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5 Tips to Choose Right Truck Mounted Crane - Don't Miss #3

What is a Truck-mounted Concrete Pump?

truck-mounted concrete pump

A truck-mounted concrete pump, also known as truck-mounted mobile, has a concrete pump with a boom for placement attached to the truck’s frame. This concrete machine can pump concrete anywhere within the range of the boom.

The boom’s variable reach saves a significant amount of human labor and time. The truck-mounted concrete pumps are popular in mega construction projects such as stadiums and highways.

Truck-mounted boom concrete pump

Truck-mounted Concrete Pump Features

The standard features include:

The Hydraulics System

The truck-mounted concrete pumps have innovative hydraulic systems that can pump concrete at high and low pressure in any direction the boom navigates. The hydraulics can also have smart filtering mechanisms to ensure pure concrete deployment.

The Boom

The boom mounts the back of the track and is attached to the pumping line. It acts as a robotic arm – manually controlled – that aids in concrete deployment at places that would otherwise require a lot of human labor. The boom is made of strong alloy steel and passes harsh testing before deployment.

The Truck

The entire concrete pumping system either rides the chassis of a high-performance truck or is attached to the truck as a trailer.

Truck-mounted Concrete Pump Uses

The most common uses of truck-mounted concrete pumps include:

Large Construction Site

Truck-mounted concrete pumps are capable of pumping high concrete volumes at variable positions. They are best suited for large-scale construction sites where human labor is dangerous – restricted access – and time-consuming.


Truck-mounted concrete pumps can be used for highway projects with huge surface areas. They are also ideal for mega-concrete bridge construction.

Truck-mounted Concrete Pump Types

Camamach brings you multiple high branded options in concrete pump truck for sale:


Truck-mounted Concrete pump for sale

Where to Buy Truck-mounted Concrete Pump?

If you are looking to buy bulks of this heavy equipment, you have come to the right place. Camamach has the best-priced truck-mounted concrete pumps in many versions.

Which Countries Manufacture Truck-mounted Concrete Pump in Bulk?

The consumption of truck-mounted concrete pumps has been rising worldwide, notably in developing countries.

The top manufacturers include China, Germany, and Italy.

Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Truck-mounted Concrete Pump?

You’ll find a lot of Chinese options for Truck-mounted concrete pumps, but only at Camamach, you’ll have tried and tested companies and products. We have selected the top-rated manufacturers for you. The available brands for truck-mounted concrete pumps are:


concrete truck for sale
Camamach has XCMG Truck Mounted Concrete Pump
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Camamach has XCMG Truck Mounted Concrete Pump
concrete truck for sale
Camamach has XCMG Truck Mounted Concrete Pump
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Camamach has XCMG Truck Mounted Concrete Pump
concrete truck for sale
Camamach has XCMG Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

What’s more in the store?

Camamach also stocks other cement and concrete machinery for sale. Some of which are

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