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Ultra Heavy Duty Disc Harrow | YTO

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Product Name Model Width (m) Matched Power (Hp)
TAY series Ultra heavy-duty harrow TAY28/32/36-28 2.8-3.6 180-260

Ultra-Heavy-Duty Disc Harrow | YTO

Large farm operations usually require the use of heavy agricultural accessories. The Ultra-Heavy-Duty Disc Harrow | YTO is one of the heavy farm accessories commonly used in the vast farms. This is because it can handle the arduous tasks like breaking up virgin land in preparation for planting activities. The main feature that would make you buy these farm equipment parts is their ability to maneuver through untilled land clearing debris with relative ease. Other beneficial features of these farm machinery parts are listed below.

High-quality seals

One of the factors that significantly contribute to the depreciation wear of agricultural machine parts is the conditions in the field. Water, mud, and even the sap from the plants that get onto the parts of the agricultural machinery, if not properly cleaned, could lead to wear and tear. In the case of the Ultra-Heavy-Duty Disc Harrow, it is designed with seals that keep away these agents from entering into the sensitive parts and damaging them.


This agricultural machinery accessory is built with a sturdy design that is responsible for their hardy nature. In addition to breaking up virgin land for agricultural activities, they can also be used for destruction of plant debris and burying it in the soil for manure production. The discs are made using high-quality boron that does not easily get worn out or break in the process of land preparation. It is also significantly heavy to make these operations easier, faster, and with the use of less energy.

Bearing spools

The Ultra-Heavy-Duty Disc Harrow is designed with bearing spools. The primary function of these spools is to reduce the weight and drag of the harrow on the tractor it is tagged on. In addition to that, they also make lubrication of the moving parts easier and more efficient to increase the durability of the machine.

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