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Subsoiler - | YTO

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Model 1S-300
Working width (m) 3.0
Number of shovels 3-7
Row spacing (mm) 400-600
Subsoiling depth (mm) 250-400
Matched power (hp) ???90

Subsoiler YTO

Most crops require adequate and relatively deep plowing before planting. In addition to ensuring good root depth, this also ensures the hard soil pad is broken for aeration and free water flow in the soil. There are several agricultural accessories and farm accessories that can be used to plow, and the Subsoiler YTO is the best. It has 3-7 shovels for maximum efficiency. Other attractive features of these agricultural parts and accessories are listed below:


While their major function is to till the land in preparation for planting, these agricultural machine accessories can also be used to deal with crop residues left in the farm after harvesting before replanting. They can make fine tilth from these wastes without burying the seeds of the weeds in the farm.


These agricultural machinery accessories have a row spacing of between 400 and 600mm. This means that it can be used to till the land in preparation for planting many field crops that require that spacing. It also plows to a depth of 250-400mm, which favors most crops. While this is a good depth where most plant roots can maneuver with ease, it also ensures that there is little disturbance of the soil. This conserves soil moisture.

High-quality parts

The tillers, like most agricultural machine parts, are made using diamond, a solid metal that can withstand hard conditions. However, upon damage and breakage, farm equipment parts wholesalers can provide the parts for the Subsoiler YTO at a relatively low cost. Farm equipment parts for sale can also be bought from other providers, but care should be taken to avoid buying poor quality parts. Many parts for this particular agricultural machinery are available in the market, and they can also be bought from the manufacturers.

If you need a tillage tool to improve the overall production of your farm, then the Subsoiler YTO is the way to go.

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