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Garbage Truck

Sinotruk Group is a leading Chinese state owned manufacturer of heavy duty trucks. Founded in 1935, Sinotruk has a long history within the commercial vehicle manufacturing industry. Since then they have grown dramatically, being listed on the Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchange and operating overseas in South American and African countries. Their product catalog consists mainly of heavy-duty trucks, dump trucks, truck heads, tractors and spare parts, sold under the Sinotruk Howo brand. Their trucks form the chassis for many Chinese made specialist vehicles and mobile cranes. Sinotruk Howo trucks have different engine configurations to meet different environmental standards.
Lovol Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a large scale manufacturer of heavy industry agricultural and construction equipment, and are classified as a National Key High-Tech Enterprise by the Chinese Government. Their operations involve producing agricultural machinery such as tractors, tractor implements, combine harvesters, backhoe loaders, loaders and spare parts for the asian and african markets. With years of experience, and an emphasis on innovation, Loval make agricultural equipment that lasts.
Founded in 1946, Weichai has over 80,000 employees worldwide and is ranked 2nd among China’s machinery industry top 100 enterprises. Weichai owns six business segments of powertrain, intelligent logistics, automotive, construction machinery, luxury yacht, and finance & after-services. It has four listing companies which have five stocks: Weichai Power, Weichai Heavy Machinery Asiastar Bus and KION Group. The subsidiaries of Weichai Group spread all over Europe, North America, Asia, and other regions, and its products are exported to more than 110 countries and regions. It has R&D centers in Weifang, Shanghai, Xi’an, Chongqing, Yangzhou and established cutting-edge technology innovation centers in US, Germany, and Japan. Its main products range from bus engines to hydraulic parts and spare parts.
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Garbage Truck

Have you ever wondered how much you can earn running a garbage truck company? Well, anyone who is this business will clearly tell you that trash is an enormously big business with lots of money to be made. And it’s not hard to understand this considering that the amount of garbage created each day around the world staggers the imagination.

As urban areas continue to get congested, the need for improved garbage collection and disposal is increasing by the day. Large metropolitan areas often have an organized trash collection system consisting of a fleet of city-owned big garbage trucks. However, this isn’t always the case in incorporated towns and most villages.

These geographic areas offer lots of opportunities for existing and new trash truck operators to make money.

What is garbage truck?

Also known as waste truck, bin truck, trash truck, or dumpster truck among other names, a garbage truck is a vehicle specially designed for the collection municipal solid waste and transportation of the same to a solid waste management facility including a landfill and transfer station.

There has been a lot of variations on the trash truck since its invention. The most common styles and what you are going to come across when searching for the best trash trucks online, however, are the hook arm and the compressor garbage trucks.

Hook Arm Garbage Trucks

Also referred to a hooklift truck, this is a style of trash truck that utilizes a telescopic hook arm to lift the dumpster ON and OFF the back of the truck. These types of trash trucks for sale allow the driver to offload the container without leaving the cabin. They also known for their affordability and general ease of use.

At Camamach.com, we bring you a wide collection of the best trash trucks for sale from giant companies. Among other highly recommendable garbage trucks, the Sinotruk HOWO 6x4 Hook Arm Garbage Truck seems to be a favorite among most big garbage management companies.

These are powerful new garbage trucks with Left Hand Drive and Right Hand Drive options. They are fitted with an FH9 1x9000 kgs front axle and 2 HC16 2x16000 kgs and modern design cabins designed with both comfort and safety in mind.

Compressor Garbage Trucks

Although meant for the same purpose, a compressor garbage truck is quite different from a hook arm trash truck in terms of design and operations.

A compressor garbage truck has a compacting mechanism operated by hydraulic cylinders. This mechanism works by taking the trash from the hopper and placing it into the trash holding box on the truck. As trash is loaded, the compacting mechanism continues to compress it thereby creating more and more room for additional trash.

When the garbage box gets full, the garbage truck is driven to the dumpsite. The garbage container lifts up like a tipper and the compacting panels get out of the way to allow the trash to be dumped out.

Buying a garbage truck? Here is what to consider

Garbage management can be a high paying job if you invest in reliable trash trucks for sale. Whether you want to go with a hook arm style truck or a compressor truck, the first thing that you are going to consider is the power of the truck. Here, you want to consider things like the size of the engine and specifications as well as axle capabilities.

It’s also important that you consider the level of customization that your target brand or garbage truck manufacturer offers you.

The most important bit, however, is to ensure that you are getting your trash truck from a reputable manufacturer. At Camamach, we’ve scoured the best new garbage trucks for sale from the industry big names to help you get a waste truck that maximizes on power and convenience, all while being efficient. Follow this LINK to learn all the options that you have on your next trash truck.

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