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3 Tips you Must Know before Buying Trailer Concrete Pump(1 Bonus Tip!)

What is a Trailer Concrete Pump?

Trailer concrete pump

The trailer concrete pump is a version of a concrete pumping machine used on small-scale construction sites. It takes concrete from a concrete mixer at one piston and pumps it out the other.

Concrete pumps have become the modern solution to concrete transferring done through cranes and lifts.  They maintain the deployable form of concrete. Camamach has both diesel engines and electric trailer concrete pumps.

Concrete pumping

Trailer Concrete Pump Features

The trailer concrete pump works with a simple mechanism. The standard features include:

The Hydraulics System

The diesel engine and electric concrete pumps power the hydraulics that transfers the pressure-controlled concrete to the site – horizontally and vertically. The machines also include electrohydraulic buffering features filters the impurities from concrete.

Static Pumping

The trailer concrete pump's advantage is that with a long pipeline attached to its outlet, it does not need to move to the deployment site. This feature makes it ideal for tunnel, residential, and high building work.

Power Source

A trailer concrete pump is either run by a powerful diesel engine or an electric battery.

Trailer Concrete Pump Uses

Some of the uses are:

Residential Work

The small size of trailer concrete pumps makes them ideal for residential work. They can store and pump enough amount of concrete from a distance.

Tunnel Work

Since trailer concrete pumps can remain static, they can pump concrete in tunnel construction from the outside, saving both time and space.

High Rise Work

Unlike boom concrete pumps, a powerful enough concrete pump can transfer concrete up great heights via a long pipeline.

Trailer Concrete Pump Types

All Camamach, you have multiple options in trailer concrete pump for sale:


Trailer Concrete pump for sale

Where to Buy Trailer Concrete Pump?

Camamach has the best-priced trailer concrete pumps from the top manufacturers in stock for you. If you are looking to buy this product in bulk, contact us at Trailer Concrete Pump.

Which Countries Manufacture Trailer Concrete Pump in Bulk?

Trailer concrete pump plays an instrumental role in transferring deployable concrete. The world, especially the developing world, is experiencing a remarkable increase in its consumption.

The concrete machine is manufactured the most in China, Germany, and India

Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Trailer Concrete Pump?

China has several trailer concrete pump manufacturers. We at Camamach, with years of factory auditing, supplier development, sales services, and verifying experience, kept top Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) as our trailer concrete equipment suppliers. Contact us now for all the details on this product. The exclusive brand at Camamach is:

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