JV with German companies, it supplies a product range that includes backhoe loaders, wheel loaders, excavators, bulldozers and single-cylinder engines. We have both Changlin backhoe loaders and Changlin motor graders in our catalog.
At Camamach we combine our experience in China to seek out the top manufacturers of key equipment. Through familiarity with companies technical capabilities, what spare parts they offer and their after-sales service among other elements, we select manufacturers that can provide equipment and spares at low prices without sacrificing on quality.

Backhoe loaders For Sale

A Backhoe loader is a unique piece of equipment that is used in construction. This important invention consists of three construction equipment put together to make one masterpiece that can perform many functions. Also known as an excavator loader, it can be used for different tasks that include transportation of building materials, small demolitions, and paving of roads. It is also useful in construction, landscaping, excavation, and other digging roles. All these functions are a clear indication that a backhoe loader machine is a piece of versatile equipment that the modern construction industry cannot do without. At CamaMach, varieties of this equipment are what you will get. Apart from the 8-ton Backhoe loader B876F/SDLG, other notable backhoe loaders for sale models include the 9-ton Backhoe loader B877F/SDLG and the 8-ton Backhoe Loader FLB468/Lovol. These are some of the top-notch loaders that we sell at an affordable, competitive price.

Components of a backhoe loader machine

A typical backhoe loader for sale at CamaMach consists of the following parts:

a) The tractor

This is the central part of the loader. Just like a conventional tractor, it can easily move even in rough terrain. CamaMach has tractors that operate turbocharged diesel engines to enhance power and effectiveness. The large rugged tires can maneuver any terrain. You can opt for tractors that have an enclosed cabin or those that feature an open canopy.

b) The loader

The best backhoe loaders for sale at CamaMach have the loaders attached at the front part. In most of the applications, the loader is used to carry loose materials in large quantities. Furthermore, it can also be used to smooth things over.

c) The backhoe

This is arguably the core tool of a typical excavator loader. It is versatile enough to perform different roles that include digging of hard material and lifting heavy loads. The lifted material can be dropped like a pile onto the other position of the hole. The best backhoe loaders have a backhoe that consists of the tick, boom, and bucket. All the three segments of a backhoe are attached to each other by three joints. The boom can be able to dig obstacles by simply bending upwards. As such, there will be adequate space for the bucket to hold materials. When you purchase a new backhoe loader for sale at CamaMach, its backhoe is strong enough to dig different types of holes that include ditches. For maximum effectiveness, the operator needs to park the tractor and have his seat turned around.

In general, the best backhoe loader at Camamach has the following features:

  • Plug connectors that are waterproof to ensure maximum protection and reliability of all electrics
  • All track loader backhoes have a servo-assisted braking system. This is a new incorporated technology that provides low effort braking thereby giving the operator an easy time.
  • An EATON steering hydraulic system that makes it easy for the operator to steer.
  • An improved radiation performance has been facilitated by the presence of an optimized AC system.

At CamaMach, we have endeavored to ensure that the best models are in stock. Essential factors such as ease of operation, durability, and operator comfort are but some of the factors that we consider to meet customer demands. The excavator backhoe loaders we have come with better engine technology, onboard diagnostics, and better automation. These incorporated improvements will reduce the cost of operation and construction will take a shorter time. Just like any other heavy equipment we sell, the best backhoe loader needs to be durable, fuel-efficient, and possess a good resale value. Thanks to modern technology, CamaMach has a remarkable track record in stocking new backhoe loaders for sale that are flexible and easy to maintain.

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