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Water Trailer | YTO

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Model TS-5
Loading capacity (kg) 5000 (5m??)
Overall dimensions (mm) 4000*2150*2270
Matched power (hp) 40-60
Specification of tyre 8.25-16/4
Brake type Air Brakes
Dead weight (kg) 2750

Water Trailer | YTO

If you are in need of an agricultural trailer for your day to day farm management activities such as irrigation, fertigation, and herbicide application, CamaMach has one of the best water trailers at 5,000ccc loading capacity.

Create different water points across a large tract of land with the best equipment trailers for sale. Small utility trailers come with a host of benefits for a typical farm. To begin with, these trailers are way cheaper than any auto such as a tractor or pickup truck. When you buy a farm trailer, you can use it in so many other applications. For instance, you might find the agricultural trailer handy in moving plants or soil for the garden.

Do not imagine that purchasing a van or pickup truck saves you in the long run. Those motorized vehicles have higher gas consumption than a regular car. Trailer farm equipment transforms your small utility tractor into a pickup, but just for the time you want to. After that, park your heavy equipment trailer with other farm machinery.

With a deadweight of 2750 kg, you will need a tractor with a horsepower ranging from 40hp to 60hp. The air brakes keep both the trailer and the tractor safe.

When locating heavy equipment trailers for sale, be sure to determine proper storage for that equipment. One of the biggest challenges with buying farm machinery is the identification of adequate storage mechanisms. The farm trailer may not be the only agricultural machinery you have. Consider building sizeable barns that can securely accommodate most of the heavy-duty farm machinery like tractors.

This small utility water trailer is easy to store when not in use. Before using the water trailer, however, do not forget to check whether the hitch works perfect, the wheels are in the best form, and the structure is firm. To see more of our products or ask a question, find help HERE.

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