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5 Tips to Choose the Best Tower Crane(Don't Ignore #3)

What are Tower Cranes?

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Tower cranes are the massive vertical structures used for heavy lifting and lowering in the construction industry. They are mounted at fixed positions on construction sites with horizontal booms capable of turning 360 degrees.

Heavy Lifting Machinery

Tower Crane Features

There are several types of tower cranes – as you'll see below. However, they all have common features. The most prominent of them are:

The Mast

The mast is the main structure of the lifting machine. It is that long skeleton of trussed steel that supports the entire tower crane – the tower.

The Slewing Unit

The slewing unit is the rotatable unit located at the top of the mast between the machine's horizontal and vertical steel skeletons.

The Jib

The Jib is the extended arm of the tower crane equipped with a moving trolly which carries the lifting hook.

The Operator's Cabin

The operator's cabin is located above the slewing unit at the mast and the Jib intersection point. The strategic location allows the operator with the machine's most optimal view. It contains an anemometer, an indicator system, and other controls.

The Hoist Winch

This part contains all the equipment such as a hoist rope, drum, motor, and gearbox used in the carried load's vertical and horizontal movements.

The Hook

On the lower side of the Jib, the Hook is used to lift heavy loads in a tower crane.

Tower Crane Uses

Uses of construction cranes depend on tower and Jib types as well as the mounting. Some of the popular uses include:

Dam Construction

Dam construction is a hectic task that demands heavy lifting of cement and other dam material in a brief window of time. A minimum of a 5-ton tower crane is mandatory in the process.

Buildings Construction

Tower cranes are the machines responsible for constructing buildings with great heights. They don't just carry heavy equipment up the skyscrapers but also act as building-to-building transport in case of multiple megastructures.

Bridge Construction

Constructing bridges is one of the most expensive uses of tower cranes. They lift heavy steel parts that hold the concrete bridge structure.

Tower Crane Types

Camamach has several types of cranes to offer you. The available types of cranes for sale are:


Construction Crane

Where to Buy Tower Cranes?

If you require bulk quantities of this equipment, contact us for tower cranes details and pricing on our website at Tower Cranes. Over the years, we have maintained a stellar reputation in being the top-quality suppliers of lifting machinery.

Which Countries Manufacture Tower Cranes in Bulk?

Consumption of tower cranes has dramatically increased worldwide, especially in developing countries.

Major producers are China, the UAE, Germany, and France.  

Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Tower Cranes?

Many companies in China manufacture Tower cranes. Through years of experience in factory auditing, supplier development, testing, and after-sales service, Camamach has chosen top local Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) of tower cranes as suppliers. We are confident to offer you the latest tower cranes. Feel free to contact us for specifications, pricing, and videos of this product.

We have the following brands:


What's more in the store?

Here at Camamach, we have many other types of lifting machinery for sale, such as:

  1. All Terrain Crane
  2. Crawler Crane
  3. Fork Lift


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