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Other Accessories

YTO Group Corporation is a Chinese farm and construction machinery subsidiary of the comprehensive conglomerate Sinomach. Best known for farming equipment, YTO produces agricultural tractors, engines and engine parts, combine harvesters and trucks among other power machinery. As the largest manufacturer of tractors in China, the company has a strong international presence and has experience supplying large volumes overseas.

Other Accessories

Agricultural accessories are essential in making work easier and more efficient. There are very many kinds of farm accessories that can be used on the farm, depending on the nature of the enterprise. Camamach is the world’s leading distributor of agricultural accessories and farm machinery parts.

Types of agricultural machine parts that we sell

There are a total of 10 significant agricultural accessories available at Camamach, and they are;

1. Potato Planter YTO

2. Potato Harvester YTO

3. High Height Cutting Height Mower YTO

4. Low Cutting Height Mower YTO

5. Heavy-Duty Disc Harrow YTO

6. Ultra Heavy Duty Disc Harrow YTO

7. Subsoiler YTO

8. Seeder Fertilizer YTO

9. Shredded Straw Collector

10. Hay Rake YTO

We pride ourselves in being the best at machinery and equipment distribution because we only distribute equipment from recognized manufacturers. These accessories vary in their specific features, and to help you understand, below is information on a few of these agricultural machine parts.

1. Potato planter YTO

A potato planter is a simple piece of equipment that is only used in planting potatoes, as the name suggests. It comes in different sizes, and in this case, this model can be considered to be among the smallest models available in the market today. It has an overall weight of 200kg, and they are designed to create a row spacing of 50-80cm for potato planting, which is within the standard spacing. They also ensure a planting distance of 25-33cm and have a power input requirement of 25-35HP.

2. Seeder fertilizer YTO

This is a piece of agricultural equipment that is used to plant and apply fertilizer in the field. These two actions can occur simultaneously, making it the cheapest to use for large-scale planting operations. There are six models of this machine, and they all have different capabilities in doing work, and they also have different efficiency in doing work. The working depth is common for all the models, standing at 30-80mm. This, in addition to reducing the soil disturbance during planting, also makes them suitable for use in planting many crops. The number of seedlings planted per row varies with the models, with the smallest having a rate of 9 and the largest having a planting rate of 24 seedlings per row. The row spacing is also constant for all models, ranging from 130-160mm.

3. Shredded straw collector YTO

While most farm activities involve planting and harvesting, animal rearing is also an essential aspect of farm management. A shredded straw collector is an essential tool that is mainly used in large-scale enterprises that incorporate farming and livestock keeping. The primary function of the straw collector is to shred crop residues so that they can either be fed to livestock as a feed or plowed back into the soil for soil nutrition. This model of the straw collector has a working width of 1.8m, making it among the smallest and simplest models today. It also features a shredding length of 30-100mm and a stubble height of 100-150mm. It is engine-powered, and it requires a power input of 60-80HP.

4. Hay rake YTO

A hay rake is a very important farm equipment tool because it can be used during land preparation and after harvesting. This diversified use of the rake is due to the operating principle which propels the machine to collect or gather straw, hay, and other materials of that nature on the farm. With a working width of 7m, a spring tooth diameter of 1.45, and an adjustable towing height of 0.58m, this is easily the best hay rake in the market.

At Camamach, we are determined to ensure that you get agricultural parts and accessories easily and at an affordable cost. We deal in the distribution of farm equipment parts wholesale and also retail. When you are looking for the best farm equipment parts for sale, look no further because we have all you need.

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