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Lifting Machinery

Lifting Machinery

A crane is a machine used to lift heavy objects. All large-scale commercial projects, be it farming, transport, construction, and even mining, require the use of lifting machines. This is because the materials and products being carried are often heavy and bulky, so much so, that it cannot be carried using human labor. The choice of the hoisting machine to use depends on the size of your operation and the materials being lifted. Small size lifter machines are more suitable for small-scale operations with lighter materials. This will help to minimize the operation costs and, therefore, help to increase the profit margins.

When you are looking for cranes for sale, you need to look no further, Camamach is the leading distributor of pulling and lifting machines. The crane machine cost varies depending on the model, size, features, and manufacturer specifications. Electric lifting machines, therefore, tend to cost more than the engine powered ones, and the big cranes also cost more than the small cranes.

Types of industrial cranes

Due to the wide range of activities cranes can be used in, there is a need to differentiate them in terms of the size, capabilities, and efficiency in doing work. There are very many models of cranes, and we distribute all these models to you in good condition and at affordable costs. Here are the types of construction cranes we have.

1. All-terrain crane

Under this category, there is the 100-ton Lifting Capacity All-Terrain Crane SAC1000 ISANY. The dimensions of this listing machine are 14x2.8x4m, and it has a total of 5 axles. It is engine-powered with a power input capacity requirement of 350kW to achieve a 1800r/m. It has a maximum traveling speed of 90km/h, a minimum turning radius of 8.5m, and it is also designed with an HVAC system in the cab for maximum comfort.

2. Crawler crane

In this category, there are two models of cranes, the 55-ton Lifting Capacity Crawler Crane SCC550A, and the 55-ton Lifting Capacity Telescopic Boom Crawler Crane. While both have a carrying capacity of 55tons, there are a few differences in some of their features. For instance, the previous model has a boom length of 13.52m and a maximum lifting moment of 203.5tm. On the other hand, the latter model has a maximum lifting moment 187tm and a boom length of 11.3-42m.

3. Forklift

A forklift is a piece of equipment that is used in lifting heavy equipment and materials, especially in the workshops and industrial sites. There are several numbers of types of forklift distributed by Camamach, and they are;

1. Hydraulic Diesel 2-ton Diesel Forklift I YTO

2. Hydraulic Diesel 3-ton Diesel Forklift I YTO

3. Hydraulic Diesel 4-ton Diesel Forklift I YTO

4. Hydraulic Diesel 5-ton Diesel Forklift I YTO

5. Electric Battery 2-ton Forklift I YTO

6. Electric Battery 3-ton Forklift I YTO

7. LPG 3-ton Forklift I YTO

All these have different features and capabilities, making them suitable for use in various capacities, and they are also sold at different costs.

4. Rough Terrain Crane

Under this category of lifter machines, there are three significant models distributed by Camamach, and they are;

  • 35-ton Lift Capacity Rough-Terrain Crane - RT35 I XCMG
  • 50-ton Lift Capacity Rough-Terrain Crane – RT50 I XCMG
  • 60-ton Lift Capacity Rough-Terrain Crane – RT60 I XCMG

5. Telescopic handler

These machines are also referred to as cherry pickers and their wide application in the field of agriculture and other commercial enterprises. Their design makes them resemble forklifts, but since they have a boom, they are more of cranes than forklifts. The primary models of telescopic handlers we distribute are;

  • 7-ton Telescopic Handler XC6-300K I XCMG
  • 14-ton Telescopic Handler XC6-4517K I XCMG

6. Truck crane

The types of truck cranes we distribute are;

  • 12-ton 32m Truck Crane QY12 I XCMG
  • 16-ton 33.5m Truck Crane QY16C I XCMG
  • 25-ton 33.8m Truck Crane QY25 I XCMG
  • 40-ton 34m Truck Crane QY40 I XCMG
  • 100-ton 38.5m Truck Crane QY100 I XCMG
  • 130-ton 39.5m Truck Crane Q130K I XCMG
  • 70-ton Lift Capacity Truck Crane – QY70K-1 I XCMG

7. Truck-mounted crane

These are cranes that are mounted on trucks for ease of mobility, and the models we distribute are listed below.

  • 3,2-ton Capacity Crane Truck with Telescopic Boom I XCMG
  • 5-ton Capacity Crane Truck with Telescopic Boom I XCMG
  • 8-ton Lift Capacity Truck-Mounted Crane – SQS8K3Q I XCMG
  • 10-ton Lift Capacity Truck-Mounted Crane- SQ10ZK3Q I XCMG
  • 10-ton Lift Capacity Crane Truck with Telescopic Boom I XCMG
  • 12-ton Lift Capacity Truck-Mounted Crane- SQ12SK3Q I XCMG
  • 16-ton Capacity Crane I XCMG
  • 5-ton Lift Capacity Truck-Mounted Crane with Telescopic Boom- SPS12500/SHACMAN chassis I SANY
  • 10-ton Lift Capacity Truck-Mounted Crane with Telescopic Boom SPS25000/SHACMAN chassis I SANY
  • 6-ton Lift Capacity Truck-Mounted Crane with Foldable Boom- SPK10000/SHACMAN chassis I SANY
  • 10-ton Lift Capacity Truck-Mounted Crane with Foldable Boom SPK23500/SHACMAN chassis I SANY

When you are looking for the best machine lifting equipment, Camamach is the best place to look.

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