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Grinding Equipment

At Camamach we combine our experience in China to seek out the top manufacturers of key equipment. Through familiarity with companies technical capabilities, what spare parts they offer and their after-sales service among other elements, we select manufacturers that can provide equipment and spares at low prices without sacrificing on quality.

Grinding Equipment

A grinder machine, also referred to as a grinder, is an essential and powerful tool in mining activities. The grinder tool is mostly used when there is a need to produce material that is smooth in texture and with a higher level of accuracy in the shape and dimension. Also, the grinding equipment can be used to isolate ad remove metal particles from the material, resulting in a relatively pure final material. When you are looking for the best grinding machine for sale, look no further because Camamach has precisely what you need. You can get the universal grinding machine from Camamach, industrial machinery providers that are popular for our superior quality products.

The grinding machine working principle

The grinding system consists of a bed that is designed and fixed in a special way to hold the workpiece in a position to guide the material to be ground under a grinding wheel that spins. The speed of the wheel in spinning is usually determined by the manufacturer specifications and the general diameter of the wheel. The material to be ground is removed from the workplace by the abrasion caused by the spinning of the grinder wheel, and this action results in heat production. It is for this reason that all good quality small rock grinders are designed with a coolant; to prevent the machine from overheating during work. However, the coolant is mostly used in the initial stages of grinding because the final stages do not produce much heat, so that the rise in temperature is negligible.

The Raymond Mill

This is the most common type of industrial rock grinder in the market today and it is distributed by Camamach. Certain features that are specific only to this design that make it superior and the most preferred for grinding in the market are listed below.

Enhanced performance

There are two main models of the Raymond Mill, and they have closely resembling features and capabilities. Even though the size of materials fed into the machines vary, with one requiring a minimum feeding material size of 30mm and the other having a minimum feeding material size of 25mm, the output size is the same, 0.173-0.044mm. This is a significant feature because it guarantees maximum performance regardless of the model used. The minimum feeding requirement is also quite flexible, meaning that many materials can be ground using this machine, making it multi-purpose. This not only helps to reduce the operating costs but also helps to reduce the time wasted to switch from one machine to the other when grinding different materials.


The roller diameter is 450mm and 410mm, which results in a rotation speed of 82r/min and 105r/min, respectively. This implies that the smaller diameter of the roller allows for more rotations at a given time. Since the roller diameter of this type of grinder is relatively more modest compared to other designs, it ensures that this grinder achieves more rotations than any other grinder available. This way, the efficiency of work is significantly boosted, and more output is produced at a given time to ensure more returns on the inputs applied.

Grinding equipment and machinery is essential in all mining operations. When you are looking for a rock grinder for sale, it is vital to ensure that you get the best and most durable machine. This way, you are guaranteed of the longer useful life of the machine and, therefore, more returns on your investment. Camamach is an industrial equipment dealer that has been in the business for a long time and can provide the best grinders for sale. The cost of grinding machines varies with the available models, efficiency of work, and design specifications of the machines.

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