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1-ton Skid Steer Loader - XC740K | XCMG

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XC740K XC760K
Rated power/speed 36.8/2500 61.3/2500 kW/rpm
Bucket capacity 0.45 0.6 m3
Rated load 750 1080 kg
Operating weight 3140 3450 kg
Dumping clearance 2375 2450 mm
Dumping reach 575 570 mm
Max.travel speed 14.3 12.5 km/h
Front turning radius without bucket 1183 1320 mm
Front turning radius with bucket 2066 2230 mm
Ground clearance 185 205 mm
Diesel fuel tank capacity 80 95 L
Tire model 10-16.5 12-16.5
Overall dimensions(LxWxH) 3310×1800×1950 3610*2000*1960 mm
Structure and specification are subject to change without notice.In case there is any difference between
 the description of the machine and the substantial machine,the substantial machine should govern.

1 Ton Skid-Steer Loader XC740K | XCMG

The 1 Ton Skid-Steer Loader XC740K is an XCMG steer loader that incorporates various powerful and quality attachments that allow the vehicle to better adapt to differing situations and environments. Its low operation costs, narrow body structure, and cost benefit makes this skid-steer a strong candidate against competitors. Skid-steers are attractive and ideal for the following workspaces:

  • Road construction
  • Municipal maintenance
  • Port handing
  • Garden maintenance
  • Pasture production

Skid-Steer Loader Transmission System

The new skid-steer loader sold by XCMG utilizes a renowned brand engine by Zhejiang Xinchai known for ultra-low emissions, high fuel efficiency, and power. Its use of static hydraulic drive technology also enables more stable driving and higher reliability and efficiency. Most importantly, the steer loader???s transmission system uses a fully sealed sprocket case and high strength chains which make these parts maintenance free.

Design and Structure of the Skid-Steer Loader

XCMG???s XC740K model skid-steer adopts an integral high firmness frame that optimizes stress distribution technology to all critical parts for a more reliable design. The skid-steer also adopts an automatically adjusting bucket to prevent scattering of materials and improve work efficiency. Together, the low turning radius, compact structure, and quick-change coupling make XCMG???s skid-steer much more flexible to changes in the environment.

XC740K Skid-Steer Multi-Functionality

The XC740K skid-steer employs quick-change coupling technology to international standards enabling to use the following attachments:

  • Closed sweeper
  • Inclined sweeper
  • Planer
  • Manhole cover planer
  • Digger (with outriggers)
  • Breaking hammer
  • Four-in-one bucket
  • Vibrating compactor
  • Continuous ditcher
  • Forks
  • Bulldozing plate
  • Twist drill

Operating Comfort and Safety of the XC740K Skid-Steer

XCMG???s skid-steer uses a ROPS/FOPS cab with standard safety equipment such as the seat belt, bumper, extinguisher, and safety hammer to protect the operator. Joysticks and instruments commonly used are ergonomically arranged for convenience and usability. This skid-steer also uses a standard double-accelerator to allow the operator to control power to the pedal accelerator.

Skid-Steer Ease of Maintenance and Service

Cab space in the skid-steer can be tilted backwards to increase repair and maintenance accessibility. Other features include a rear and upper hood that can be opened conveniently to all vehicle units and pipelines effectively saving labor and time.

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