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Cement Bulker

CIMC is a Chinese manufacturer of shipping containers and road transport vehicles. Originally named Shandong Wanshida Special Vehicle Manufacturing Co., It now makes fuel tanker semi-trailers, cement bulker carrier trailers, low bed semi-trailers, flatbed/skeletal container trailers and extendable semi-trailers under its overseas brand "CIMC trailers". CIMC is known to have invested heavily in utilizing European techniques and equipment to ensure a superior weld on their containers. We have CIMC concrete bulkers for sale in our online store.

Cement Bulker

You wouldn’t imagine the construction industry without cement, which is often mixed with other ingredients to create concrete. A batching plant is where the cement is mixed with other materials to form concrete in bulk, which is transported via concrete mixer trucks to the construction. The procedure sounds simple, thanks to the new cement bulker machine.

Larger Capacity

The amount of daily usage of cement at a batching plant often ranges in tons. It would take you a lot of time to store the product in silos via storage bags. This is where a cement bulker truck like the 50-60 CBM Cement Bulker / Tanker |CIMC comes in handy. This 50000L beast is just a truck that has been loaded with cement the way it happens with a petroleum container. With 50m3 capacity, the 70-ton tanker in one, trip carries the amount of cement that would fill thousands of storage bags. These would take people hundreds of hours to package in the silo.

Electrical System

The cement bulkers for sale also makes work easier by featuring an electrical system and other accessories. To begin with, the machines carry the Chinese standard electrical system characterized by 24 volts and seven ways receptacle. In addition, they feature LED lamps, which are essential for loading and off-loading as a warning to people around not to get close.

Standard Landing Gear

The loading and off-loading of cement from the bulker machines is another innovative feature. The latest designs come with a landing gear that helps with smooth operations of the load. This CIMC standard 28T landing gear ensures easy operation of the machine.

4102-L Potent Diesel Engine

The best cement bulker should offer optimum fuel efficiency. That is why the CIMC series bulkers come with a 4102 capacity diesel engine. The China best Wei Chai engine brand is powerful carries unique technology that further minimizes the usage of the diesel fuel.

V-Shape Design

These bulker tankers are in the triangular type, also known as V-shaped. It means that they empty cement from the bottom. Typically, the flow of cement is air-assisted, and having a triangular shape provides the much-needed slope for the smooth flow of material. Naturally, the material will flow downslope, making it easy to get out any remaining cement. The 12 m3 Fuda compressor delivers enough air pressure to enable the flow of cement down the slope. When looking for bulkers for sale, it is recommended that you choose one with optimum performance for the toughest conditions out there. As such, here are some key factors you will want to check out for:

  • Great maneuverability
  • Supreme fuel efficiency
  • Maximum uptime
  • Excellent payload

By converting packing bags to bulk is a win for all construction stakeholders. Many firms today are already using batching plant silos, are getting their fly ash, and cement by the help of cement bulkers. However, many companies lacking in the ability to install silos have been losing out on the benefits of these innovative machines.

The latest bulker equipment consists of a Combilift truck. The tankers are typically mini-silos and mobile batching systems. The trucks can deliver 16 – 20-ton mini silos to the construction site. Once at the site, the truck will unload the silo filled with cement and come back to pick it when empty. With this system, you do not need to lay down expensive infrastructure at the construction site. You do not have to invest in godowns, silos, or compressors.

As labor and space are increasingly becoming a challenge for contractors, cement bulkers avails the best mechanization technology for maximum space usage. This way, constructions projects are completed in time despite difficult circumstances. Contact us for more cement and concrete equipment at the most affordable prices.

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