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Asphalt Concrete Paver

XCMG is a leading Chinese producer of construction vehicles. A world top 5 manufacturer of construction machinery, XCMG’s product range includes excavators, cranes, loaders, wheel loaders, rigs, compactors, pavers, trucks, tippers, cranes, backhoe loaders along with other categories of heavy duty equipment. Since their founding in 1989, XCMG has built a sales network that supplies more than 170 countries and regions making for excellent after sales support.
At Camamach we combine our experience in China to seek out the top manufacturers of key equipment. Through familiarity with companies technical capabilities, what spare parts they offer and their after-sales service among other elements, we select manufacturers that can provide equipment and spares at low prices without sacrificing on quality.

Asphalt Concrete Paver

Asphalt Concrete Paver segment is much advanced in modern times. To be specific, the multifunctional paver is highly demanded at the construction sites. Asphalt paving machine of upgraded quality are highly used at the highways in modern times. These have become like essential for the construction of contemporary urban roads. It has made surface paving look pretty smooth as a process.

Less Emission rate and lowest possible fuel consumption:

Incredible is to see is that the Asphalt Concrete Paver in modern times has gone way lot cost effective. The prime reason making it the road paver machine is its strategically developed configuration. Upon observing, it can be evident that these upgraded equipments are mechanically way developed. The paving width is also very strategically set, which indeed is one of the prime reasons behind the top notch performance. In accordance with the advanced usages or those of high-end highway projects, these machines allow paving thickness to be maintained thoroughly. All these are the reasons behind the noteworthy boost or demand of asphalt paving machine for sale. Above all, the low emission characteristics of these machines make things most suitable to be used for industrial purposes. In concurrence, the level of fuel consumption is pretty less in case of these machines as well. According to reports, it’s the lower fuel consumption characteristic that makes people feel relaxed about any asphalt paver price.

Technically optimised:

One of the finest characteristics of the Asphalt Concrete Paver is that it generates the minimal possible noise while operating. In fact, such low sound emitting machines are highly demanded in contemporary construction projects. The secret behind this is the distinct hydraulic drive fan provided specifically for the composite heat sink unit. This makes the machine generate minimal noise. Interesting part about the machine is that it automatically gets adapted with the tasks where it has to deal with greater temperature states. The machine is very much proven about getting adapted with superior temperature condition of about 55 degree Celsius and more.

From technological point of views, the machine is quite enriched. Specifically with advanced electronic pavement management unit, it has become way distinguishing. Those who are uninitiated, the electronic pavement management unit of the machine is established as per CAN bus parameters. Ultimately, there should be no doubt about the efficacy of Asphalt paving machine. It can thoroughly meet the modern day demand of construction units, as well as the paving challenges. The combined effect of being super performing, emitting lower noise, and being enriched with greater fuel consumption characteristic, makes it the most desired products to be used at high-end projects.

Perfect functionality:

While looking for the asphalt concrete paver in modern times, the priority is always given towards those having the sliding control panel type. With double operator seats, these devices indeed have become much more efficient these days. In fact, these machines come with both left and right side operator functionality. Specifically the hydrostatic paver are much upgraded in modern times, meeting the customer requirements thoroughly. The ability of dealing with the unevenness of the ground is simply impeccable. Moreover, the wheel mounted devices ensure greater level of grip on the ground. Naturally, the final outcome can be got of superior quality.

With advanced braking systems like calliper brakes, safety can be assured of optimal level. Moreover, the hydraulic steering makes it the most effective and productive. All in all, the asphalt concrete paver holds every characteristic to meet the challenges of modern day construction. Specifically, these are highly recommended for high-end construction projects. It can indeed deliver the full value of money.

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