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90hp Half-track Tractor - LX904CS | YTO

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Model LX904CS
YTO-LX904CS half-track tractor
Overall dimension (L??W??H) (mm) (without dozer blade) 4350??2400??2765 mm
Dimension(LengthxWidthxHeight) (With earth-moving shovel) 4870x2462x2766 mm
Min. operating mass 4450 kg
Min. operating weight 6890 (equipped with earth-moving shovel) kg
Front wheel tread 1562-2000 mm
Rear track gauge 1720 mm
Wheelbase 2314 mm
Track shoe width 550 mm
Ground pressure 30 kPa
Ground contact length 1020 mm
Diesel engine
Model LR4M5-23
Type In-line, water cooled, four stroke
Rated power and rotating speed 66.5/2300 kW/rpm
Gear shift (F/R) 12/4
Speed range (km/h) (F/R) 0.74-12.09/1.92-5.72 km/h
Power of PTO shaft 55 Kw
PTO rotating speed 720 (optional), 540, 800, 1000, 540/1000, 540/720, 720/800 r/min
Clutch Single disc, double acting
Working device
Suspension type Rear-mounted three-point suspension (type II)
Plowing depth control method Force control, position control, integrated force and position control, floating control
Lifting force 17 Kn
Rated traction 19.8 Kn

90HP Half-track tractor

The 90hp half-track tractor boasts an optimized design with both wheels and tracks suitable for a variety of operations. With the wheels being on the front and chain on the backside, this is a multipurpose farm tractor offering you more than you bargain for. Its main features include:

Farm tires

Designed to accommodate both wheels and tracks, the 90hp half-track tractor, which is one of the best tractors for small farms, comes with a front-wheel tread of max 2000mm and a rear track gauge of 1700mm giving a combined standard wheelbase of 2300mm and track shoe width of 550mm for comfortable traction in mud and dirt.

Comfortable operation

The single-disc double function clutch which operates independently offers a high transmission for this modern tractor. The gearbox has twelve forward and four reverse gears ratio capacity, which is a reasonable match giving it high efficiency and effective and reliable operation. With a 6800kg operating weight, heavy-duty farm activities are well handled. This Agriculture tractor has as a comfortable closed cab with fitted controls. Its general ergonomic design is perfect for easy and smooth operation, thereby reducing driver labor intensity.

Lifting device 17Kn

This compact tractor for sale adopts to high-pressure 17Kn lifting device and allows a rear-mounted three-point suspension type with various plowing controls that are reliable and easy to maintain.

The 90hp half tractor adopts a diesel-powered engine which is known for its high performance, reliability and low fuel consumption. This makes it a piece of economic and friendly farm machinery. It also has a high reverse for torque, making it suitable for minimal earthwork and pottering. The front wheels have fully hydraulic steering that makes them flexible and easy to manipulate. This also helps in saving energy.

Get yourself an affordable high performing duo 90hp half-track tractor for all your farm needs. The best in the market.

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